Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Consider the coincidence.

IMF refuses to allow China into reserve currency pool.

China devalues Yuan which in theory increases their exports. Chinese devaluation has effect of the putting the dollar on a downward slide which could end US domination in a short space of time. Increasing gold market minutely in it's incredibly rigged place it can be.

As an amazing coincidence. China has an explosion in one of their ports, meaning... I guess there won't be so many exports after all.

There is a point it gets stupid. I always wondered if I had been in the place of Benjamin Fulford would I have allowed the anti cabal forces to simply take out the cabal if the situation came up. Just kill them. It is the greatest good. Their lives are not worth more than the poor people they are killing everyday.

Innocent until proven guilty? Psychopathic behaviour, psychopathic behaviour... What are the chances that is suddenly going to stop when they are intensely infringed upon.

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