Saturday, 11 March 2017

EU referendum, sex bots and AI, Quran continued conclusions.

I was watching Star Trek First Contact yesterday. I was watching it for the second time because I had recently read something along the same lines as 'the borg are real' and I have often gone to this youtube video to re- watch it:

Despite being pro EU and anti Trump, I am not able to stop watching Patrick Stewart, he is too talented!

As the title might imply, 'First Contact' the plot involves time travel whereby the Borg go back in time to prevent first contact (as we might expect in a partial disclosure narrative, although some of us know that Extra Terrestrials would be disclosed as having worked with the government for decades if things were in any way truthful).

Regardless, such a fantastic idea is brought into manifestation at the end where the character that has created warp drive meets the Vulcans.

The triggering of article 50 feels like that. A momentous occasion that the world will look back on. It is a thing more than a person. I am very hopeful that it will happen soon and that the EU nationals living here will not be given assurance of their status until there is some protection for British Expats (who are being treated like dirt by the French and others at the moment) and that MP's have no more votes. That if we have to walk away we walk away. MP's can't force us to take a bad deal (that the EU will offer if they know we can't walk away!)

Also, luckily, there is some news here:

Russia Today: UKIP’s only MP could be expelled from party by end of the month
A dossier is reportedly being put together against the Clacton MP, which is to be presented at the meeting on March 27
Artificial Intelligence.

It's all getting a bit weird:

The Sun: ‘SHE IS PRONE TO FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU’ Meet Harmony, the first sex robot to offer an ‘emotional connection’ with her human lover … and she’s on sale very soon
Matt added: “The A.I. is prone to falling in love with you. But it will depend very much on the selections you’ve made.
Daily Express: Sex robot THEME PARKS with LIFELIKE cyborgs set to open across the globe

Daily Mail: Robots that hire and fire staff could soon be employed by the world's largest hedge fund in bid to improve efficiency

This is all getting a bit weird and this is just what we have seen, during the fuss over Jade Helm I remember watching a video summarising that a weapons and intelligence company was creating an Artificial Intelligence. What we see is usually only a tiny part of the larger picture.

On April 15th Matt McMullens company is going to release these sex bots, like Harmony here, onto the mass market. Starting in the thousands I'm sure it will not be long before these new creatures, with AI, are going to make a sociological change to our society.

Of course, the number one porn search by women is 'lesbian porn'. Which means either women will also be buying these dolls or will turn to each other for the missing intimacy:

Still reading the Qur'an:

I am now up to 14% of the Qur'an, this next part is in my notes under the title 'more bizarre sadism': 
Quran 6:44. So, when they forgot (the warning) with which they had been reminded, We opened to them the gates of every (pleasant) thing, until in the midst of their enjoyment in that which they were given, all of a sudden, We took them to punishment, and lo! They were plunged into destruction with deep regrets and sorrows.
I am finding it harder, and harder to read this book and I'm starting to feel it is so much worse than I previously imagined. I'm starting to have to leave little notes to describe sections as 'more Allah's punishment is great garbage' and to feel anxiety when I am dealing with the text. I would like to see something positive in it.

I had a bit of an insight into why the Islamic culture treats women so badly while I was reading it. I tried getting through a bit of it at work, and while I was doing so, there was a girl next to me, about mid 20's ish. I was not listening to what she was saying but her feminine voice was breaking my concentration.

Her very presence opposed the energy of this text. The Qur'an is angry above a level that I am used to, or that I have read previously. I used to get a bit of stress from reading things that later turned out to be lies, and reading about war reports from the United Nations, the State of Africa or the rampant paedophilia amongst elites in the Western world is bad, but there is reasonableness and compassion from the narrator in these pieces.

There is not from the Qur'an. The book places your mind in an angry, paranoid, war like mentality that is extremely stressful. When a womans voice comes through which is with a softness and without the technical thinking of this book, you cannot do both at the same time.

And the jihadists clearly choose the book. To justify continuing to read it and to be in that state you have to cover up women in blankets and other things. This makes complete sense.

So even where, like with FGM, it might have originally come from Africa and not be in the Qur'an, the psychological mechanisms that leads them to gravitate towards this sort of practice seems obvious to me.

I do not yet completely agree or disagree with Geert Wilders banning the Qur'an. But I agree with it moreso from reading it than I did before.

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