Sunday, 16 August 2015

Crisis, and escalation.

Does anyone remember what it was to be happy? Anybody.
I remember the psychic/ emotional atmosphere when I was young and was watching Jurassic Park. The economy and government couldn't be further from people's mind and the world was an exciting place.
For many young people today the world isn't an exciting place. It is a place of a weird unplacable oppression and of expanding and growing, but only within very strict confines.

This is the world post- 2008- crash.
But things are moving, like I have say when I blog about 'prep'.

I wondered about the Chinese motivation behind wanting to create a new 'Babylonian' system, and this is all complete speculation; but I wonder whether we in the Western world look at that as a continuation of previous Western governments policies but if it does in fact come from a slightly different place. The Asian culture puts different empasis on 'respect' then we in the Western world do, and I wonder if China wants to create a kind of 'Chinese Hollywood', being angry at the US for being considered second class and a kind of 'vassal' or 'slave' state.

If this is the motivation, then they will not stop. Now they have started gold holdings, currency devaluation etc. They will not stop because their pride is on the line. Even if that was not the case, they probably stil wouldn't stop now the cat is out of the bag.

The stage that people will go through when they 'awaken' from their slumber, (although these may be a little less that need 'awakening' than we might assume. DW was no. 1 on youtube a few years ago.) However, regardless, when people are experiencing stress and are in crisis, 'escalation' may occur. That means behaviour that are already there will take on a new intensity.

This is where the problems might come in. So a man who would do anything for his 'wife' might turn violent since he is unprepared, that was already there, it just didn't have a chance to express itself. A lot of people may shut down from being overwhelmed. Some might believe things they are told by 'the establishment' even though those things are not sensible.

Although, to be fair there is a lack of any violent behaviour in my area. And walking late at night I even meet extreme love and positivity from strangers. Perhaps the 'violence' thing is a long shot but I have still prepared for it.

If you think about how many PEOPLE there are in the world. When I get on a train or go on a car journey I am struck by how many people I pass. People in houses, people in cars. When ALL of these people start to think differently, and that will happen once it all reaches the mainstream, then we will start to see fireworks, then the world that we know will change so completely that we will scarcely be able to remember the 'past' (or we will remember it in more vivid detail with extra info. I suspect there was something dodgy in my primary school, it's just a sense, and interesting mentioned info. from someone whom seemed to know an awful lot about the Masons.) With extra insights into people the past may be easier to remember. With 'depth' and 'energy'.

Regardless. I also had an insight while I was down the beach today, that the thoughts I have now, the thoughts that peruse my mind without difficulty are very different to what they used to be. It is not unusual for me to think what it would be like if there was a cloaked spaceship, perhaps a huge one, in front of me on the sea, that thought wasn't there before and the opening of the mind to those possibilities is obviously part of the DW and Corey disclosure effects.

And when it's allowed in it is allowed to manifest. So here we are modifying the 'Law of attraction' idea to more of a 'thought goes towards truth and that energy is important'... idea

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