Saturday, 8 August 2015

It is time to stock up on Extra food.

Often derided as pure 'fear porn'. What we have now seems very likely to be upsetting market behaviour.

A) This week the Dow has absolutely tumbled. If it continues on it's average trajectory until Tuesday or Wednesday it will have gone from it's highest point EVER in it's history in late May, to it's lowest point of the whole year. (It seems to be going on a slow downward trajectory. During the earlier parts of the week the 'smart money', the very early morning trades, were selling. It's just that the rest of the investors have to catch on at some point.) From a visual perspective the downward trajectory it is taking is striking and obvious and different to what has happened so far.

Even smaller companies, (smaller still meaning multi billion dollars, inflation and all) even smaller companies who don't trade on the DOW have lost tens of Billions of dollars this week. The MSM may be completely quiet. But behind the scenes there are very rich people trying to keep their waste products within their bodies.

Greece still has to make it's deal. No one is in work, no one is paying taxes. Banks are utterly insolvent. Capital controls. Whatever the hell that really means.

Two other points I would like to make in the 'Illuminati crashing markets' versus 'the alliance crashing markets' is that A) China dumped US treasuries B) Russia is burning food that is from contries that are part of the trade embargo against it. So what we might assume from this is the European contracting economies are fraudulently selling produce to Russia, presumably because they need the trade, and Russia is having none of it. I believe Obama himself admitted that the EU and US trade sanctions against Russia have damaged these countries a great deal, I heard the US and other administrations basically decided to hold the sanctions 'in theory' but turn a blind eye to companies trading with Russia.

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