Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Qur'an.

That's all the title I'm going to give but this post will not do justice to the whole book of course.

Tying together a few different strands that I planned to piece together into a proper article, here is what I wrote on a comment site recently:
DISCOVERY: Oldest Quran Found Has Little Similarity To Modern Version
Comment by zzander on March 6, 2017 @ 12:52 am
It doesn’t look good does it? I already knew about this actually, another piece of information that adds to the puzzle.
There have been “updates” to the bible that were clearly false before. However, if this Qur’an is true it looks increasingly like someone whom we know nothing about, not even his name took some Zoroastrianism, Christianity and other spiritual texts and put them in some sort of structure (The Quran) and conquered the Middle East, taking a lot of slaves and killing a lot of people to gain territory.
Later on, political forces change the location of Mecca and created texts that did not have much of a relation to the original
If you take Jay Smiths work questioning the Qur'an's historical accuracy and then, once you have gotten rid of the main story you add in the historical information of Bill Warner Ph.D. to fill in some of the gaps you are basically left with a warmonger without much spiritual significance.

But I will be carrying on reading. It is creepy work. The endless Allah is all knowing. Allah's torment is harsh indeed; and the disbelievers will suffer, is tiring. After reading it I feel a little creeped out. Which is why I am coming on here.

I have been reading the Qur'an though. I am now eleven percent through the book. I have read the first 4 Suras.

My reading so far has shown the system to oppose Christianity. I just came across the part that says, never worship the three (Father Son and Holy Ghost) there can only be ONE (Qu: 4:171). The main political force at that time must have been Christianity and whoever founded Islam whether in Muhammeds time or hundreds of years later, that person or those people very likely intended to oppose Christianity for political reasons.

The underpinnings of this religious system are not sturdy. The four gospels in the bible were written by two people who witnessed the events surrounding Jesus and two who got it second hand but had been alive in Jesus' time. The same background is not in Islam, it has nothing like that. As you look at it more closely it kind of comes apart at the seams and it only needs a few more non Muslims to read the Qur'an and read about this subject a bit for debunking of Islam as a religious system to become common place. Where the set of ideas appears to come apart at the seams being brought out into the light... Seemingly as a karmic punishment for its adherents!

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