Thursday, 9 March 2017

Depressingly familiar dysfunction of political markets.

Everything is now depressingly familiar.

There has been a new terrorist attack in Germany,

... And stocks are at all time highs! (But, to be honest, falling... Losing their grip?)

This is because they fell minutely over the last few days... *Sigh*.

There is a rumour that Theresa May is going to trigger article 50 on Tuesday

Daily Mail: Will Article 50 be triggered on TUESDAY? Theresa May's statement to MPs on the EU council is bumped until AFTER the Brexit Bill is due to be law
The House of Lords is thought likely to back down on Brexit on Monday night
As already stated we also have several other events due on the Wednesday, including the debt ceiling potential conflict in America and Geert Wilders likely election in Holland.

So there is hope. But until then. We are kind of 'shooting the shit' out here!

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