Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Everyone is saying the same thing, it's going to happen, probably soon.

Benjamin fulford, this was a day late without any explanation when he normally takes the time to explain, who knows the significance of that, perhaps he was waiting on information that is even more important that didn't materialise. However, summary; banks are holding millionaires money and not allowing them to withdraw:

Benjamin Fulford. More arrests needed as Western Megabanks are now stealing depositors money:

Zero hedge, An economic earthquake is rumbling:

Warning Alt Energy Insider - The Elite Are in a PANIC.

Also, David Wilcock stated that the last part of this global endgame is banks stealing money from citizens as a part of a global 'reset', (I can't find this at the moment David's blog seems to take a long time to load). And Corey Goode has recently advised people to make sure they have enough water etc.

So, well there's what the commentators are saying. Also, noting my astrology when I said that today would be the day when the 'relevance or otherwise of doomsday scenarios.' If it is mostly me backing up my own astrological theories (which it probably is not considering ZH and BF), anyway, the strict relevance of it is not definitively defined yet, but future events were pegged as more intense, so we only have to wait and see!  

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