Friday, 31 March 2017

Second mistake in three days.

This time I was looking at a blog and simply reading a story. I had not realised it was a story because it was a real experience. There was zero physical stimulation.

The way to stop any energy loss, any masturbation. Is simply to boycott any stories. Images of beautiful women are OK, partly because you can hardly escape them, but they do lead to imaginings and thoughts that lead back to stories.

Ey- ey- ey. I think I am OK for this moment because I had already done it recently so had lost a little energy and very little is going on at the moment and, with the amount of money I have, fairly unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future.

Of course when things, big global things, do change, there will be no warning. It's good to keep in a good place. Also, I can never know when being on form, thinking, reading etcetera might lead to good things, or relevant things.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Momentum lost.

Again I'm going to do another of those articles that I write but do not widely promote (on facebook and twitter).

I wonder if the momentum has died recently partly because of the blocked Geert Wilders vote. Had that have gone through there would be a lot of things the new media could have talked about, a lot of enthusiasm for this movement, and more movement against the EU.

Instead we got... Nothing really. In the absence of something the only thing to focus on is what the left are doing.

I feel somewhat tired and trapped. It's just a waiting game at the moment!

Another mistake. Last one.

I mean it this time!

I released my lower energy again...

I outlawed porn films.
I stopped looking at sexy gifs and things.
I went back to these things when my bloodsugars were bad and would continue with them as they improved.
I looked at the softest kind of porn, zoo mag videos, short introduction. Then I decided this wasn't respectable and I stopped that as well.
I wrote a story with those themes and without any physical stimulation I "exploded".

I will be fine. But I just need to outlaw that last one as well.

I think all bases are covered now!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Damn, Can't write my article.

Hmm... Things are not great for me just at this moment.

I have not slept all night. This is due to the fact that I normally have a very good diet. The combination of diabetes and allergies means that I have to be very delicate with my diet and normally I have fruit juices and proper carbohydrates... All sorts. But having not so much money recently has meant that I have not been able to do this. So I haven't slept. I slept between 8pm and 11pm but not now, and I'm going to work for a nine and a half hour shift soon. Also, yesterday I only slept for two hours. By the end of my shift if I don't squeeze in an extra hour now I will have had five hours sleep in fourty eight hours!

My article plan today had been  to highlight the youtube censorship and point out that this could link to this new attempt at partial disclosure, then link this with the idea that the lack of faith in the mainstream media is evidence the cabal have lost polarity and wonder again if partial disclosure is even possible. Perhaps summarising that since they will calculate they can't control it they will simply put it off until something else come along and upsets the balance, as it inevitably will.

I was also going to say that in my personal life with friends/ family (planned a summary here), and on the internet, people seem to be at the end of their tether, and that I hope article 50 actually changes something, that there is some sort of relief.

I doubt it though.

Things are feeling pretty spacey as a combination of thinking of some of these areas to do with extra terrestrials etc. and also not having had any sleep!

Brexit and moon howlling fuck wittery!

So... It happened!!!

And by it I also mean that the UK voted for something and the government is actually seeming to do it, which must be a first.

Wanted to get up and celebrate this morning, get ready for the announcement but since I don't like alcohol much, I substituted herbal tea which is far less exciting! (Only thing I could think of).

Then I spent all morning fighting my diabetes.

I don't have many thoughts about it yet except that I am obviously, like I have said a few times recently, excited to see when the first changes of any sort are going to be agreed. Fate of EU nationals and UK expats first thing to be talked about. Most likely no big surprises there.

Moon howling fuck- wittery.

I have been thinking a little more about this space stuff, new age. David Wilcock in one of his recent videos has build on the idea so far considered about this ascension event by saying that those that are not able to harvest may be taken in space ships elsewhere. Whereas those that are might be transported below the surface of the earth.

This crosses for me with the idea given in the Law of One that after 'graduation', we will most likely go to the density we originally came from. Some of us that is fifth and sixth density not third or fourth.

I believe it highly likely that those who are going to stay on third might be taken elsewhere in space ships. But I don't know about the rest of us. My visualisation of such an event as those who can harvest going under ground is just of an ascension seeming white light.

There are also loads of entities apparently in this system who are negatively polarised who won't make it through the solar event we will experience. Surely that's a bit strange. Having to cater to entities that are only going to be around for seven years tops possibly only one year!

Talking about this solar event after 2018, (with the possibility nothing has changed which is a distinct possibility). Every day we may suddenly experience this ascension event. The whole of our future after that point might be basically erased... All day every day!

It's all getting a bit tiring!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Not much to say today.

Article 50 tomorrow!

Loads of weird stuff coming out of David Wilcock and Gaia TV... Partly that there are loads of abductions happening and someone has said 25% of people here are extra terrestrials.

Obviously crap! Or most likely.

Watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine has become trippy! Today I was watching an episode that discussed dream analysis and it made me think of my own dream which had more some insights in it. Also, an interesting scene was when one character that was in touch psychicly with positive entities conversed with another character who thirty seconds later was in touch with ethereal negative entities (that she resonated with).

It just strikes me as interesting that people of such opposing polarities (and higher entities) can even share the same space... ESPECIALLY without having any clue, in the case of the positively polarised entity, of what is going on with the other person.

The difference in visions received by the two entities is notable as well. With the negative entities delivering direct, non mysterious, orders lightly veiled as symbolism. Whereas the positive entities offer clues that don't unfold for many episodes.

... and on article 50. Immigration might be important but there are so many other things that are as well. Green taxes, money, the justice system, propaganda etc. I find it very exciting to know how these negotiations are going to continue!

I would love to have a glass of champagne (or perhaps something non alcoholic instead) around 12:30 tomorrow but probably won't have the money!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Negative entities, laying out geopolitical manouevers healthcare/ stocks/ terrorism.

Off into some really weird esoteric stuff at the moment:

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 3-13-17… “World Freemasons gather in Tokyo to select new leader and golden age dawns”

This led to Leo Zagami of the P2 Freemason lodge visiting me in Tokyo and inviting me to visit the P2 in Italy. There I was taken by Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights, to a cathedral in Milan where there was a stained glass image of their god, the black sun. Mazzara told me it was a black hole in the center of the galaxy that communicated to them via the gamma wave spectrum. 
What I encountered at the Cathedral was a black void of what can only be described as anti-life, an entity that feeds on the life force. 
Apparently for thousands of years this entity have given enormous power and wealth to a select few in exchange for having them feed it human and animal sacrifices. This is what I call the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia. 
The vision of the future held by P2 members like Mazzara was one of total war and destruction on this planet, something they thought was inevitable. 
However, an incredibly powerful light force entity confronted this black sun and threatened to delete the entire universe into zero and one or black and white unless it backed off. That is because the forces of darkness were getting so strong they threatened the entire structure of the universe. The entity backed off and fled this universe. This was seen as the Norway spiral event.
This has become a subject of a little discussion in the anti Trump whine fest that is the commenting section on David Wilcocks articles.

I believe this from Ben, I just intuitively believe it. Much of what Ben says is later retracted or considered to be absolute crap from the new age community. (But then a lot of the new age community are anti Trump communists, their judgement cannot be held up as necessarily relevant). However, a lot of what Ben says is given to him by nefarious/ mysterious sources. Things that he talks about from his own experience I believe are likely true. Because you can tell someone by the way they write, the way they talk, the company they keep and who vouches for them.

In 2009 I was studying at University, around the time of the Norway spiral things seemed to change for me a little looking back on it now. I was studying politics in an attempt to find a kind of secret power group against the cabal. However, this was dropped during my University years although I had not realised so consciously in favour of music.

The collected materials of llresearch, communicated that the higher self can sense danger to itself. It is my belief that for many of us on this planet, many with intuitive awareness/ connection with the higher, would be aware of this entity and furthermore would have taken more care on the personal spiritual level to direct their activities to self defence considering this dark entity posed a danger.

I notice this a lot with people I believe have had a long time on this earth before 2009. Where the adaptions have become habitual.

Article 50:

VERY happy this is going to be triggered Wednesday! To someone like me, the cultural changes and free market policies from this kind of thing are important. These things seem to go over the head of a lot of the more military minded in this area such as Benjamin Fulford, Steve Pieczenik and David Icke. Who are interested only in the 'real criminals' going to jail but for me the free market is a large part of the solution. Cultural movements and changes are highly important in fiction, such as in the show the 4400, which I think illustrates how exciting these things can be.

Trump and events of late:

So this is how I think things seem to have gone recently, and I said these things as they were happening:

A) Trump wants to make the changes he wants to the policies but has people/ globalists pushing for only a partial repeal of Obamacare that the intelligent people in this area think is no good.
B) He says he'll pass Ryancare, his base disagrees with it, hence, he has proven that it's not such a good idea to his party
C) If Ryancare were to go through the globalists in the stock market, the speculative traders, would be happy but it is opposed so they start dropping their stocks. They know full well government is interfering in the market and there will be no more free lunch when they are subjected to the free market.
D) Ryancare though is opposed. Traders dump their stocks.
E) The cabal are angry, the stock market needs to stay up regardless they cannot lose their wealth/ power and hence protection. Westminster carnage. (Doubles up as threats over article 50. Attacker was about 50 foot away from Theresa May!)
F) Ryancare doesn't go through, stocks open low on Monday but are rigged up momentarily. Dow opened today -150 is now at -50.

This need not imply that the terrorist attack in London is a false flag. The guy may have had no contact with the military (although I think he used to be a teacher in Saudi Arabia, with whom commandments on timing etc. could go communicated). He could also have been telepathically pushed by negative spirits as far as timing is concerned. 666 turns up at a lot of times in the stock market, very often when it's about to be rigged up when it looks like it could conceivably fall.


Looking forward to Wednesday!!!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Fictional comparisons to real life, islamic jihad and political concerns.

Still looking into Islam a bit, although despite what I said earlier I have not yet been able to go back to reading that book.

The pages from are a good source, when I first read it I felt like it was too harsh and I should be careful but after having read the Qur'an, now going back to read articles like:

Is the Quran Hate Propaganda?

I realise that this site uses excerpts of the Qur'an itself and from having read some of the Qur'an I can attest that excerpting truly hateful passages is not misrepresenting it. I have yet to find anything positive in the book:
Although nowhere does the Quran say that Allah loves those who don’t believe Muhammad, there are over 400 verses that describe the torment that he has prepared for people of other religions (or no religion):
I am starting to process it and label it in my mind as a purely service to self religion. To the argument some make that the bible is also negative, the bible is in fact a little bit negative in relation to historical events in only a few chapters. Secondly, parts of the bible were identified as coming from a negative entity from the Law of One material (although the thrust of the book including that to do with Christ is positive).

Truth through fiction:

Recently, Corey Goode (an informative commentator in some far out areas) has stated something obvious, that Stargate SG- 1 is part of soft disclosure. I have often found Stargate SG- 1 interesting and a little inspiring at times.

Although the show pales in quality to Star Trek Deep Space Nine. The Law of One states that truth is slipped into the minds of those that write fiction. I wonder if, if Stargate SG- 1 is what human, military people are inspiring it is as though Star Trek Deep Space Nine is inspired by something a little more esoteric.

There are many groups in it that bear huge similarity to real countries in my view. The Clingons are a little African in some ways, physically strong but essentially good natured. The Dominion are the Muslim middle East, Cardassians English, Bajorans, Irish and Scottish, Romulans Russian etc.

These are fictionalised and hugely, hugely inaccurate in my view. I would not want to compare the English to the Cardassians or the Africans to the Clingons in any real way. But there are very wide similarities.

In it, there are almost biblical forces and spirits involved. The Prophets are spiritual entities that are worshipped by the Bajorans who send visions and can manipulate time and show almost godlike ability to destroy whole fleets of ships at times. The Pah Wraiths are their opposition that sometimes get the upper hand that are extremely negative.

There is a war going on towards the end of the Star Trek Deep Space Nine seasons, between the Federation, Romulans, Clingons versus the Dominion and Cardassians. The Dominion are evil in a 1984 or Empire sort of way, but they are not really committed to evil just a bit paranoid, a paranoia born of historic persecution. Perhaps a bit like Israel. (I forgot that connection, the Founder actors are somewhat Jewish) In fact very similar in a lot of ways.

Although it starts to become clear later on that the real adversary is a Cardassian named Dukat who is a war criminal who becomes transfixed by the Pah Wraiths.

To me, I wonder if that is a bit like what Muhammed was like? Or if that situation is the same metaphorically. Although from the sounds of it he has more doubt about himself than the enthusiastic bloodlust of Dukat. (Muhammed doubted he would get into heaven and felt his aorta severed as he died, which was Allah's described punishment for someone who produces false prophecies in his name).

Back to real life, Jihadists and global politics.

So, the Rebel may be a potentially corrupted source, being a bit close to Israel in a way that might have lead Lauren Southern to leave. However, consider this all the same:

The reason Britains security services were unable to follow this man was that they are following 10,000 extremist Muslims who are more threatening than this guy?

Quite possible. You don't need to rely on someone working in MI5 to consider that. There are whole areas of England completely taken over by Muslims.

Then there's this from Steve Pieczenik, who is one of the really in the know people as identitied by David Wilcock (once removed of Alex Jones constant interruptions):

Here the perspective changes as David Icke brought up. The Western world is a big part of funding the ongoing carnage in the Middle East.

I wonder if perhaps to these people the problem of radical Islam is that if there are arrests for 9/11 and a withdrawal from Muslim countries it will all die down... Also, clearly the stopping of funding from Saudi Arabia!

I don't know, perhaps this is true perhaps it is not. But I wouldn't reflexively agree with this. These people seem to lack self awareness that these big arrests are not happening though despite talk.

When the world is not fiction:

Stargate SG-1 despite being apparently important to folks interested in soft disclosure often cut corners and reduced funding all over the place.

At the end of season 8 they had created an immortal enemy so incredibly powerful that the way they decided to defeat him was to go up into the heavenly realms, the ascended realms and wink out his god like abilities on that plane. At that point his whole army fell apart.

In real life this kind of thing does not happen. After the Soviet Union fell the countries around Russia still have people that really believe in Communism. Countries around Russia that are still basically destroyed for that reason.

Small note, English politics:

Awesome on Carswell and also interesting that Farage and Banks have both alluded to getting Carswell to call a by - election in Clacton with his 'right of recall' ideas. I imagine Remain MP's, like my MP, shudder as they see this happening.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

leftism and marijuana

I have, I think, reached a major new insight into the dysfunction we see in front of us:

This is something I have talked briefly about previously including the fact that a lot of the "refugees" are both on drugs and likely, keeping the drug trade going (disappearing from centres and working in the drug trade). Although, with the seriousness of the problems they are causing it has to be more than that.

Brave New World.

It feels very coincidental I am currently reading this book:
Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. But there were also husbands, wives, lovers. There were also monogamy and romance.
'Though you probably don't know what those are' said Mustapha Mond.
They shook their heads.
Family, monogamy, romance. Everywhere exclusiveness, everywhere a focussing of interest, a narrow channeling of impulse and energy.
'But everyone belongs to everyone else,' he concluded citing the hypnopaedic proverb.
The students nedded, emphatically agreeing with a statement which upwards of sixty two thousand repetitions in the dark had made them accept, not merely as true, but as axiomatic, self evident, utterly indisputable. 
- Brave New World, Vintage classics p34

This book is a little more sinister than 1984. The negative elite, the cabal have hugely traumatising and elaborate brainwashing rituals they use on their own members, Huxley seems to have some conception of this groups inner workings whereas Orwell was really writing a fiction book, Huxley seems to be trying to convey a message.

A part of this book I have not reached yet is the part about 'bliss'. Which is a drug used in the book to make people happy with their lot in life as factory slaves by a very clever totalitarian government.

Today though if we were to consider marijuana as similar to this drug, it is not used to keep people working because a rich and prosperous society where people earn money is not good for the elite, what they want is a poor society that has to rely on increased government power and also, marijuana likely creates this 'we are all one' false enlightenment feelings that leads to leftist voting.

Also, marijuana is likely to make people less hard workers.

Marijuana and university:

Peter Hitchens in the above youtube video says he does a lot of lectures at universities and when he does he usually asks at the beginning of his lecture for people to put their hands up if they have done illegal drugs... The answer is usually 95 - 98% positive.

So, this puts a whole other light on the safe - space leftist universities doesn't it?

In my personal life I cannot stand potheads. I have found particularly annoying those that consider themselves atheists. To me it seems likely that almost everyone has a need, as a spirit, for a certain input from the psychic realms. It is why we need to dream and go back to something that is closer to 'reality' for our spirits than this heavy material density.

That inner craving is what calls us to the Creator, however, if you open it without doing any of the work, by smoking a joint, then you can indulge atheism forever! This is the same mechanism the jihadists use to consider themselves to be spiritually enlightened while driving down civilians, and raping people.

But violence is not the only place this drug has an effect, I have noticed its effects more domestically. For instance, as a general point, if you are on marijuana you are less likely to find any value in work, and you are less likely to work hard since you may often consider yourself enlightened and above such things.

I have also noticed such people are not particularly bothered with the subtleties of social connection. If you consider the perspective of someone that really doesn't want to work, then they may very well find ways of pawning off more work onto others, and with that comes a subtle bullying. For instance, in my last job the people who were new used to be made to do a lot of work and were not treated well, this is probably a good reason why such people left.

Add onto those who sort of bully through passiveness, weed smokers do not seem to sit up and take note when they observe active bullying.

The many personal screw ups of leftism:

Previously, and I don't know exactly where I left this, I don't think it would be easy to find, I compared leftist thought processes to various personal flaws. Such as a woman that is disloyal might justify not telling her boyfriend by saying she is looking after him by not telling him. When she is simply being selfish.

I can now extend this out to leftism and the thought processes that come from it. How marijuana links to non work, being made to work is somehow evil, and the drugged out false enlightenment.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Quiet news and hypocritical pro Islam voices.

So, little news about, except for waiting for article 50 which is within the week, there is little to say.

For me personally, I am thinking about what to do with my time that I now have free due to the 'underemployment' I have talked about in the last few recent posts.

I have been using the time kid of badly, because I have not been looking after my health a great deal during it. But, when I do work out my health better, perhaps it would be a good idea to use the time to get into exercise and potentially martial arts again.

Also, I am sick to death of hearing how great the Qur'an is and how non violent Islam is. I know this to not be true. Perhaps I need to read more than 14% of the Qur'an in order to be able to really argue the point.

Yesterday, Nigel Farage on LBC did a show about if Britain is really 'united' or if it is more divided and there were several extremely pro and extremely anti Islam voices on there.

The pro Islam voices I find annoying. One guy was asking Nigel if he had read the Qur'an, implying he did not know what he was talking about. If I were to finish reading the book and also to make many memes/ quotes of the Qur'an, showing how each and every chapter is violent nonsense, well then, at least I would have something against their ridiculous hypocrisy.

I read a little into the Mecca side of the Qur'an yesterday as oppose to the Medina one I had already been reading. It is just as bad. It is not so openly violent but it absolutely lacks any genuine spiritually enlightening message. (In my opinion of course).

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Blanked news and fantasy.

After the terrorist attack yesterday it has basically blanked the news cycle. So there isn't anything that can be said about regular news. The only thing that has been quietly slipped out no doubt in attempt to be unnoticeable in the rush of terrorism news is that there has been a huge uptick in child sex crime, or reported child sex crime. There is now a child sex crime happening every ten minutes. (Daily Mail).

I have had some thoughts on the backburner for a while that I have thought a few times about writing up. I think people need to obsess about the terrorism because they had not done the research on Islam so when something like this happens part of them still asks... Why?

Although on the link between terrorism and the markets I have highlighted in my last few posts. It seems to me that when Ryancare wasn't going through, and markets were responding by going down, that this was not the result the cabal wanted because otherwise there would not have been a terrorist attack stopping it from happening. What they likely want is senators opposing the Ryancare bill and the stock market not responding as though this was bad.

Also, The attack of yesterday happened on the one year anniversary of the Brussels attack and on the beginning of the rituals of human sacrifice according to some ancient cultures. Therefore, I wonder if the attacks are a response to stocks diving as I said before and not a mechanism for in the know traders to dump the worst stocks on unsuspecting investors while not having to worry about the whole thing plunging.


I watched Star Trek Deep Space Nine a few episodes recently and it strikes me that part of the reason a lot of people watch these fantasies is to place themselves in the positions of the characters and to imagine themselves there. The draw of this is that the characters have varied experiences. Some of which fall far more in the realm of fantasy than any likely reality.

The thing these characters have that we don't is varied, interesting lives. So many of the episodes in these shows revolve around romance and the idea that people that simply were not making the effort find themselves trapped together, possibly under duress so those people would be drawn together. I don't know what it is that makes people want to be placed in a situation together to express feelings they have anyway.

There are many shows for instance where the woman is being aggressive for no particular reason and the guy is just putting up with it and then they find themselves trapped together and she warms up. I sometimes wonder when girls are being like that if they are hoping, on some level, for the same sort of experience.

Other experiences just speak of pure variety. Episodes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine deal with all sorts of things where characters are given very important responsibilities and challenges. For instance, one such example might be dealing with time travel. Most of us don't experience variety and in real life we don't usually experience things that bring out our inner monologues and have us explain ourselves to others.

Also, in Star Trek a character might find themselves face to face with a villain, having long conversations involving their skewed way of seeing the world. In real life we very rarely get to see our villains and we certainly don't when we have the opportunity to effect them in some way.

Yet a further experience is often spiritual experiences that take over everything. Such as the Prophets in Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Onto the "real world".

But, I do wonder if we were to experience how the world really is with extra terrestrial groups and technology etc. If we would then experience so many of those experiences that remain locked up in most people.

For instance, no doubt with better nutrition, leading to almost the complete absence of obesity, anti aging technology, pregnancy being conducted via technology and knowledge about the metaphysical relations of sex. Opportunities for sex would be a lot more available and satisfying. Additionally, with the widespread awareness of psychic abilities and the removal of devices meant to stop these, we would experience strong psychic abilities in our everyday lives.

Add this onto having fulfilling work possibly including advanced technology and meeting a wide range of very interesting people (extra terrestrial and terrestrial) and we can start to see how interesting these experiences would be.

However, those ideas are not really for now are they? They are for some time in the future. For the moment it seems... We wait!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How the free market deals with this.

Scotland Yard is jumping on this strange bandwagon that there will be "far right" revenge attacks or hinting that far right attacks are considered as part of some sort of manual of different kinds of attacks. You have how the IRA used to do it, you have how Jihadists do it, and you have how the far right do it.

I don't know what is wrong with these people, except of course that they worship Satan; and on that note it is clear where they are getting their information from.

I talk a lot about the free market. The Free Market is like the immune system of humanity and it was also expanded on by Bruce Lipton in 'Spontaneous Evolution'. He showed how people collectively can intuitively come to the correct conclusion to a problem and compared this to the cells in a body.

Before the Rotherham scandal the EDL marched through Rotherham. It was the only thing that forced the authorities there to act. After more than 30 years of ignoring the Islamic slave trade in white girls.

It seems to me that all this talk of the free market I talk about. The EDL, Pegida and Britains First, and to an already noted extent Breitbart, Nigel Farage and the Express. They are it!

Mansplaining it to you. Terrorism.

You know, yesterday I stated, with a link to diagram evidence that:

A) Very often terror attacks seem to be happening to boost the stock market.
B) The stock market is currently falling, the most in a long time.


I'm sure it's unrelated!

The free market versus leftism and feminism:

This is a headline from the express today:

Express: Proof of our creator? ‘HAND OF GOD’ image in sky seen as a 'miracle'

To me, this could mean the 'invisible hand' (the force in the original right wing materials explaining the 'free market'). Consider this:

The Conservative Woman: Reader’s Comment: The Beeb is an incurable parasite
The BBC is incurable. No reform or regulation, no change in governance is going to make the least difference to this hopeless repository of quaint prejudices and exploded ideologies.
Let it be what it wishes to be - end the licence tax and allow the BBC its liberty. If it's half as good as it thinks it is, it will do just fine. And if its parasites are found starving in some ditch, well, it's no more than they deserve.
and this was one of the responses:
The BBC is beyond control, as are the NHS and teachers' unions. We have far too many politicians but none with the backbone to tackle our dreadful self-inflicted disasters
This is it, people are still thinking that political power will solve the problems. That this unholy mix of negative forces, feminism, communism, anti- fa and Islam can be sorted out by a few people laying down the law. But, actually, the real power will be when the free market comes along. It will make short work of leftist policies.

After Thatcherism leftism in England has never really recovered. It will likely not do so after Donald Trump either. This is the state of the university brainwashed left wing youth of today:

This is also the self entitled culture that feminism thrives in.

A culture that moves over to the free market will create a situation where these sort of people have to find work, that the culture and employers expect them too. The free market can also take down the BBC via alternative news media being more popular. To disable the current economic model of mass government intervention and taxation based funding of propagandist outlets will be a huge movement towards humanity's freedom.

The intensity of hate:

My dreams have been talking about feminism a lot lately. It seems to me that in the case of feminists hating Trump and hating on men who like Trump it has a weakening effect on male Trump supporters.

Of course this is sometimes reversed, with a woman on my twitter, a well known writer among Trump supporters, Kassandra McElwain having arguments with the father of her children because he can't see what's wrong with an illegal immigrant raping a 14 year old girl at their daughters school. (Classic liberal/ feminist).

What is irritating about feminists is that even though their hatred for humanity is so intense, and they cause misery pain and destruction wherever they go, they never seem to do anything that is actually illegal. They are the case for and against karma. Because if karma exists surely these women must face a backlash that harms them in a measurable way:
  • In America feminists have done a number on the police services. Because of their incredible insistence of 'equality of outcome', women who are no good are fast tracked and a huge potential recruitment of men that are strong and efficient are not. This means that policemen do not feel they are backed up by their partners
  • This has also lead to five foot grandma's escorting violent criminals to court cases, whom have then overpowered them and gone on killing sprees. 
  • In the UK feminists have now insisted on a guilty until proven innocent law in rape cases.
  • Another example of that is this case where feminist zealots got an innocent man thrown in jail for multiple rapes when he did not even rape one woman.
  • In Sweden, while vicious third world Muslim migrants are beating and raping whoever they please, the Swedish women are afraid to speak out because the feminists will attack them.
Now there are other crimes that are due to feminism which are definitely illegal. For example, the 'guilty until proven innocent' attitude of feminists is likely partially responsible for a boy who got falsely accused of rape and killed himself and then his mother did also. But it is clear what should happen there, the girl involved should go to jail for a very long time and/ or be executed.

But none of these crimes are actually illegal. It is not illegal for feminists to intimidate Swedish women to not speak up about migrant crime, and many of these things included feminist lobbying groups acting within the law.

Perhaps though, as with politicians, even though the promotion of ongoing immigration is not illegal, it is highly likely that many in the political class supporting the EU are also Jimmy Savile style paedophiles. Perhaps the feminists of the world, the women, soulless enough to support feminism, also apply that same lack of conscience to other areas of their lives:

I jumped into this mix of gathering harpies on twitter through a 15 year old girl on my twitter that eats SJW's for breakfast, clearly a lot more intelligent than the feminist adults on the platform she interacts with:

... and this is where this cocktail of hatred begun:

When someone is attacked, very often they have to explode into detailed explanation of how they are being attacked, in order to defend themselves.

What these vicious human beings want is for men to never be able to defend themselves. So in court the man goes to jail no matter what. In arguments with feminists if anyone has proper evidence against any of feminisms ridiculous and oppressive fake facts, they can minimise that by accusing them of 'mansplaining'.

Any conversation with them at all results in the accusation of "mansplaining", as evidenced by the fact that I exchanged about three tweets with a girl on there and I was accused of it... (It is not even a real thing). However, it attempts to 'pathologise' communication.

The woman who responded to me on that first tweet is a nurse in a psychiatric unit. It is not outside the realm of considered possibility that she has drugged men because she did not particularly like them explaining themselves in order to defend themselves from a legitimate attack.

David Rockerfeller:

The real founder of feminism, not the woman... Gloria something, who started it up and later wrote books about how the CIA influenced her to do it (video evidence in that link), the real man who started it was David Rockefeller. His foundation has written at length about the need for depopulation in order to have a population that is controllable. He admits to trying to create a new world order and he has the means to do it, and there is a papertrail! The Rockefeller foundation is where all the information (science *cough*) come from that says that gender is created by the environment.  Just to make the link here, in order for their to be depopulation, according to Rockefeller, there needs to be a breakup of the family.

I believe very strongly in metaphysics, as you might have guessed. I used to figure that when someone negative is alive the people they have oppressed and damaged are continually sent energy from that person in order to keep the oppression going.

With any luck, the death of this man will start to cave in this sick ideology. 

We live in hope!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Stock market worries for today.

There are two things relevant to the perspective I am going to share now:

A) I described in my previous post my last job. Before that, and before Jupiter moved into my sixth house, I was unemployed. This was the period where I learnt about markets and I was angry during this time.

B) I do not know a great deal about American politics so am more likely to slip up here than with British politics.


There was a time when a 200 handle drop was absolutely nothing, a pebble in the ocean that makes such a small ripple as to not be noticeable.

But we are no longer in one of those times. I used to watch the stock market everyday hoping the whole thing would come down, but also, believing, from research, that it was going to happen. Having MANY intelligent people that shared that view.

The stock market though has, against any reason or rationality, kept soaring to all new highs. It had a few falls pre mid 2016 such as August 2015, but not much. Recently though, there has been no hint of any dent in its armour. So much so that a lot of people have said, both those truly informed and those working in the area but without special contacts and experience, that there is an Artificial Intelligence keeping it up.

This is a year view on the Dow and since early November the stock market has rallied. As it does every time there is a terrorist attack which is why I think they are carried out. (Have charted this before).

If the stock market plunged then the cabal would be arrested, having lost all their money which is used to manipulate others. Which is why when Trump was elected it raised. It's called 'panic buying', everyone involved in this game from the big banks to the small traders knows if it all goes down they lose everything. In most events there is only one direction the stocks can go and that is up!

So clearly, this does nothing for the alternative media attentive watchers who know that logically, it has to come down at some point. Of course, as I talk about here we might transition without having a crash... In fact that is growing increasingly likely... However, in terms of attentiveness to the market and it's rules as just what it is, most people know that if the stock market falls too suddenly it's game over for any sense of comfort/ sleep/ distraction we now enjoy in the immediate, very short term future.

Which is why, when I saw the 237 point drop, I shuddered. I feel stressed when I see this. So lets look at the reason this is reported to be happening:

Zerohedge: Here Are The 26 People Responsible For Today's Market Plunge

Breitbart: Exclusive — Rand Paul: ‘Easily 35 No Votes’ Against Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0, ‘I Would Predict They Pull Bill, Start Over

I was sure there was another article on the idea that the fall in value of the dollar was another option for this crash but it seems to have never have existed despite my memory of it! Perhaps it was in zerohedge's market rap up for today. Also, what's happening with this debt ceiling? Not being American I don't have a range of sources on American politics

Regardless, the first article puts forward the idea that the reason the markets are falling is because Trumps tax breaks will be put on further because of timing of this Ryancare bill although the second article puts forward the suggestion that the Ryancare bill is an awful piece of globalist legislation. This also seems to be the gist on twitter.

Going on the second one, because even though I pay attention to zerohedge Rand Paul is on the ball in America, is what is happening here the market threatening the Senators... "If you don't put this through, and keep the free market out of America we're gonna make things difficult for you"?

An empty threat if ever there was one. But I suppose it could be that the bankers are this badly cornered now and have no other choice.

Tomorrow will very likely see the markets bounce back as though nothing ever happened. However, I just thought I'd comment on the basic market dynamics. They could also continue their plunge and when this market goes down it will really go down!:

There has been no added value to the American economy since 2008. Trade has been severely halted and everything has been going bankrupt and being cut, not added to in terms of value. This is the mother of all bubbles!

And here, for absolutely no reason are some hot girls:

My current work situation.

I'm hoping things will shift after Article 50/ Brexit, because things to have wound down and to be 'more of the same'.

Astrologically, we will likely see some movement around April 14th. When the Sun and Uranus conjunct. At the moment we have just finished the last year astrologically (Sun in Pisces) and have begun the next year with a bang (Sun in Aries.) What that means is frustration is very high at the moment because we have moved into a new fiery way of perceiving and being challenged, but the physical manifestation has not happened yet so we are "all revved up and no place to go"!

Astrologically also the transits in my personal chart do not bode well for what I perceive to be my specific needs at the moment. My previous workplace happened in a Jupiter in the sixth house transit, so there was a lot of energy in that kind of work that you do because you need money, service based. Now however, without that planetary alignment I am getting exactly what you might expect for someone with a vacant sixth house (apart from the South Node). Work, of the non life path variety, isn't really sticking to me and at the moment I am underemployed (of the not having enough work type not the non use of skills type).

I won't give up, in my search for additional minimum wage labour :). At my last job things went wrong and the old manager left, shortly followed by most of the people who had previously worked there. This was because the new manager was inexperienced and not really that good of a manager. She argued with people over holiday, shouted at people for no reason and was in a constant mood and people had no reason to put up with it.

Because I was trying to be nice and reasonable I talked to her about the problems there and she asked me to stay on for a while and I did (over the Christmas period etc.). For about two and a half months that because of a cold became about three and a half. Such favours being done for such employers I do not recommend. I had essentially done a favour for her, since I had wanted to try and leave at that point, and when I went back later offering to do extra work to top up my current job she didn't accept.

Throughout my work here the English people were forced out by a particularly vicious Spanish girl. This new manager was Polish, everyone left when she arrived (the constant turnover I found emotionally waring, a big part of why I left!) and she exclusively hires Polish people. Which is the pattern in the industry.

Astrology of Nationalist leaders:

Marine Le Pen has one of the most interesting astrology charts I've ever seen. She also has the same birthday as me 5th August! She seems to be more of a channel for the people, and unlike the more intellectual leaders such as Trump and Farage, who both have VERY STRONG Sun- Uranus connections (I think explains free market tendencies.) Marine has none!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Feminism and larger geo politics.

There's something in this video that seems rather arrogant to me. As though the Spaniards are saying "I'm right because I say I am":

Express: Spaniards warn Britain Brexit was a BIG MISTAKE and the country will now SUFFER.

But of course, the real danger, the real politically active force making subtle damage to the freedom of everyone in the country is feminism, this is what my dream of two days ago was saying I believe:

The Conservative woman: Andrew Tettenborn: Lefty pressure groups intensify demands for higher taxes


This is very subtle, more subtle than most people are able to handle or oppose. Remember Julian Assange? When the US wanted to get him out of the embassy they attempted to use women in Sweden who claimed they had been raped by Assange, these women later removed their testimony saying the police had forced them into it. 

This is a good example of how feminist groups are used to promote tyrannical EU law (need to read the small print on this one):

And another example of how feminist groups rather disgustingly support EU/ globalist plans:

Daily Mail: Where females fear to tread: KATIE HOPKINS reports from Sweden, the Scandi-lib paradise where terrified women have vanished from the streets and a conspiracy of silence and self-censorship on immigration buries the truth

Her apartment was broken into last week in the middle of the day. The burglars took her laptop and her car keys, and later her car. The police told her they were too busy to come. 
She doesn't want her picture to be seen now. Not in case the migrants attack again, but because the feminists will come after her and hound her as a racist for speaking out. The migrant men scare her. But it is Swedish women who have silenced her.

All in all the summary is a simple one. These women want a reality where they can follow their strange emotional ideals, and when these are completely unethical, they should be protected from the results of their actions with the force of the government.

For instance, if a woman is with a nice man and it is all working and then she is tempted or angry one day and sleeps with someone else she can take that person to trial for rape even if it is not true therefore diverting responsibility, under the above article of the laws the feminists have imposed even if she is clearly lying he will still probably go to jail. 

If a woman sleeps with someone because she is turned on but the guy leaves her, when she never expected he would stay, she can say she was raped if it is her third kid and the state will have to pay through child tax credits, she cannot be opposed. (Not under the law but under the feminist plan).

This doesn't even take into account the general lying she doing before it gets that far (A study a few years ago showed that one out of ten "fathers" are looking after children they think are theirs but are not)

Larger geo politics:

So it seems hat what is likely to happen, or what people are trying to make happen is a move to another currency only partially controlled by America, not completely like the US dollar. Then a kind of global world order but more towards positive social movement than negative. 

A socialist planning system with capitalism doing the leg work. With people like Hillary Clinton and co. going to jail. Some technology coming out to improve peoples lives and somehow, although I'm not exactly sure how, poverty being eliminated.

This is neither here nor there. It lacks the "chaos" factor that I am expecting from the future. It is likely the partial disclosure narrative... We'll see.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Breaking it down.

So after all my musing on Islam. Culminating in this, all that is left is to fit it into the wider situation:

A) There are radical Muslims that are prepared to rape a woman who doesn't have a burqa, FGM etc. etc. (One Ex Muslim referred to these as 'Medina Muslims')
B) There are ex- muslims, who don't believe in the religion and help others out. (Also independent people that work with these groups.)
C) There are the majority of Mecca Muslims who do not know much about their religion, Muhammed or the Qur'an.

Stating that Da'esh are 'not really Muslims' is my understanding. A strict reading means they are Muslims.

When some of those Mecca Muslims are faced with abundant criticism of Islam, they are not real fighters or intellectuals so they don't look at Islam and oppose the radicalism, but they do passively oppose it and then they might find someone like Maajid Nawaz (he runs an anti extremism group).

However, the way to defeat this ideology, if that is the correct term, is likely to simply realise it will get better as all other problems do.  The problems with the systems today is that the incentives are skewed so that bad deeds are not punished. As things move forward and hopefully into some sort of free market they will be.

As Muslims integrate if they are to they will throw off this ideology, or at least the troublesome behaviours that are connected to it. The funding of Saudi Arabia of Mosques in the West, the halal taxes which are in practice a Jizya. They lose money and this radical Islam ends.

And so here we are! Still waiting on article 50 and the growing nationalist tide against the globalists.

With a full disclosure we will find out the real story behind Muhammed. He was known to wear a turban occasionally perhaps he's one of these large skulled extra terrestrials? This is extremely unlikely though. Since he is not recorded as always wearing a turban and it's the kind of detail that would have been recorded.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Facts do not mean a thing. Or so they think!

My Uncle, since I was very young, has shown a lot of the behaviours one might expect from a 'low energy' sociopath. However, today I realised he grew up in a Muslim country and was part of the army. It is likely the guy has had a lot of brainwashing and negative experiences and that coming to the West and not actively practicing Islam is likely a major step up for him in terms of positive polarity.

So my recent insights on Islam are already aiding a more positive outlook. Truth does that.

Today I am quite unwell. I worked two hard- ish shifts when I had a cold so now the cold is obviously slightly worse as always happens when I work when I am unwell.

I have also been having powerful dreams. Really powerful dreams and odd slightly hallucinogenic experiences, such as dream voice and the like. Giving me powerful semi urgent messages, that just aren't grabbing me emotionally. I will remember them though and as time goes on perhaps have them inform my viewpoints in a relevant way.

This is what I wanted to talk about in todays blog:

First, it sometimes happens that a person is saying something that includes their emotional preference and the other person says something that is such an incontrovertible fact. But nonetheless even though it doesn't seem logical that the first person would be able to ignore it they do anyway.

Regrettably I cannot remember any of these as examples, although they are at the tip of my mind. However, some almost examples are perhaps on a global level when the EU has just agreed fa new debt deal for Greece someone might say 'well that's only temporary'. When discussing things with Hillary voters or other people you might say to them 'well this is the Podesta Email that has xyz in'. There is never any answer. Or the video of Podesta abusing that child.

Another example was just after the EU referendum I was scrolling down and saw someone who had told me 'Brexit will never happen', or it will never got voted for or something. I quoted this with a picture of the tweet and a link to it and the girl who had done it responded as though she had been stung.

Consider this also, even though it has a bit of a back story:


During my long general reading in the conspiracy area and even talking to people who know about these subjects I have come across a lot of different theories. Some of these are doomsday or end of the world type theories that people believe in without any real evidence. An example of this is the flat earth theory or Zacharia Sitchins Annunaki planet prophecy. I have not believed these in the past, they just haven't resonated and they have no foundations to read up about. There is an irrational leap of faith.

However, I do have some beliefs that interlock and relate to provable sciences that I can simply explain. That include physics measurements and channeling that has never been wrong. That organically works and I understand it at its foundation. This is in the work of David Wilcock and the Law of One.

According to a few different sources, this solar system is going to suddenly shift into a new direction and change its redshift value (physics term meant to mean space but actually doesn't mean that at all). At this point there will be a change in the sun and a huge electromagnetic pulse which matters for the following reasons.

According to David Wilcock and Corey Goode, the negative elite extra terrestrials are made almost completely of AI. Two main negative historical factions are a group of people called the Empire that act similarly to the Borg being linked to a central computer, currently their consciousness is stored in the moon. They are completely plugged into and internet like AI they really are like the Borg. Another group are Draco Reptilians; who, when taken and analysed are found to be made of nanites!

The military in America, the negative faction are also working with an AI, the same one that is keeping the stock market up most likely.  These groups also have loads of space ships and technology of all sorts including cloning technology which they use to prevent their people from being assassinated.

So, bringing these two, in fact three, things together:

In the new age and secret space program worlds. It is considered irrefutable fact that this is going to happen. That we are going to move, via a massive sun related event, into the next density of existence and for a period of time all electricity is going to be stopped. Meaning every single extra terrestrial negative, that ALL rely on masses of computerised technology, they're all going to die. In one fell swoop they're going to blip out of existence as though they were never there.

Fact, unalterable, irrefutable fact. The date for this is between 2018 and 2024.

So all these people. The negative elite themselves. The people in the 'Alliance' who want to live out their lives with only partial disclosure. They are living in a fantasy land. It is not possible.

But then like the EU when dealing with Greece, or the Hillary supporters or countless other examples. Facts do not mean anything when it comes up against emotion and personal preference.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Tories losing their majority?

I've trawled the news looking for something interesting going on. In my opinion there is nothing outside the things I will mention and that is probably because of the Dutch election had disappointing results. Globalism doesn't excite anyone and it doesn't produce that thrilling 'chaos' we sometimes see. It just brings a kind of depressed dullness! (There is energy ramping up for France though that could be BIG!)

I wonder if that election was rigged (double Muslim votes? Reason for so called high turnout?), that I find more likely; it could also be that some of the places in the Netherlands with Turkish flags over the ballot boxes frightened people. Or in general they were scared what with Turkey and whatnot.

Astrology is interesting in that that last election happened at Sun- Chiron that has previously been more to do with Russia. Our 'collective wound' is now replaced with Islam rather than Russia (and how the media lies about it)? Perhaps the wound shows an area that the cabal is desperate to keep wounded! Pathologically!

Another thing that happening is that in England, the Tories last election had them break the spending limits by massive amounts meaning about twenty constituencies or far more are basically illegal. There might be by- elections in those towns. Probably not, owing to how the English establishment never makes any real changes. But there is a possibility some places may be re- run.

Nigel Farage has been saying a whole election should be called that I agree with. If Theresa May got a proper mandate for Brexit all the legal challenges would stop. (Although, actually, a mandate hasn't seemed to give President Trump much like with the judiciary.) But it would strengthen her hand. No one could then say... 'We didn't vote to leave the single market'.

Seeing my own local MP fired by the people would be EPIC!

Not going to happen probably. Although personally, I like things that effect people and shake them out of the 'nothing will change' motif. However, what doesn't seem to have entered the discussion yet is what if there are several by elections and the Tories lose a few of them. They have a razor thin majority already!  Only six MP's. So if there was a full twenty because of Conservative fraud she would almost definitely lose that.

This is a pipe dream though. I have become a cynic. The sharia loving police service will do nothing as usual.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dutch election, Building on MGTOW kinds of insights.

So Geert got nowhere!

Rather like the Economist magazine that has cartoons communicating Rothschild visions for the future or Charlie Hebdow that communicates various things from that same group in the form of cartoons, Reuters put forward interesting imagery on the day of election and I wonder if it has been rigged*:

Breitbart London: Reuters Illustrates Dutch Elections with Turkish Flags and Hijab-Clad Woman
If it was rigged it will take a frustratingly long time before news came out about that. I wrote that the election was rigged in May 2015 and it took months before the Tory Expenses Scandal came out, and I'm sure rigging went beyond Tory expenses. (I think polls were probably correct here!)

Where the 'Alliance' is in all this I don't know. They managed to stop rigging of Brexit or Trump but perhaps they:

A) Don't consider themselves to be responsible for Holland.
B) Want to keep the true freedom thinkers down so they can keep the narrative to 'partial disclosure' rather than full disclosure --- I vote this one.

Regardless of whether or not 'B' is true, considering hypothetically that it was, it shows the kind of behaviour that is needed to maintain the partial disclosure narrative. The kind of unethical things.

In Battlestar Galactica, a very insider based program, had a program where the military, those below the level that deals with politics, were rigging the election to oust a very shift guy named Guyas Baltar. Because they did not do that his irresponsible behaviour lead to a nuclear explosion going off within the space faring society. The elites world view, if we do not save people 'from themselves' it will all go crazy!


I had an amazing dream this morning that really felt as though something fully outside me was giving me advice, it has lead to me considering ideas that simply were not available before.

However, even though I have stated that, I don't think the ideas got from the dream are fully informed.

It concerned (once I have added to it) an even deeper exploration of how women might like to control mens behaviour for their own ends. But on the domestic level and not on the larger political level.

It seems to me that the feminists first consequence is thus:
  • Woman has choice between two men. A 'nice' man who has real worth and another who is more exciting but less caring on a deeper level (To her personally, perhaps he needs a different girl, or perhaps he's just a douche).
  • It is difficult to deal with the 'nice' man, he is less begging and pleading for sex, he expects conversation and respect from her, so she goes with the guy who makes it very easy for her.
  • After she is exhausted emotionally and drained of her resources whether that would be materially, emotionally etc. she desires to tax the 'nice' man who has now gone out and done something useful in the world, such as created a business. I'll not she might choose justifiable taxation to begin with, but this is her goal. It seems it would be easy to underestimate the 'evil genius' aspect of this.
  • Left wing politics begins.
Even though money is a good example... 'Tax'. The example in the dream was more of another variety. It may just be that the 'nice' man is more capable of looking after children and the other one she went with is not. That may extend to not even being her child. But she desires to create a culture for some reason. I still have to arrive at some conclusions here (and I only have so much time). The specific woman in this has behaved a certain way in the real world and I need to consider what it means symbolically.

I also intuitively know that some other women are not at all like this, don't have a hint of this behaviour. I was thinking this while watching Lauren Southern today.

To put meat on this idea will need time. But clearly, any philosophy possibly of the MGTOW variety would need to focus on financial and political power but also power to resist traps on the INDIVIDUAL level. A level that does not reference politics as its first port of call.

I would also like to note the most important thing about this whole equation in that example. The woman's crime here is completely undetectable. No one may know unless she tells them she had another opportunity, from the outside it looks like she met a guy who anyone reasonable would think was a good guy and then he inexplicably, in a way that no one could predict, turned out to be an asshole.

Now that bolded statement has a huge sense of familiarity don't you agree! To oppose this would need plans that are perhaps similarly undetectable. As the term 'Men Going Their Own Way' implies, men's power is in withdrawal.

I saw this video I think is interesting, Dave also mentions that without men clubs would close down. Men are their most important customers. Women reel the business in but men spend the money. They buy drinks for themselves and women and don't have 'free drinks for men' nights:

(I recall on Gab how viciously a guy whose name was boycott American women with a picture of a fat woman got trolled. Even though right wing women can't be naturally considered in the category of 'whores of the damned' I have noticed again and again how right wing women abandon all thought of right wing policies when it comes to schooling. At least three examples I can think of offhand and only one where I've seen the woman talk about private schooling. They want the government to take care of it all. There is something biologically there regardless of sensible political beliefs!)

* I have to rush off to work now so cannot find the links to back these two statements up.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Happy days, but these are still dark times.

Wow, very hard to keep myself focused today.

We are in a darker, more serious place than we used to be as a society, to maintain focus on some of these areas I need to keep away from relaxing too much.

I admit I do sort of dread seeing 'gorgeous women' around in this weather, you know, dressed to kill young things. There have been girls that liked me but something inside me won't co- operate, and I've liked girls and it's been a no show. And both liked each other but the other has preferred sadistic games.

Now my brain is in too much of a state to relate to them on an intimate level by my estimation. These problems have lead to what some would define as a break of mild 'schizophrenia' and I keep it down with will power.

The root of this problem is linked to how others behave, my hope is the social change we are likely to go through soon will bring greater light to these matters. Power always changes hands eventually. Currently and for a long time I, and many other good people, have not had the power. But it does not mean I always won't.

This is the same situation for a lot of people. Where lies have prevailed and they cannot move around because someone who deeply effects them has used their social power to ostracise them in some way. In this situation there is pressure from a kind of new age mainstream to forget about things... Move on etc. It cannot be proven someone has acted cruelly in some cases so others try and minimise the emotional impact it has had on you.

So, good things, the beautiful sun we are now experiencing, beautiful women, relaxation, meditation, good music, they become things to be pushed away, not let in or enthusiastically enjoyed. Because the mainstream joy of 'everything is alright' can't be accepted and hope has to be maintained by focusing on the forces that can defend against some of the negativity we are witnessing; and when there is hope of a defence force there also has to be focus on the negativity itself.

When I see something about Islam now my thought process has completely changed. This ex- Muslim explained something very interesting in her video:
I know when I decided, when I thought to myself, I think I'm an atheist. I think I'm not going to buy any of this, if felt like a weight was just lifted off my shoulders and the world felt like a bigger and more beautiful place, immediately. I mean it was shocking and it was kind of scary because now there was this chaos that didn't exist when my world was ordered in the way that Allah wanted it to be.
My blog here is largely an exploration of larger social trends and that 'chaos' is the good thing. The saving force finally powerful enough to bring a new paradigm that will disempower the negative forces. This chaos is the free market! Cause and effect/ consequence!

Her explanation here that she became more afraid of these randomised forces briefly and I wonder if the left have a similar perspective from inside their minds! It would seem likely they do.

I have seen more than two videos on twitter recently with previously Muslim women from Saudi Arabia exclaiming with clear distress their upset with Islam. One was in Canada shouting 'they killed my father, this is their constitution' among other things. Another was saying, when she was Muslim in Saudi Arabia, she would speak to herself every night that she did not want to pray and wear the hijab etc. Like I said, both seemed distressed.

Even with a video like that there was a time my curiousity was strong enough to not be harshly condemning of Islam in these sorts of example. However, now that I have finally got to the crux of the matter via my post concluding on this subject, I am starting to look at the whole religion differently. To be able to see it and think... 'Well of course you would want to leave, you were under the religion of the devil,' to be able to consider it top down; then simply forget about it.

If you were told this is a religion about a religion you would just assume it was mostly positive, as I did. But if you were told ahead of time it was a religion created by Satan and you believed it you would consider the whole thing differently. Viewing it through a different lens.

Good news though... Arron is on the move. His new party begins!:


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How things could have been at Brexit.

My analysis of the world around me really goes quite deep!

With any decision there are two real choices, but in practice there are often 'sort of' three. This goes down to metaphysical concepts I mentioned in the last post, (but not explained).

There is positive that at the moment means freedom, negative that means enslavement... And the usual choice in this can- kicking wankerati reality... Unpolarised.

(Remember those days when it was thought in relation to Greece that they would actually be unable to kick the can any further... Aww... Bless!)

Where nothing really happens for some reason the can is kicked. (Obviously) But the energetic substructure (most sensible term, I know is a bit show off intellectual), the energetic substructure of the world is set up so the foundations are laid, the opportunity is there for all the resources to expand positively, or negatively, depending on which turn is taken.

If the whole society turns one way, we still have free will on an individual level, but the pressure is sometimes unbearable. If for instance you were in a Hillary Clinton America and you ran a business and she raised the minimum wage to $15 for your company. You have the free will to continue running that business and put in the extra money/ work, perhaps go into debt; technically. Practically of course you can't because you're not superhuman.

In Trumps America, you have free will, you are not forced to do anything in the same way as in Hillary's because he is positively polarised but keeping up the negatively polarised hatred is difficult. It can be done but it is a losing strategy that puts in a lot of time, effort and money and essentially reaps no reward. Also, business will be run better (less immigration and tax etc.) so it is easier to get a job and there will be more positivity. The gravity will simply be away from negatively polarised actions.

So, we had an EU referendum recently in Britain and I was just listening to LBC about how Farage would have handled it if he had been in charge. Clearly he summarised the most positive turn of events and before I heard it I was not aware of the positively polarised 'potential' situation we might have experienced.

Farage said that had he been running things on Englands behalf after the June referendum he would have run it like a business. He would fire the bureaucratic civil service and bring in business people; he would poach people from wherever in the world he could, such as other places that have good relations with the EU, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia etc.

Like Taxi Driver says but not for the same implication... 'Can you even imagine' how positive that would be? Unskilled immigration would stop, The free market would aggressively assert itself and it would really clean out the crap! Green taxes destroyed! The sanctimonious wankers in the EU would not be able to cope and the feeling of prosperity would take hold as though being shoved through a rollercoaster at Alton Towers.

Also, in my own workplace at roughly around the time of the referendum, just after June is when my old manager left. This guy was a very good manager, he hired a lot of English outside the pattern in the industry of hiring migrants and having a high turnover (although there was still a high turnover). Everyone liked him and he bent over backwards to help everyone. He could keep a leash on troublesome people but still use them for their good points and improve them (all positively polarised people have this effect of kind of turning lightly negative people more positive, Trump and Farage have done this a lot)... Of course, he did have his flaws. He did have his temptations that we all have.

Had we gone with Nigels plan, unskilled immigration would have stopped and other restaurants of that chain would suddenly be facing a bit of a shock, of which, having British workers would be an advantage and his store would look good! Taxes and/ or regulation would probably ease up slightly and the very real prospect of effective competition would enter the minds of upper management. I don't think this manager would have left. He would have worked with the other positive people there and the place would simply have kept its positive glow that it almost had but kept losing due to the ever escalating feeling of 'crisis' that constantly engulfed the place.

The way it turned out was the path of least resistance. Nine months of not negatively polarised (Voted remain, now you've voted for it so you are helpless against these awful policies!) And not positively polarised (Getting on with Brexit) But dilly dallying in between. Listening to people like Gina Miller whine and having it on the BBC for nine months; the only people more useless than bureaucrats.

Hope is on the way, perhaps things can positively polarise. It is clear that Theresa May partly did not trigger article 50 immediately so as not to encourage the Wilders vote. As she does not wish to encourage Le Pen (but has encouraged her rival) and only came round to supporting Trump to avoid the potentially catastrophic move of alienating America.

Farage may be running again in South Thanet and the Conservative there could even go to jail! Unlikely but exciting nonetheless. Arron is going to run a UKIP like the old UKIP but not run like a squash club. A breakthrough is going to happen soon at some time because positively polarised people are still active.

After my previous post I simply do not want to think of Islam. In general I do not judge Geerts political ideas on the subject negatively. I think there is a limit to how much leeway Muslims should be given and with the mass rape of white girls, FGM, No go zones etc. they have generally pushed it too far.

Interestingly, any failure to dominate by the Muslims and any push back will weaken the higher negative forces that are competing on this gameboard! With any luck this will have indirect benefits as well.