Friday, 21 August 2015

An interesting path.

I had a job interview a few hours ago. It went well :).

During my problems (that I am UNABLE to let go, I have focused on my 'life path' my entire life, not wanting anything else. Now that it was so close and has slipped through my hands, by deception and agressive actions of others, it is too much of a cruel blow for me to be able to let it go.)

So I have looked a little bit into the place I was volunteering when this all went down. Essentially the place I was volunteering at took the girls side over mine and threw me to the wolves. This is karma, when someone does something negative and it is not fixed. (Not only have the people that run the place disowned and refused to communicate with me but also friends of friends that were there, covering up something I wonder? Or they just don't like me!)

So, to settle feelings inside myself that will not rest, I have started going through their Buddhist teaching, and it seems to me there is plenty for me to work with if I were to start a website on them, and they have many powerful detractors that would pick it up but my priority would be those in my hometown. Here is an excerpt:

Page 5… Many people are engaged in fighting, criminal actions, and even warfare; all these actions arise from their strong attachment to the fulfilment of their own wishes.

There are many other passages like this that. In this instance the 'fulfillment of their own wishes' is 'freedom' ... That is not at all unreasonable. Perhaps some case studies would be good here!

If someone was to follow these teachings to the letter they would be absolutely without compassion.

(On a side not the DOW and dollar are performing as usual. Always time for a market change. But DOW has started off -140 points! :).)

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