Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Globalist corporations and free market policies.

Wow, I have to rush this morning. I've just settled down to even being able to think straight!

This video here is interesting because it shows that the head of the international center for missing and exploited children (likely a child trafficking ring) has as it's head a guy who owns a company that produces most of the British alcohol, as well as owning a pharmaceutical company.

The second person on the list of the board of directors is such a stereotypical globalist you couldn't make it up. Nine years at Goldman Sachs etc.

It seems to me that with some research it might be possible to link these sorts of individuals to all the industries that have an extremely deleterious effect on human potential. This would include the foods that are making so much of the Western world obese! Alcohol... Pharmaceutical companies are linked to the vaccine industry and it's destructive waste of human life and potential, partly in the blocking of natural cures usually, simply by omission and taking the role of an authority on human healing.

And furthermore, my instinct is that the argument can be made that free market policies will bring down these companies in an organic and non destructive way... However, an unproven theory at the moment... Furthermore that this can empower people to stand up to governments in a way that won't likely be able to be reversed.

Interestingly Breitbart has recently come out with urgent prepping information. I have no money at the moment so this is scary. I need to improve my prep:
Guido Fawks: Breitbart Readers Offered “Military Grade” Armageddon Survival Kits

Breitbart are likely very strongly in the know. Moreso than normal because they have access to the Trump administration.

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