Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My current work situation.

I'm hoping things will shift after Article 50/ Brexit, because things to have wound down and to be 'more of the same'.

Astrologically, we will likely see some movement around April 14th. When the Sun and Uranus conjunct. At the moment we have just finished the last year astrologically (Sun in Pisces) and have begun the next year with a bang (Sun in Aries.) What that means is frustration is very high at the moment because we have moved into a new fiery way of perceiving and being challenged, but the physical manifestation has not happened yet so we are "all revved up and no place to go"!

Astrologically also the transits in my personal chart do not bode well for what I perceive to be my specific needs at the moment. My previous workplace happened in a Jupiter in the sixth house transit, so there was a lot of energy in that kind of work that you do because you need money, service based. Now however, without that planetary alignment I am getting exactly what you might expect for someone with a vacant sixth house (apart from the South Node). Work, of the non life path variety, isn't really sticking to me and at the moment I am underemployed (of the not having enough work type not the non use of skills type).

I won't give up, in my search for additional minimum wage labour :). At my last job things went wrong and the old manager left, shortly followed by most of the people who had previously worked there. This was because the new manager was inexperienced and not really that good of a manager. She argued with people over holiday, shouted at people for no reason and was in a constant mood and people had no reason to put up with it.

Because I was trying to be nice and reasonable I talked to her about the problems there and she asked me to stay on for a while and I did (over the Christmas period etc.). For about two and a half months that because of a cold became about three and a half. Such favours being done for such employers I do not recommend. I had essentially done a favour for her, since I had wanted to try and leave at that point, and when I went back later offering to do extra work to top up my current job she didn't accept.

Throughout my work here the English people were forced out by a particularly vicious Spanish girl. This new manager was Polish, everyone left when she arrived (the constant turnover I found emotionally waring, a big part of why I left!) and she exclusively hires Polish people. Which is the pattern in the industry.

Astrology of Nationalist leaders:

Marine Le Pen has one of the most interesting astrology charts I've ever seen. She also has the same birthday as me 5th August! She seems to be more of a channel for the people, and unlike the more intellectual leaders such as Trump and Farage, who both have VERY STRONG Sun- Uranus connections (I think explains free market tendencies.) Marine has none!

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