Thursday, 6 August 2015


Well, I don't feel well after that last post.
I feel a good sense in my heart chakra. A sense of justice that I have finally got the undeniable truth out, rather than not being quite able to describe it. It came down to something I easily can explain, spiritual truths.
(I also think this will effect whatever business ventures in the spiritual area the girl does, such convincing evidence of being a spiritual teacher that is full of s***).
I am also feeling my third eye in a spot of bother and feeling the feeling of life force having trouble. Not all out switching off but screaming a little bit.
Of course there are a couple of things she may do to try and manipulate/ get back at me. I suspect she will only do the ones that don't require any contact with me even through an intermediary. (And even if she did use an intermediary some of these people are manipulative and to be avoided at all costs. Also possible is she won't find out about it so will not do anything. Or will not do anything.)
(Saturn direct, abstract things becoming solid and effecting the 'real world'.)

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