Monday, 28 March 2016

Correlation between the left and the new age metaphysical.

Some on the new age like to have this belief that because positive forces are the only ones that exist, or the only ones that matter or have impact for some reason. Everything is guided, so if something bad happens you shouldn't get angry about it you should just accept it and maybe learn a lesson in relation to it (perhaps 'boundaries'.)

This further cancels down to... If I do something bad to someone else they should just put up with that and I am not responsible for my own actions.

Which is linked to the welfare state. Rather than do the work of finding a good mate I'll get with an asshole, get pregnant and live on benefit when I break up with this person and have learned to set my 'boundaries'!

So the state reinforces this lack of consequence for their own actions.

Quite neat!

Also on the left and anti semitism: The left would justify their anti semitism through the events around Israel and Gaza but that can't be all of it, otherwise they would be upset about many other events and perhaps turn on Muslims for the behaviour of Saudi Arabia?

The left don't like the Jews because the Jews philosophy is intelligence and hard work. The left sees the success the Jews have and desire to take what they have and have to declare them bad people in order to take it from them.

Evaluating the lightning strikes. (and introducing Stefan Molyneux).

So, following on from this post that further links to the relevant posts:

China's problems and metaphysical concerns. (Lightning strikes)

Now there have been several lightning strikes. The first of which was when the old Pope resigned and the new one moved in.

This was a David Wilcock post. I do not have any information on the inner workings of the Church.

The second was on top of the one world trade center about a month before before the Stock market top (assuming it doesn't re top) This was correct, the chart is in the original post here, and it is self explanatory.

The next one was in Saudi Arabia on 9/11. Later that month Russia moved in to protect Assad and defeat Da'esh. Definitely this fits the metaphorical description of dealing with that brand of Islamic madness. Destroying Saudi Arabia and the Western powers behind 9/11.

Then we have the celebrity lightning strike and I think it has now become obvious: About a month after this lightning strike we had the Cologne attacks. Immediately following the left have been under fire and the Libertarian movement have generally been fighting against their hypocrisy. Which were beliefs the left held an acted on that few people challenged them on.

(Side note. The celebrity lightning strike was in a celebrity jungle event in Australia, I just saw this headline today: Express: Reality TV addicts 'more likely to be VAIN and self-absorbed)

We can see this at the horror the left have towards Donald Trump gaining power but also, the Libertarian web. The thinkers like Paul Joseph Watson, Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern. Mile Yiannopoulos and many more, are working dedicatedly on a philosophy that opposes every little thing the left tries to pull. Starting of course with it's tendency to silence its opposition with screams of 'racist'!

This man is relevant here because his work is so statistically relevant, and well thought out. His case is so perfect, that I cannot imagine it being properly challenged, and he really chows down on the left about their hypocrisy:

This second chart is important, Google Trends because it shows that Stefan obviously had a few good hits, but later on it seems people are reliably looking for him rather than individual popular videos.

Stefan's views I will repeat here briefly. His philosophy is that the welfare state is a big part of the problem as are a lot of leftist views in general. The left turns women against men (feminism and it's ridiculous connection to political correctness, rising divorce started with feminism). It turns worker against employer (I agree with this, I am happier now that I am not part of a union in my new job, I can imagine this getting peoples backs up, and my employer so far seems reasonable)

That if you tax little and the community has a lot of money, it knows the difference between someone who has fallen on hard times and someone who is trying to play the system. That single mothers whom are toxic and hateful to the absentee partners take up welfare money (which of course is taxed mostly from men). Also, that ethnic minorities coming in and not being able to work because of language barriers etc. is an obvious problem. He follows this up with the fact that minorities often vote left so it is the lefts attempt to be elected because (my addition) they cannot make their case at the ballot box.

This is a pattern of the left. They cannot do so on green issues either and they often choose disruptive protests to force people that haven't voted for green taxes into having it forced onto them by the state. Not to mention the feminist left, who scream 'male misogyny' from behind a wall of state protection, criminalising further and further minor disagreements to their aims.

The most recent lightning strike has been China which does seem to be having problems as per the last post.

What I think this with China means is that China gained resources helped by positive ET's, to use in a positive or negative light. Since they have not been using it for positive things, hoping to start up a slavery system under their control instead, the energy that would have gone to positive polarity is starting to work against them as it tries to find expression, in a world where extremes of the negative are starting to be stopped.

So all in all quite successful. If a little mysterious!

Stock market listen to 'reality'... Nah mate!

So, from my zerohedge reading:

China is in trouble:

China Beige Book Reveals Employment Plunges To 4-Year Low, Capex Worst In History

China Warns Officials: Allow Social Unrest, Lose Your Job

Chairman Of Insolvent Chinese Steel Company Hangs Himself Day Before Bond Maturity

Which basically explains that the Chinese are having problems paying some of their debts and are having to lay off workers, that are rebelling.

This has gone far enough that a prominent news source produced a letter asking Xi Jinping to step down. The Chinese Communist party is doing its best to find the writer of the letter by doing things such as 'disappearing' people and arresting them without trial.

I.e. they are responding to an potential social unrest, tyranically.

The big catalyst for the August 2015 crash was a Yuan devaluation:

Now there is more devaluation:

The Threat Continues: Yuan Weakens For 6th Straight Day - Longest Losing Streak In 2 Years (24th March)

On top of this, energy stocks are taking a pounding with the Price/ Equity ration, how much price per share. Shooting up to twice as much value per stock to income for that stock than there has ever been at least since 1960's:

"There Is No Word To Describe This" - The Energy Forward P/E Multipe Is Now Off The Charts

Perhaps this is because Da'esh has lost Raqqa? (Oil revenue!)

And there is tremendous upward pressure on the VIX. Which is one of the most important indicators of when stock is going to crash.

Something Just Snapped In The VIX ETF Complex

Which sometimes happens when a "terrorist" attack is going to happen. 

What Did VIX Know? The Mysterious Link Between Terrorist Attacks & Rising Risk

So one or the other really. But taken together there should at least be some wobble in the stock market.

Of course though, that would mean stocks pay attention to reality, which is ridiculous, here is the DOW as of this moment:

Update a few hours later,

There has been yet another devastating piece of evidence that seems to doubt the fact the stock market should be doing anything but crumbling, and past information I remember makes the case for its fall even stronger,

Perhaps I'll write a whole new post on it, for the moment, I'll just say this and anyone need only follow Zerohedge to have these articles show up!

Another edit... Oh go on then, here's what I'm talking about:

YTD Corporate Default Jump To Highest Since 2009

Also, that corporate buybacks are the reason the stock is growing (customers buying back their own stock) and the smart money is dumping. 

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Another dream, the future and superpowers.

I had a dream, I was Colonel O'neil. I was talking to Samantha Carter. She started reading my mind I felt it and said 'get out of there':

This says to me two things:

A) I will not be a telepath.

B) In this future superpowers will not be as intimidating as some people assume them to be because we will have power and understanding of them.

We imagine telepathy for instance in it's hollywood description rather like 'reading a book'. But if when someone started reading your mind you could feel it and address them it becomes less scary.

Imagine how hot it would be if your girlfriend could read your mind. All those fantasies she would know!... and would effortlessly slip past any defenses. (Insert similar power for 'your boyfriend')

China's problems and metaphysical concerns. (Lightning strikes)

To really understand this post requires some background reading.

I have been following lightning strikes as metaphysical signs of global events, sounds biblical I know:

This is the most important article with the background information, although it countains a lot of extra emotion relevant to the moment that is definitely not relevant now;

33Phoenix: The beginning of the moron barbecue

I then summarised the more irrelevant aspects of this with egg on my face since I had predicted an electoral victory in that first post that didn't materialise (so not really that relevant): 

33Phoenix: Further update to 'moron barbecue' paradigm:

... and in this post, on top of other conversation about the EU and other things. I talk about a lightning strike hitting Dubai.

33Phoenix: The goings on

In summary, the lightning strike here: Express: Photographer climbs SKYSCRAPER to capture moment lightning strikes Burj Khalifa I thought might relate to the gold smuggling happening here: Zerohedge: On The Trail Of Dubai's Stolen Gold: A Robbed Client Breaks The Silence, And A Fascinating Detail Emerges in that saying metaphorically that China's next.

This is another hint that there might be something up with China:

The 'positive forces' who are fighting for our freedom, supposedly, are simply not seeming to do what they claim to be doing. But now that China itself is in trouble we might see some change. (I.e. you mean allowing slavery to continue might effect ME!)

Here is a great article from zerohedge:

To summarise: Normally the Chinese government will bail out failing steel companies, but at the moment, they are not doing so (probably because of financial reasons) and the defaulting of debt of these companies will unleash a wave of carnage China can't stop. In that loads of workers will be laid off then likely rebel.

Corey Goode* has reported that China has been trying to push the 100 year partial disclosure, it seems that events are karmically bringing Chinese leaders to the same fate Western leaders are destined to.

Perhaps not lightning strikes but I thought this was interesting, in the whole moron barbecue narrative, and combined with the highlighting of the troublesome sociological aspects caused by some women (Stefan Molyneux). Perhaps this one is metaphor for women who use looks as power and don't feel the need for ethics because sexuality and political correctness make them immune from the consequences of their actions; perhaps it is time to engage and be ethical. (Personally, the sea has always been representative of the 'collective'):

Express: Bikini babe doesn't expect THIS to happen during sexy beach photo shoot
Smiling and ready for the picture to be taken, she turns to face the photographer.

What she doesn't realise - but as viewers of a well-timed video we can see - is that the wave approaching is big enough to knock her down.

As the wave hits, it takes the girl out by pushing on the back of her knees.
Throwing her arms out, the young girl is swept back to the beach by the huge wave.

*Modified this was originally, incorrectly, Benjamin Fulford.

Something about the UK employment figures does not add up!

(This was an old post I wrote as a draft and have just pressed 'publish')

So, let's start with this article:

Sensitive UK jobs report leaked by government department


The "substance" of the monthly labour market report, which includes official data on jobs and wages, was shared “with up to 300 people through a social media network” by the Department for Work and Pensions ahead of its publication, according to the UK Statistics Authority.
Ed Humpherson, the director general for regulation at the UK Statistics Authority, has written to Sir Robert Devereux, the permanent secretary of the DWP, to inform him of the breach. The leak occurred ahead of the scheduled release of this month's report on Wednesday morning.The jobs data is considered market sensitive, often resulting in movements in sterling and stock prices. It offers crucial insight on the strength of the economy, and on the likelihood of the Bank of England choosing to raise its interest rates.
My emphasis!

This is the chart that has been shown in this article:

Unemployment is pretty low then. At 5.1%!!!

Unlike the Labour participation rate in America, which has been declining. It seems to be pretty good in the UK. Apologies for the patronising labels.

This goes up to 2014. In 2015 we of course grew by 1.3%! (What else?)



I have some information that might disagree with this assessment. (Dated because dates are relevant here)

Guess they're getting rid of the 'growth' part of their business model huh?

(The Dry Baltic Index, an index of the amount of shipping happening over the world, has continually broken new record lows. Acquaintances with friends in shipping also confirm this.)

These job losses, as oppose to the previous, seem to be non specific to UK companies. But the jobs listed to be lost over many countries equates to

Friday, 25 March 2016

Birdie Sanders, ongoing political strife, and life itself.

For me, things are a little different, since I am suddenly working. I am going through an adaption phase, adapting to the fact I am working. After the exhaustion of 4 days together I am eating a lot of food and lying around just to recover!

Here are my thoughts on political events:

Birdie Sanders:

While Bernie was doing a speech some place a bird flew down on his desk. It was a young bird, possibly a sparrow.

To me this does NOT mean that he will be the next leader. But it does mean that a lot of people want to believe it so badly that the higher forces have in some way capitulated. (It could also mean the young bird was saying young soul or something.)

I have had many experiences of discovering this tendency, especially with dreams.

It alarms me that many of the new age groups are apparently so pro Bernie and anti Trump. This means to me that many of them are not really that positively polarised.

In an environment where things become negative enough perhaps prioritising higher chakras too much becomes negative in itself. (Avoiding of a negative reality and not dealing with it.) This is expressed in men becoming so enamoured with the spiritual world they neglect the physical and women becoming so completely lacking in responsibility by believing everything bad that happens, even from their own behaviour was 'meant to be' and 'perfect'.

England, political strife.

Well, all parties are struggling because the Liberals and the Greens are getting ignored, surely the worst thing possible for parties that are virtually ignored anyway.


UKIP have just had the suspension of Suzanne Evans, the situation is clear here, it is because Suzanne is close to Vote Leave and UKIP prefer and the official designation is coming up. Originally probably the fault of Arron Banks for not letting Suzanne into they have now turned an asset into a tremendous liability, and, even though I support UKIP, I do feel they deserve what they get here.

This was probably because she does not believe in Farage's 'unresignation'. However, a Libertarian party should allow freedom of speech. I.e. dissent without punishment no?

Although admittedly not too much dissent.


The Conservatives have had trouble in that one of their seemingly worse members seems to have suddenly sprouted a conscience and perhaps it was always there. Some people cannot believe there is anything good about Iain Duncan Smith but I've been reading around and looking at these negative folks for a while now, and I realise they mostly tell the truth, it is the media, and the people's reaction that twists it for them (This is evidence on theories of depopulation being freely available.)

They are being voted down on all sorts of things. They are having internal rifts with both grassroots members and other MP's about the EU vote. This is BIG! It is a very heirarchical party, you don't hear much. But it is obvious that this... Like I said... is BIG. Possibly bigger than 1992 Davis rebellion against John Major that nearly saw the new Prime Minister overthrown.


A) Corbyn

Corbyn has been having problems as well. Once billed as the saviour of the Labour party and an opportunity for it to get out of the pure toxicity of Blair. Corbyn seems paralysed by inaction and never does a single thing. It has become clear that he is not a strong leader (the left would not have elected him otherwise!) He will not say anything controversial for fear of upsetting his own supporters.

He will not stand up against ridiculous ideas on migration in the face of Cologne. He'll allow support of the fascist 'anti fascists' and, most damningly in my view, even for a conspiracy theorist like myself, he will not deal with anti semitism in his own party. (yes Israel may be a part of the American axis and up to all sorts of stuff. But the left cannot recognise Islamic, and other countries as equally negative, because of their identification of Muslims as the 'oppressed race' therefore free of all sin, their inability to acknowledge they have been manipulated against Libertarian parties/ for the EU, and a reluctance to understand the complexities of the negativity involved.

They are emotion based not fact based, their hatred of Israel has bits of truth in it, but has grown to an irrational hatred of Jews, and these people (the left) are fanatics.)

There have been other scandals, such as the Muslim women who were bullied by Muslim men in line with their ever sensible religion, in relation to roles on Labour councils. There has been a list recently released that has pro Corbyn MP's and anti Corbyn MP's. Real cult like thinking.

B) Party

During all this Labour, at least the Labour MP's not aware of the Cabal, feel like Corbyn isn't doing what an opposition party should do, and really... They're right aren't they! Sometimes the hero's just aren't up to the challenge. Perhaps it would be better to hand Labour over to Kendall on a plate and hope people are able to see through that toxic pro EU poison enough that the party collapses of its own accord.

However, Kendall in my understanding, will address immigration, so she is not likely to fall that easily. She will be more popular with normal, grounded Labourites, who just see the world as 'normal' people do.

With Kendall likely fronting the 'in' campaign. I can imagine her using the opportunity to take over!

All these and more:

Global politics

This is not the only political strife on the global arena. The Republican frontrunners have brought their wives into the debate, this has had the effect of meaning they will not back down against each other and are playing a little harder. This was a stupid move from Ted's side.

Germany has recently had an election where the German version of UKIP/ Front National/ Donald Trump had a huge electoral victory. This will cause some discomfort.

This is only the start of global events, a look at the Daily Express website reveals all of these very interesting headlines:

Did parallel universe open? Hundreds report 'PORTAL opening and floating city' in the sky

Third time I've seen this phenomenon!

Ruthless Vladimir Putin helps Syrian forces SEIZE ancient Palmyra Castle from evil ISIS

Summary: Syrian army retakes Palmyra after Putin leaves.

Jeremy Corbyn faces renewed threat as senior Labour MP calls for party to unite and force

Business leaders want out of EU: 250 top bosses back vote to break free from Brussels

Putin to build terrifying military wall from Europe to CHINA as Russia hits back at West

They probably just mean 'wall'.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Real reason for Brussels? (and Suzanne Evans) (Updated a few days later)

Just a theory, but part of the reason for this Brussels thing is that when the TBTF banks fail and the lights go out, some people will believe this is a terrorist attack, this could have two purposes:

A) To give some sort of reason for this attack, because some reason is better than no reason.

B) To scare everyone.

Interestingly, there have been no broadcast of the bodies, perhaps the whole thing was false!

Suzanne Evans:

Now after trying to overthrow UKIP via Carswell and via the LGBT anti Farage councillor going against, not to mention Vote Leave. I for one am happy this woman is suspended.

*It appears I was wrong about this line of thinking. Stefan Molyneux had a friend of the victim call in. In my defense, there has been incidents where it has been false before.

I don't know enough really about Suzanne Evans either..

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Brussels attacks.

As shown by these two charts.

This Brussels attack is the same as always. The bankers who fund Da'esh order, or create opportunities for attacks to threaten foreign powers not to drop the stock market (shown powerfully at Tianjin) and probably some other reasons, such as the patriotism of not wanting stocks to drop when we have had a terrorist attack otherwise 'the terrorists win'.

So just when we were out of juice and about to fall, the attacks have given the market and negative powers a bit more breathing room.

Good for me though, I have time to get a paycheck and perhaps buy silver! (Since I have no power over the situation is the moral basis under which I say that!)

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Update last post.

The last post could have been incorrect in a small way:

I will correct it here because I made the last post here, obviously I prefer to keep these posts away from this forum and on my own personal blog:

It could be the UK Brexit polarities are:

A) Leave EU are real freedom fighters = Positively polarised.

B) Vote Leave are trying to snuff that out for partial disclosure = Negatively polarised. (This is seeking to possibly leave and then renegotiate entry (though they have officially denied this!) negatively polarise in that it twists a positive desire and yearning for freedom into further slavery?)

C) Staying in the EU = Unpolarised. Which is actually not possible with high levels of polarity. If we are moving up the unpolarised option will not be possible because of too much charge and polarity.

The 'inners' I have met do seem pretty stupid and unthinking. Not negatively polarised but simply unable to face things.

However, this has just been a muse. Staying in the EU is not a positively polarised decision. 

It is of course more likely vote leave/ partial disclosure is unpolarised, so this has been like I said a useless muse. Tony Blair of course has pushed the 'in'. It is obvious. My dreams have pointed to him as important in the global plan of when the negative fails. He is clearly a bad guy.

So back with the first idea.

I had quite a few negative greetings the night after the last post and am shaken.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Clip about an important event: (Update at end big sync)

(Reprinted from my Bring4th blog)

About the US Presidential Election,

and even though this is really a bit 'transcient', there is a time and a season to all things surely, and I really relate on this blog as having created some sort of connection here to it, so in these moments when I feel like I am on fire with something to express (I.e. the power of the information) I am just dropping this:

It'll all be over soon? Months?

So, the way I see it, this and other elections will probably organise around a few different levels:

Hillary -

That says it all.


I have a problem with socialism. It seems to me that if you are saying that offering a viewpoint on the world which amounts to take money off some people and give it to others, and you are not offering any opinion on how the money is going to be made in a society... Well... What kind of philosophy is that?

Also, Bernie supports genuinely global warming which is code for 'Goldman Sachs'.


Explained in Alex's clip above.

It's a messy area to do with policy. Although I do think he basically operates on a platform of... I have your back... Against the establishment. One day Donald saw a man being beaten with a baseball bat and he pulled over in his limo and launched himself at the attacker to defend him... That's the general principle!

So we have the free will principle. Neg Hillary, Unpolarised Bernie, and Positive -- Trump.

I also believe this correlates with Wilcock/ Corey posts on partial disclosure: Neg: NWO. Unpolarised: Partial Disclosure Positive: Full Disclosure. Britain and other nations EU vote has the same pattern. InEU = Neg. (Two Brexit Groups): Vote Leave - Unpolarised = Positive.
Although I don't really believe it is a synchronicity!:

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Two pieces of info.

Following on from my metaphysical ideas on lightning strikes and China being next (which I cannot find at the moment, I need to index these articles, there are a few of them now). This definitely fits:

Zerohedge: Chinese Coup Rumblings: Website Prints "Explosive" Letter Calling For President's Resignation

Also, whenever I have found out about particularly dark stuff to do with the 'cabal', including from Benjamin Fulfords life story, depopulation has always been the main thing. This video has given me an ongoing shift in awareness:

I don't even bother checking stocks anymore, it is so obviously completely rigged. I haven't banned myself from it but just can't be bothered. When ZH produces an article saying STOCKS PLUNGE, then I might be interested again.

This means to me that it is likely that when it does come down, it will really come down. If traders are buying because a computer is telling them to, and they are not really confident about their stocks based on fundamentals. When they sell they will really sell, there will be nothing holding them back!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Re- posted from Bring4th: My 5D background.

Dream recently, just figured out, while lying in bed listening to youtube videos, how important a dream I just got is.

One of the 5D entities that Carla channeled had an L initial. I had a dream that that might be my soul group.

Also, that others of 5D whom did not have such a 'nice' history (on soul level, largely STO) as me, are a little different.

Sausage party trailer, a metaphor for US Presidential election. + Dreams of a meritocratic society.

I'm wondering with the latest sausage Party trailer, Seth Rogans jokes on Disney, if there is some metaphor here:

So: the food items are left wing supporters.

For instance, in Venezuela the left wing government refused to look at market rules like inflation. Saying that when inflation happens it's because shopkeepers are unfairly raising their prices and oppressing the working man.

So of course, inflation (i.e. 'reality') happened; and Venezuelans could not even buy bread... Time for a protest!

This is what socialism is, making self centered demands without considering the wider economy and market. There is clear reference to lefty emotionalising with the whole 'think of the children' bit!

Also, at the end of the trailer there is a clear Donald Trump character, same hair. Who acts as a messenger for bad events, warning and explaining about them while not actually being part of them or orchestrating them. Also, not being intimidated by the current situation (think about it, Donald is rich, he is not actually losing out on the surface from a bad situation in strictly self centered terms!)

Dreams of a meritocratic society.

I've just been thinking about what a society would look like if it was actually meritocratic. If people got promoted on the basis of truth via all people being challenged in the media if they were lying (so Hillary Clinton would be suffering!)

Having no reward for migrating to another country and sponging off them. Especially not being allowed to rape at will because of political convenience!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Re- hashing the past!

From my blog 06/03:

When talking about a new moon that gives a pattern set on the new moon and continuing for 28 days:

We are close to Chiron, often this has things to do with Russia I have noticed. 
And now Russia is pulling out of Syria, at least in principle.

I guess this New moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron is relevant then. It is also over David Wilcocks sun and probably bi- quintile mine!

Almost at the first square.

It is disappointing how much global events, or at least the emotional mood and momentum, seems to be predicated on moon cycles. On the waning, there is frustratingly nothing going on.

Thankfully, at the moment though, we are in a waxing phase, the moon is almost at its first square... Here are events as I see them:

A) Financially, the ECB supporting of corporate bonds (yes that is significant) and expansion of its QE program and interest rate fiddling, means they have done something, and it is at least less of a bullish rally than we might expect.

Corporate bonds are corporate debt monetised, which is being tapped so that corporations buying back their own stocks which is the only thing keeping the stock market going.

There are two meetings happening soon. Tomorrow is a bank of Japan financial meeting and the next day is the Federal Reserve, both have been billed as nothing happening. The market could crash these days but is just as likely, in fact probably more likely with all the rigging, to just carry on soaring.

B) Super Tuesday is tomorrow. This could be the final nail in the coffin for the establishment. More likely though there will be some sort of rigging to stop Donald Trump doing as well as he otherwise would. (In the pattern of vote rigging that I have followed closely, the media et al. will then attribute Donalds loss to the protests, when big rigging happens there is always a lot of fluster just before for so that the rig can be attributed to this cause)

C) There are meetings in Geneva on Syria happening today, there has been little to no news on what these talks are really about, but they are significant and either they have a Minsk moment or get back to war soon enough. The more this goes on the closer we are to getting some sort of information on it.

Astrologically, we are a few days away from sun into Aries. Pisces, where we are now, is an astrological ending, and Aries is a kind of new beginning, so we may get this change in feeling soon. (March 22nd).

A lot of planets are in Pisces at the moment and two fast moving planets will move into Aries before next month. Meaning the feel will go from an emotional mulling over past events and those things nearly forgotten, to a more determined and directed feel.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

So little is going on.

I have to say so little is going on in global markets and politics, at least on the surface.

That there appears to be no point at the moment.

I am however, looking forward to some sort of mass ascensions in 2017 to 2018 (With Wilcocks timing make that 2035).

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Heads up for the dream.

This morning, had a dream that I translate as:

The EU referendum is not important (my addition) because it's all going to come apart anyway.

Todays afternoon reading seems to agree.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Astrological rundown.

I checked this recently and I was surprised that it once again seems relevant.

Firstly, the reason things might seem a bit jammed on the surface is perhaps because we are at the waning of the old moon and about to begin the new moon. on the coming Wednesday March 9th.

The energies of the current events on the whole 'good vs evil' grandplan is shown by Uranus in a separating square from Pluto. I.e. Uranus seems ahead of Pluto.

Russia, Trump, the EU, and it's many rebellious losses, seem to be ahead of the negative at the moment. They seem to have 'run away' and got on with things. For instance, in Russia doing this Syria ceasefire things while the US and it's media cohorts have nothing to say or do.

We are close to Chiron, often this has things to do with Russia I have noticed. But there is no guarantee that when the sun crosses Chiron there will be enough energy for news of whatever it is to get down to us folk. Here is the coming week:

March 6th: Republican nominations.

March 8th: Republican nominations.

March 9th: New moon.

March 10th, Sun conjunct Chiron, ECB meeting (this is very important, because it is what the finance world is waiting for. There may be QE, negative rates or nothing. The latter two mean the market is likely to plunge.)

March 12th: Republican nominations

March 13th: Elections in Germany, local elections that are expected to throw light on how well Ms. Merkel is being received, don't hold your breath about this not being rigged though.

In the meantime, and interesting clue as for things to come here:

Telegraph Business: Debtor days are over as BIS calls time on world credit binge  

and, as though I could write without referencing zerohedge:

Zerohedge: The Last Time The Market Was So Overbought, This Happened

and on the EU:

Zerohedge: EU Bombshell: The Balkan Route To Germany Is Closed

Much more going on obviously. The EU is having a meeting soon I believe. Of course I don't know which are the important and non important ones. Which ones have decisions and which ones are summits that lead to other summits. However, the EU is apparently planning to pressure Turkey to receive rejected asylum seekers at a summit tomorrow.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

So... What's comes after stagnation?

I had a very disturbing dream this morning. I am low for a few different reasons (kind of technical reasons). Firstly I ate a completely innocent vegetable item that turned out to have a lot of bacon in it. Secondly, I masturbated. It is my strong belief that activity isn't healthy for me in particular, but because of doing my insulin at the wrong time, low energy plus not being able to sleep and always ready access to the internet combined unfavourably.

Back off that.

But, the dream really was bad, and although it was probably the bacon (I haven't touched anything that of a long list of food items that don't sit well with me for a long time). It could also be something really going on in the world. There was a nuclear attack, and I was going back in time to 2015 (having been in late 2017) to try and sort out what was going on.

So it was a full on dystopian future dream. Although not targeted negative Orwell, just everything being messed up.

So, for some reason that kicked me into action in writing a blog today:


I would like their to be some sort of word to describe a situation, where many different interlocking areas are stuck, and because everything is stagnated, some people think nothing is happening. Calling it Truncluculated, perhaps. That's where I feel we are now. We have several different areas;

The EU
-> the migrant crisis
-> Brexit and other political problems, such as debt based

I'm sure there are others, but at the moment, these seem relevant. They are all completely blocked and so little news of any sort of change seems to be coming from any of them.

The events:


Now, according to zerohedge, finance is more interesting than it looks. Several articles that I will reference at the bottom show that what is going on now is more exciting than the same old thing.

What appears to be happening is the market is being rigged, everyone is managing to throw off all the economic devastation like low manufacturing and global trade, and that these guys are going to run an eternal ponzi scheme.

Lately, the markets have at time been somewhere between 1 - 2.5% in the green. This is bad for the 'I want a crash crowd,' however, as Zerohedge has been showing, the rally is different from others because A) Gold is not being forced down as much as usual. B) The Smart money, Hedge funds. B of A's institutional clients and private clients, have been selling. C) Part of what is making the market rally is corporate buybacks.

Now corporate buybacks are when a company buys back its own stocks in order to keep it from crashing. That's obviously not good news if a company has to do that a lot. To put this together, first a reminder that gold used to be inverse to the stock market, this is thought to be because if the stock market rises, investors have no need for an alternative to fiat currency, because they trust in the system.

But gold is not falling with equity rise, it is rising. Investors have been lined up all around the block in London buying gold in the crashes at the beginning of the year. If it is still up that means the real money doesn't have faith in the central banks and governments. The smart money selling is also indicative that the really powerful and knowledgeable people in this area are getting out. They are making bets that their investments in equities are not fairly valued and will soon fall.

So, the people keeping the market afloat are more basic investors, the 'little guy' or 'moron'; and corporate buybacks. Corporate buybacks being the people whose survival depends on their stock price being OK.

So it is not good.


Now the information has so completely dried up here it is just eerie; even the Western Mainstream media will usually give some indication of what is going on in talks such as this. For some reason, there is no information... Why is there no information? I hear no one ask, the BBC, Reuters, The Guardian! ... Fuck knows, is the reply I don't get but which the wind answers back.

So, there are peace talks happening. I have heard a whiff that it is Russia that has pushed this, that the Americans aren't very enthusiastic, that Russia essentially has the American et al forces backed rebels backed into a corner, and is perhaps now negotiating with someone about this.

Turkey is not happy and is still bombing the Kurds. As well as admitting they are funding the Syrian rebels. It's become a pretty barefaced coup from Turkey.

... but no real information on where this is going and what is even likely to be agreed. I read a Michael Snyder article recently that is positing world war 3 from all this (Turkey is not abiding by the ceasefire). However, both Benjamin Fulford and the Daily Mail have said that NATO will not get involved here. Benjamin Fulford did say that the Russian might give Hezbollah a nuke to nuke Israel with, this is obviously not good for global peace.

I do sympathise a little with Israels plight more than I used to when I could vaguely perhaps be termed as 'left wing'. Their early decision to consider the bible an accurate legal document in the context of claiming a strip of land is perhaps unfortunate, and very stupid. But Muslim culture is not the most advanced in society, and not the least bloodthirsty. Online interviews (that I don't think are at all be staged) between Israeli's on the one hand and Palestinians on the other show an enlightened and sensible viewpoint (not reactionary) from Israeli's but a Palestinian culture that has blind spots in ethics where Islam is concerned.

I do not think Israeli's government are particularly nice people, to put it nicely, but I don't think certain self defensive measures are not necessary when being Jewish in the middle of many Islamic countries. Israel perhaps overdoes it, but I am saying I see both sides.

The EU:

Apart from this Express article that seems to summarise most of what is going on it is not that easy to follow, every so often I hear another country has closed it's borders and asylum process to migrants, another leader or group within German denounces Merkel; but I'm starting to lost track of which country is which and who's doing what. The overall trend is strongly anti EU and Merkel.

... Pity the Greeks.

Internal to England news is a bit easier to follow. A bunch of BRITISH activists have burned down Calais in protest at the migrants being moved from the Calais jungle. We all knew that's what these people were like but when they actually go and do something as stupid as you theorised they are it still provides a shock.

Mostly though, David Cameron and Downing streets attempt at bullying everyone to follow their pro EU agenda, even civil servants such as DVLA agents, is quite shocking! He is refusing to allow ministers to see EU documents that surely they need to do their job. Also, David Cameron tried to break the Tories association with Conservative grassroots. That is insanely stupid for a political party.

It is so stupid it gives you pause. I trust there is no reason to explain why this action is stupid for a political party.

Another thing he is doing, and I am going to read the article on this directly after writing this article as a piece of necessary research, is David Cameron wants to examine the speeches of world leaders to take out any pro Brexit parts of it... .... .... ?

... ... ... ... ?

Sometimes you get the feeling these people aren't so bright. At these points you feel it's kind of crap everyone's been oppressed by them for so long.

Conclusion, one last thing.

Another last thing is James Delingpole of Breitbart is chowing down on the Anthropogenic Global Warming activists,

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are ahead, just as I said, especially with Hillary and what I am sure is a triumph attributable almost completely to vote rigging.

So that's where we are folks, that's my update. The references will be up soon,

References/ resources:

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