Friday, 17 March 2017

Tories losing their majority?

I've trawled the news looking for something interesting going on. In my opinion there is nothing outside the things I will mention and that is probably because of the Dutch election had disappointing results. Globalism doesn't excite anyone and it doesn't produce that thrilling 'chaos' we sometimes see. It just brings a kind of depressed dullness! (There is energy ramping up for France though that could be BIG!)

I wonder if that election was rigged (double Muslim votes? Reason for so called high turnout?), that I find more likely; it could also be that some of the places in the Netherlands with Turkish flags over the ballot boxes frightened people. Or in general they were scared what with Turkey and whatnot.

Astrology is interesting in that that last election happened at Sun- Chiron that has previously been more to do with Russia. Our 'collective wound' is now replaced with Islam rather than Russia (and how the media lies about it)? Perhaps the wound shows an area that the cabal is desperate to keep wounded! Pathologically!

Another thing that happening is that in England, the Tories last election had them break the spending limits by massive amounts meaning about twenty constituencies or far more are basically illegal. There might be by- elections in those towns. Probably not, owing to how the English establishment never makes any real changes. But there is a possibility some places may be re- run.

Nigel Farage has been saying a whole election should be called that I agree with. If Theresa May got a proper mandate for Brexit all the legal challenges would stop. (Although, actually, a mandate hasn't seemed to give President Trump much like with the judiciary.) But it would strengthen her hand. No one could then say... 'We didn't vote to leave the single market'.

Seeing my own local MP fired by the people would be EPIC!

Not going to happen probably. Although personally, I like things that effect people and shake them out of the 'nothing will change' motif. However, what doesn't seem to have entered the discussion yet is what if there are several by elections and the Tories lose a few of them. They have a razor thin majority already!  Only six MP's. So if there was a full twenty because of Conservative fraud she would almost definitely lose that.

This is a pipe dream though. I have become a cynic. The sharia loving police service will do nothing as usual.

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