Monday, 13 March 2017

Good times. Article 50 is through!

I'm not sure I've felt this way in years...

I have been following the news today, a bit passively maybe. Not really quite taking it in. First the commons voted on the first Lords amendment; the rights of EU nationals in Britain, then they voted on the second one; MP's potential veto of the Article 50 in its later stages.

The first one got voted through, and the lords amendment was voted against, then the second thing got voted through, and the MP's are not going to have another vote on it.

Then it went through the Lords... Amazingly... WITHOUT AMENDMENTS! Smooth sailing, at least in theory!

Then Sturgeon came out insisting on a second Scottish Indyref and my mind went wild. First actually getting to the realisation that she did have a mandate to do that, while worrying that the Scots were going to let in the immigration and have them drain through their border with England. 'We need a wall on our Northern Border!'... I said, 'And Scotland will pay for it!' Responded another.

Then Theresa May put a stop in that. She stated that Scotland would not be able to have an Indyref like they had scheduled during EU negotiations.

I just feel happy. I feel happy! Yes there are other problems my Alt Right tweeters are talking about, why not trigger article 50 now? They ask, before March 31st.

But for the moment I am happy. I am just happy.

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