Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Damn, Can't write my article.

Hmm... Things are not great for me just at this moment.

I have not slept all night. This is due to the fact that I normally have a very good diet. The combination of diabetes and allergies means that I have to be very delicate with my diet and normally I have fruit juices and proper carbohydrates... All sorts. But having not so much money recently has meant that I have not been able to do this. So I haven't slept. I slept between 8pm and 11pm but not now, and I'm going to work for a nine and a half hour shift soon. Also, yesterday I only slept for two hours. By the end of my shift if I don't squeeze in an extra hour now I will have had five hours sleep in fourty eight hours!

My article plan today had been  to highlight the youtube censorship and point out that this could link to this new attempt at partial disclosure, then link this with the idea that the lack of faith in the mainstream media is evidence the cabal have lost polarity and wonder again if partial disclosure is even possible. Perhaps summarising that since they will calculate they can't control it they will simply put it off until something else come along and upsets the balance, as it inevitably will.

I was also going to say that in my personal life with friends/ family (planned a summary here), and on the internet, people seem to be at the end of their tether, and that I hope article 50 actually changes something, that there is some sort of relief.

I doubt it though.

Things are feeling pretty spacey as a combination of thinking of some of these areas to do with extra terrestrials etc. and also not having had any sleep!

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