Friday, 28 August 2015

Karma is still pecking at me.

The original events with the girl.

The suicide attempt.

These things all trace back to single events, and people that angrily dislike me and would stop me sorting out the karma that I am aware of. I can only see the possibility of things getting darker, unless something actually improves 'geo politically' wise. (I think it's simply unreasonable to expect me to contact the girl on pure faith when she has shown brief positive feeling, then little more than contempt)

Even the closest friends have anger and negativity against me (relatively hidden but shows its face), so would that escalate into nastiness? Possibly.

I feel strongly that coming through this is going to be a relatively fast event with a lot of stress. I also feel that so many people will be dead by next November, what kind of society would be left?

Of course, all those who have fallen out with me will live without my 'Neptune' I.e. Magick, that kind of follows me everywhere. Life will become dull and monotonous.

(All signs are that the Western governments are going to fall soon. China is dumping US treasuries and some countries may dump FX reserves.)

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