Sunday, 30 August 2015

Article comment.

Read an interesting article here:

and this was my response:

Sorry to say this but if you were pulled into a different timeline you were pulled into 'my' timeline. The one I have always been in.

I have had lots of trouble with diet and 'trying' to go vegetarian lead me to blood type diet and Type O was always the most popular, this may or may not be historically accurate. Moon landings - before my time. Simply don't care about moon landings with all the weird stuff and I have paid even less attention to 'Sex in/and the City'.

I noticed a MASSIVE energetic shift in 2011. Everything is light now and moving. Before things were heavy and 'animal'.

I also have had to question my reality again and again and my advice is focus on real people and love, even animals. 'People' are real. The Nelson Mandela comment did kick off a hint of a potential memory but I can't access it. When 'some' people turn a bit strange I focus on some events I am sure will occur in the near future.

(Although, now I think of it, was it Sex and the city, or Sex IN the city. I'm pretty sure it was Sex in the city!)

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