Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Brexit and moon howlling fuck wittery!

So... It happened!!!

And by it I also mean that the UK voted for something and the government is actually seeming to do it, which must be a first.

Wanted to get up and celebrate this morning, get ready for the announcement but since I don't like alcohol much, I substituted herbal tea which is far less exciting! (Only thing I could think of).

Then I spent all morning fighting my diabetes.

I don't have many thoughts about it yet except that I am obviously, like I have said a few times recently, excited to see when the first changes of any sort are going to be agreed. Fate of EU nationals and UK expats first thing to be talked about. Most likely no big surprises there.

Moon howling fuck- wittery.

I have been thinking a little more about this space stuff, new age. David Wilcock in one of his recent videos has build on the idea so far considered about this ascension event by saying that those that are not able to harvest may be taken in space ships elsewhere. Whereas those that are might be transported below the surface of the earth.

This crosses for me with the idea given in the Law of One that after 'graduation', we will most likely go to the density we originally came from. Some of us that is fifth and sixth density not third or fourth.

I believe it highly likely that those who are going to stay on third might be taken elsewhere in space ships. But I don't know about the rest of us. My visualisation of such an event as those who can harvest going under ground is just of an ascension seeming white light.

There are also loads of entities apparently in this system who are negatively polarised who won't make it through the solar event we will experience. Surely that's a bit strange. Having to cater to entities that are only going to be around for seven years tops possibly only one year!

Talking about this solar event after 2018, (with the possibility nothing has changed which is a distinct possibility). Every day we may suddenly experience this ascension event. The whole of our future after that point might be basically erased... All day every day!

It's all getting a bit tiring!

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