Thursday, 20 August 2015

It's a dark world I am describing.

The world seems to me to have become kind of dark, I don't need to describe why this is but there never seems to be growth. only a kind of degradation.

So, the DOW was very low today, down -358 if you follow markets. Crude is down (I don't know what this effects, possibly Middle Eastern markets.) The other day I read an article that says 23 countries were hitting lows on their markets because of China. Everyone has gone dark. David Wilcock has been greeted. Corey is on holiday, ditto on Benjamin Fulford.

When I look at what the 'cabal' are up to in the UK there is a grassroots effort for a politician that all of the establishment, the 'who's who of political s******s,' to repeat a tweet, are opposing. Obviously. It is very in your face obvious moment. If this guy is the real deal and there is little to suggest otherwise (there are photos of him being thrown out of protests at the South American Embassy when he is young) the 'cabal' are losing their touch. There is no artistic manipulation. It is all in your face, like a child screaming in the wind.

Here I am and I have been making sure I have weapons (got another one now, lighter plus deodorant, mini flame thrower I also did competition fighting in karate so despite lack of muscular strength could get a good hit in). I am concerned (I'm not actually concerned, I imagine) that during a time of difficulty people that have shown a lack of respect for me in the past will have that behaviour escalated during a crisis and want to bring me around to their 'superior wisdom and judgement' of giving stuff to them if they haven't prepared. (Also obviously, would I want to give them stuff? I may not like them.)

Regardless, it felt useless collecting food if it could be easily taken away from me.

That is a dark world I am descibing. Where there is violence and having to turn people away at the door and fight. To eat in the dark and not be sure of your survival. Am I correct?

Well, if we are to assume these are real people then I may be. Stock markets have changed peoples lives with no warnings in the past. The stock market is going to crash at some point. Whenever I have doubts at prepping I remind myself how relaxed Greece was about its survival.

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