Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Not much to say today.

Article 50 tomorrow!

Loads of weird stuff coming out of David Wilcock and Gaia TV... Partly that there are loads of abductions happening and someone has said 25% of people here are extra terrestrials.

Obviously crap! Or most likely.

Watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine has become trippy! Today I was watching an episode that discussed dream analysis and it made me think of my own dream which had more some insights in it. Also, an interesting scene was when one character that was in touch psychicly with positive entities conversed with another character who thirty seconds later was in touch with ethereal negative entities (that she resonated with).

It just strikes me as interesting that people of such opposing polarities (and higher entities) can even share the same space... ESPECIALLY without having any clue, in the case of the positively polarised entity, of what is going on with the other person.

The difference in visions received by the two entities is notable as well. With the negative entities delivering direct, non mysterious, orders lightly veiled as symbolism. Whereas the positive entities offer clues that don't unfold for many episodes.

... and on article 50. Immigration might be important but there are so many other things that are as well. Green taxes, money, the justice system, propaganda etc. I find it very exciting to know how these negotiations are going to continue!

I would love to have a glass of champagne (or perhaps something non alcoholic instead) around 12:30 tomorrow but probably won't have the money!

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