Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Ashley Madison astrology.

Uranus is 20 deg Aries Trine Venus retrograde at 20 deg Leo.

Well this was certainly not expressed correctly, seems I'm a little off on my Venus:

Wow, the 'revolution' actually influences real every day events. Individually this new information just makes me feel 'better' or have more clarity. (19th August).

The Uranus- Venus retrograde I was describing expressed itself as revolutionary (Uranus) being the hackers and cheating being the target. Venus retrograde (Venus being our heart chakras that are seeking to see clearly, things that get in the way of that coming out on the retrograde).

Also, there's this I didn't notice from the Chiron influence:

Humanity is wounded though and that is the real underlying message of this problem (19th August).

Venus seems to me a more grounded normal love, and the whole transexual/ metrosexual kind of ideas is probably Neptune.

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