Sunday, 31 July 2016

Very general update. (English politics, Astrology, Social media, Sychronicity)

So, next things coming, but we don't know exactly what it is yet, we have some idea though...

This is interesting, so because of this synchronicity I'll talk about it...

This is within hours of the new moon. More accurately the new moon is at about 21:15 so should be at about the peak of emotion of this event.

Even though I find Labours party message of socialism difficult, I do think Jeremy knows the score and is not in with the cabal... I believe he knows that global warming is a fraud, didn't want to be in the European Union, and it was excellent he called for article 50 to be triggered immediately; and has said many things that basically outrightly say he knows the score.

If he gets power then it will be a good thing. Although I have identified myself as a libertarian and with UKIP very closely, I am really somewhat dispassionately watching the whole game play out... Preferring to see the moves on the chessboard without emotional charge.

He is in a very, very powerful position as leader of the opposition. After the next vote that will cement his leadership (Owen does look unlikely at this point) him, and Labour, could be instrumental in any coming political change.

The next thing as I've mentioned yesterday is Italy and we will see what happens with that tomorrow. But most probably nothing... I'm still slowly gathering my prep though. 

UKIP leadership election thus far is pretty slow and boring... I'm not a fan of Steven Woolf but I am of Jonathan Arnott... All I've seen of Steven Woolf so far is vague expressions of doing this and that... What I've seen from Jonathan Arnott is 'join Jonathan's campaign to reach out to non UKIP voters'. He delivers a 'fight' message right out the door... I have no time for pleasantries and neither did Nigel.


Click to enlarge... I've highlighted the relevant portions of this for people that understand astrology, rather than just state this or that may happen, or to explain (saturn square neptune trine sun inconjunct Uranus) or something like that. I'm simply going to highlight the relevant via a the letter it is labelled with.

So we start out with an energy being set but that no one really feels except people that are aware of such things, August 2nd (A). The energy that is set is that significant things can happen with law and such. Not as strong as Brexit but present for this cycle. As this energy grows there will be a strong emotional emphasis on this law and justice side of things and then things will move into a new focus in this area. This cycle of things actually happening in the real world in relation to karma is going to start this day and will last about six months. (B1 and B2, August 13/ 14). This endless problem I keep having with people not seeing consequences to their actions will start to shift at this point and in this cycle.

Then this will grow to a time of emotional intensity, but not abnormally so... Just like there is one every few weeks. But there will be a knowledge of the efficiency of a kind of revolutionary feeling (all these strange things that keep happening, Wikileaks, Russia - Syria, Trump, Brexit etc.) This is around August 16th (C) and in the two days after that there will be a crescendo of energy and intensity in the area of focus on idealistic and humanitarian concerns. (D)

Then there will be focus again on this law and order, and cause and effect, particularly in relation to the use of masculine forceful, willed energy. (August 24th, E). Finally, although these days will not see new excitement, anything that happens here is the result of the last few weeks (like political chaos after Brexit, chaos not initiated but is a reaction to earlier events). Eventually, the energy will die down, events will seem hopeful but stagnant, expectant... Then the next cycle will begin and it looks to be a cycle with the same connection with 'law and order/ justice/ karma' but with more conflict and confusion. It will also be a new cycle that is very focused on our direction as a society... Should be a good cycle. (September the 1st)

However, the cycle with a new moon beginning September will obviously be exciting and will have conflict because Labour and UKIP elections billed for that time.

Other general thoughts

I have seen this recently:

It seems like something that is not going to happen... But then again, there is every motivation to do so and the ball is already rolling.

A new social media platform committed to free speech, although, and one big drawback, it is more like facebook than twitter.

It's up in the air at the moment, but imagining for a second that there WAS a libertarian twitter out there and off the libertarians went, seems like it would be quite an event!

How many libertarians are there? Quite a few I should imagine, and even though they will not all follow this craze if about 50% of Americans support Trump and 50% of Brits support Brexit, 50% is a good estimation for simple purposes.

This group called the 'liberal left' that twitter protects. There is a difficulty defining the real left from the liberal left because they both share a certain preference for censorship and trying to outlaw things they disagree with by calling them 'racist' and other such names.

But the 'liberal' left are more likely those that would agree with the censorship that got Milo caught up... The 'real' left are made up of people that share some sort of love of big government (in the form of global warming and some policing of free speech and racist slurs) but are also, instinctively distrustful of that same establishment and will possibly vote out the EU... Often these people are quite caring as well... They are less hypocritical.

So, putting aspects of these problem people into one term might be SJW's. Terms are getting silly here. But if Libertarians left how would it effect these slacktivist socialists and others?

I can't really imagine it... This group specialises in angrily trying to tear down opposing opinions, sometimes correctly or incorrectly. They campaign against 'austerity', and consider bankers criminals that should be jailed, but also fight against people who might think Islam has fanatical elements that should be handled. It seems to me that without an opposition these people would not enjoy things so much despite the fact they block everyone all the time.

When they block people they do so because their ideas are challenged in a factual way they cannot fight against. This is when they put up a post like: 'We must not mix up Islam with these dreadful attacks'. Then someone might say... Ah, but according to this poll x% of Muslims... 

But imagine a totally SJW twitter of 10 people... Someone will say  'We must not mix up Islam with these dreadful attacks'... No one argues. Some people agree... Then, imagine on the next attack... who will even bring it up? Because the left is ongoingly engaged in an effort towards censorship, they want to get rid of Cologne from the headlines and stop talking about it because it obliterates their leftist case. But without anyone bringing it up or even suggesting that Islam is a problem in this regard, what are they going to talk about... The weather?

They will try to reach out if they ever find themselves in an echo chamber, because that's what religious zealots do. Or they will get bored... Producing their political opinions simply isn't where the excitement and interest is so they will not do it there.

Twitters business model seems shaky anyway. It discourages those that are there for a real reason, those who care about the information being tweeted, the committed social media peeps. They encourage people who like Ghostbusters actresses being able to ban people for jokes. They are quickly going to lose this second group to the next fad. Such as the amount twitter has already lost to Pokemon Go.

It seems like this is all the result of the fight against democracy I've talked about on the other thread... Where the government, Conservatives and Labour (musn't forget the EU too!) are trying to return to a time where the populace have no say and are impotent against their aggression. In other spheres this is happening too... The Guardian has steadfastly fought against the tide of popular opinion by stopping its comment sections and continually briefing (including sometimes lying) against Brexit and other related things... It is now in dire financial straites.


While I was writing the previous excerpt on astrology, I thought I had made a mistake by missing out 'E'... however, when I went back I realised I had in fact missed out an earlier letter so the 'F' chart was actually properly labelled and didn't need relabeling.

A girl at work I mentioned in my last blog post here:

She was unable to go to Germany because I would not re- arrange holiday (since she arranged last minute I suspect and attempted wanted to change around other peoples plans to meet hers... Surprised manager even indulged the idea)

Even though I started out thinking I could put on my holiday for a few days... A smirk and a nasty comment by one of the team leaders there at a point when I was not well anyway, meant that I realised I didn't have the energy to deal with her in the few days I would've worked so I immediately said I was keeping my holiday as it was.

I would not stop her going if I had the power to and she was going, but I do think there is a good chance this girl will get sexually harassed or raped in Germany at the current time, I saw this Paul Joseph Watson tweet (I have seen far worse on twitter about this subject as well):

I just wondered if there was any guidance to this event? Did guiding forces push the negative experience of the team members comment and dehydration linked problem I experienced at the time? It makes you think!

With the way things have gone I have had less faith in such things despite working with such forces. But it makes sense... They are still here with us guiding us even in these times!

Few ending notes:

However, when Saturn steps in later this month, we might start to see some pushback against all this leftist though... Protests against Merkel are already underway!

The karma of a new social media network may be exactly what I was referring to as well with consequences... If Libertarians did go... Twitter and the SJW community would be left with a choice. For twitter it would be to reverse this policy of censorship or lose people. Possibly go bankrupt... These sorts of changes usually begin with people at the top being fired. It is not clear that this would sort the problem though but it would be the best they can do. Probably the most upsetting thing here for twitter is the loss of face.

The SJW's would be left with... Do I stay on this dull social media network that isn't fulfilling my needs? (to evangelise and to get information, since Libertarians are the ones on the new information), or do I enter into this new social media network which may be a little scary for people like me? Is the block function as good as it would has been so far on twitter?

Perhaps this isn't relevant though but is a good thought exercise. Dave stated the social media site was less like twitter (which is fun) and more like facebook (which is boring).

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Karma, how it works, and financial jiggery pokery.

First of all, one funny status I just had to share here... I do love twitter:

I have been annoyed recently, not with this specific case but with another where men seem to assume that if a woman says ... 'Oh no, do this work, help me I'm a woman and can't do it...' The guy goes along with it and even gets aggressive in its defence despite it provably being a lie in which the girl just wanted to do less work (and lied about the type of work it was).

This situation is widespread... It is not exactly what I'm about to talk about that includes both genders but is related.


I've been thinking about how karma happens and relating it to larger structures about how the world works.

To understand it you must understand the forces opposing karma! In my opinion... and what karma basically is is cause and effect... If you do something bad towards someone they remember it, they are under no obligation to forget it regardless of any self satisfying liberal new age bollocks to say they are... and must 'just let it go'.

So if you do nasty things and act unfairly towards people, those people hold grudges against you if they can't work the situation out for mutual fairness. So lets say there is someone who is focused on a direction that they know isn't mutually beneficial to others. Because they are deliberately ignoring the lifestyle changes and principles that will make things easier on everyone else.

This person then must gather round them sycophants that block the response of karma from others around them and twist patterns that would normally be going a certain way into patterns that are more to their advantage.

So, how does karma work from here... An intuition I got (and I've been accurately precognitive in the past about my own life) is that if there is a natural, balancing karma going towards such a person, it will get blocked by a sycophant... Then... and this sycophant may be perfectly nice and well meaning... But then what happens is that the sychophant gets exclusive karma to do with this!

I don't know what follows. In order to karma to happen though there has to be a certain amount of upholding a desire for a certain excellence rather than slovenly laziness and relying on habit and the way things have always been done... The fundamental pattern that will be broken the more any sort of revolutionary/ societal collapse not under negative control, things happen.

This principle is very strongly shown on social media... Where libertarian views that are karmic are blocked.

Italian banks and Chinese bailout of Deutsche bank.

I talked to a taxi driver yesterday who was so surprised about my explanation of the Italian bank crisis. It is so much bigger than Greece, the BBC's top story today was a decrease in the use of plastic bags. I.e. this principle, stopping the karma of people seeing what the European Union are up to, attempting to.

When I talked to my mother about this I became very sure that people will not notice this area while it doesn't effect them in a material way. When they do not have to they will not... The strength of this insight is quite amazing.

I was wondering if the Italian banks are not playing ball because they simply expect the Chinese to step in... Which would only make sense. The urgency has gone now with the Chinese support of Deutsche bank and why should they risk their own business when China will not let these banks fail? I can see the wisdom in that.

New moon

This Italian thing and perhaps things talked about in regard to Theresa May at the moment is, from my perspective, the pattern forming for the new moon....

This cycle should be fun!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Rundown of hidden global events.

Not really hidden, happening in plain site but not reported by the mainstream media (then that is an informed assumption, I do not actually read the mainstream a whole lot.)

So, insatiably reading and watching things for several hours... Summary:

Japans Helicopter money:

There is something going on in Japan, even though pretty much everybody did not think something as drastic as 'helicopter money' would be going down, a process akin to a kind of QE on steroids but made in a slightly different way... A frenzy of imaginary government power.

Nobody has taken it seriously however, at the moment is the announcement and discussion of said possibility and the Japanese Yen compared with the Dollar has had two flash crashes, and Japanese bond futures stopped trading for 20 minutes... This suggests insider information that something is actually going to happen and if so... This is significant... It will lead to a whole realm of unpredictable consequences that will probably end up fairly negative in the sense of the word if you don't consider the end result to a stock crash.

Something that probably doesn't tie to this directly but ties to these financial themes is on Benjamin Fulfords last post here:
Meanwhile a serious power struggle is also coming to a head in the United States. CIA sources say that “China has given the secret codes for a large amount of gold (thousands of metric tons)…to be given as a loan to the US Treasury so that the dollar will not implode.” The catch though is that… 
… “the boys in DC must indict Killary.”
So China has essentially taken up the 'vacant' position of 'God' in this scenario, deciding all world affairs on their own terms and not allowing markets to collapse. But the question is... Would they do so to help their close and long term nemesis Japan? I doubt it.

The Chinese controlling the markets like this, does not seem realistic to me... Something they are not controlling will have to give. People are unpredictable... They can't silence all the unpredictable social unrest around the globe. But this is just my thoughts... Perhaps there really is no unpredictableness in this grand scheme at the moment!

Italian Banks

Here's what's going on with Italian banks:
The bottom line: if over the next 24 hours Monte Paschi is unable to obtain the needed €5 billion in funds it needs from a consortium of outside investors, and if Europe remains resolute in its denial of a government-backed bailout, the only possible step would be a bail in, one which could spark the next leg of Europe's banking crisis. 
A bail in is when the banks take their depositors money to keep themselves afloat... This will inevitably cause bank runs... People taking their money out... and political violence will quite likely follow.

I remember the ongoing insufferably boring Greek crisis that wound on and on... But just reading about this Italian bank crisis briefly and the differences are obvious; Italy's economy is huge compared to Greece, they give more to the EU than the UK does. This is not an insignificant flea like Greece the EU can bully and bail out with one bank... The efforts here to bail out Italy's struggling banks need the co- operation of MANY banks.

But, like all situations we talk about the cabal have shown such a gift for kicking the can down the road one wonders if it can't happen here as well.


There are other interesting tidbits... Firstly that investors, according to Credit Suisse bank are rejecting bullish sentiment and are very confused about what to do next... This is good:

Zerohedge: Credit Suisse: We Have Never Had So Many Traders Saying "We Are Totally Lost"

... and a note from a Credit Suisse's report writer, I think quite humorously after describing his clients legitimate and nightmarish (in economic terms) fears:
In retrospect one can see why with so many concerns, over and above merely underperformance worries, most investors "are totally lost."
The Democrat convention has been growing crazy... I am getting a lot of clear evidence of fraudulent behaviour coming through my twitter feed. It appears Hillary is hiring actors and the Democrat higher ups are pulling out all the stops to prevent the Bernie protesters from having anything to do with the whole thing.

To put a cap on this madness. As soon as it was over Wikileaks released a new bunch of leaks that have already played havoc with the Democrats politics.

There are one or two other things of varying levels of interest going on at the moment:

Islam and Muhammed:

I watched this fascinating piece from Paul:

In it a few things were discussed...

Tommy Robinson is a character who has lead and now leads (UK branch of) certain anti Islamic movements. As a result of this he has been the target of the establishment.

Interesting points from this video:
  • Paul Joseph Watson, who is doing the interviewing here, youtubed a piece called 'Islam is not a religion of peace'... 7 months ago... He still gets death threats now.
  • Tommy goes to speak with a lot of journalists, even in the mucho crazio BBC. Apparently journalists are grilling him on television but as soon as the camera is off confess they support what he is doing.
  • Another group that shows this dichotomy between what they are told to do by the higher ups and what they actually believe is cops... Who told him they were pushed by the home office to put pressure on Tommy.
This has come at a time when I have been more curious about Islam... Reading this piece here about Muhammed is interesting and counteracts my prior understandings:

The Life of Muhammad: An Inconvenient Truth

I have been a spiritual person all my life... I am metaphysical in a strong sense of the word and live a lot in that headspace... I meditated for half an hour a day for years. Read all the Law of One books studied astrology and did a lot more.

So I am familiar with spirituality... you get to learn certain things about how the patterns of these things work... Since they have a common theme... As does reality... A truth has a different feel to a lie.

I have heard astoundingly positive things about almost all religions... Christianity and Carla Ruckerts affiliation... Buddhism and it's obvious wisdom... Hindu's and their relations to technology (the vedas) prophecy and chakras... The Jewish faith and its preferred text of archetypal teaching the Kabbalah. The Asian chi based medicinal, martial art practices and divinatory techniques.

But I have NEVER heard anything good about Islam in all this time... Save same fairly simple and vacant phrases here and there.

Most of what I have heard more recently seems to be from legitimate truth seekers. The kind of people I would not doubt if they were talking about a subject I did not know much about... Because after a while, you pick up the language of a subject and cross reference information. Inconsistencies are weeded out... A process I have come to trust.

Here's what I know casually, before even reading the above: Muhammed conquered the whole of the Middle East... Many followers of the Islamic faith tend towards radicalisation in a way that is not usual for any of the other faiths... Although each has small elements even Buddhists, none has whole armies of people dedicated and professing a certain faith.

Many Muslim men do treat women very unkindly and Muslim governments back this up. I could go on and on... When you include the above life story, it is very likely that Muhammed sacked Jerusalem and killed all the Jews there... Which goes against one of the only benefits he brought to theological discussion which is monotheism rather than polytheism... The Jews were monotheistic!

And more:

Added onto this are some of the Muslims that have crossed my path... Some of them have been fantastic people... But some are obsessed with 'American Imperialism' to such an extent it is just embarrassing and their commitment to their faith is not heart warming but disturbing... Remember, I look at and have interacted with spirituality and spiritual people... I know what real faith is.

Onto this the additional little duck pecking effect of Muslims being outraged over some wording in a fireman Sam cartoon while remaining mute while a young Muslim goes into a church, hold the congregation hostage and slits the 84 year old priests throat infront of them.

With the notable exception of some intense discussion around 'Judaism' and 'Zionism', which are after all different concepts, and some ongoing rather hysterical conspiracy theorists surrounding Israel. The heights of negativity in Islam are mostly absent from other religions... No one could correctly justify killing in Jesus' name (a man who would rather die than raise a hand in self defence) while the 1993 world trade centre bomber was an Imam who could not be faulted in court for this interpretation of scripture.

As of yet I have not made up my mind about whether I think Muhammed was a good guy who was 'greeted' or if he always was that way... Or perhaps, like Benjamin Fulford put forward, his life story was made up for a political purpose...

But then it would not have been riddled with such obvious selfishness and contradictions...

Just some thoughts to chew on.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A particular darkness.

I do feel a 'particular darkness' at the moment... Things just seemed to have grouped together to create this very uneasy feeling:

A) General problems with cruel behaviour in my past.
B) Lack of change in the financial system, despite clear evidence things are going to go a certain way.
C) China bailing out Deutsche bank, making the whole thing more unpredictable
D) Ongoing tension around the need to continue prepping.
E) Silence from David Wilcock and conspiracy theorist areas.
F) Lack of movement in politics.
G) Ongoing "terrorist" attack that is likely false flags for a nefarious government and/or cabal agenda.
H) Suspicions that the establishment is going to be able to throw the DNC leaks under the rug... Amazingly!

Also, just little things we pick up in daily life... Many of the pains of society that I have been closer to are continuing unchanged! Brexit is not happening! Theresa is doing exactly what we expected.

I had a bit of a 'psychic' intuition this morning that the energy was curled up and ready soon for another burst of change. I looked at the astrology and saw, the next new moon is next Tuesday afternoon. August 2nd (So the next wave will become obvious perhaps around August 5th or 6th!). Uranus is going retrograde (re thinking some of the revolutionary energies strategy etc.) but... BUT... Saturn is about to go direct (August 13th). That means there may be more practical material karmic punishment soon. That effects the real world (and incidentally will interact with my life path, it being my Saturn return after the retrograde period!)

The next wave of political intrigue will likely cause bankruptcies, policy makers resigning, and re-organisations of power... It will be exciting, if, perhaps, a little scary!

Nevermind for me personally though... I have a day off work tomorrow and a week off after Saturday... So I can fix most problems that might require my attention.

On a slightly more positive note I'm taking this fantastic powdered multivitamin... It staves off exhaustion, helps sleep... So I've been doing a few press ups etc!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Benjamin Fulfords latest blog.

Recently, been a little hard at work, not 'work' but mainstreams perception of same. So my blogs are a little less in depth at this moment.

From here we learn that the negative is close to pulling some sort of new world order, and that the chaos is a part of Problem reaction solution scenario and is going to lead to:
The question of course is, will the European people passively agree to be terrorized and financially blackmailed into restoring these bloodlines to formal power? We may well find out this summer and autumn. In the meantime expect a Gladio frenzy of increasingly lurid false flag attacks and well-financed, violent demonstrations.
Well financed violent demonstrations?

There's part of me that wonders if Benjamin hasn't become a little bit liberal living in a country with next to no immigration and that doesn't have the problems of these rape gangs and other things.

There have been little demonstrations thus far, even though the situation has been clearly bad enough. The demonstrations there are have been non violent, by Pegida... and if the police and authorities want them to be violent they would not have policed them so strongly.

I wonder if Benjamin Fulford, from the safety of Japan, looks at anti Muslim sentiment and sees himself in a holier than thou position of wanting to advise the little people not to be anti Muslim... Then this reflects in his writings...

There is no telling what plans were actually confided to him but I think it likely he is capable of reflecting what he sees and not necessarily what is there...

As to the real reason behind these terror attacks? I am not quite sure yet and I'm not saying Benjamin is definitely wrong... My last post put forward that it might be attempts to take democracy, but as I flagged in that post there are things that don't add up about this argument. So we shall have to see what happens but I don't think Fulford has the whole story.

It is like a chess match where our opponents haven't yet revealed their play but as they move the different pieces we can see what they are up to.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Little signs:

Probably just a quick update today...

The American political system is in upheaval with the Democrat national convention being hit by Wikileaks revealing of their corruption through a data dump.

Just before this convention... This was what the weather was doing:

This was the same pattern we saw in the UK's European Union referendum. London was chucking it down with rain... The global metaphor seems to have progressed from lightning to downpour.

I am going to write up all these lightning based synchronicities, I count about seven! However, I have to be off to work right now!

Are stocks being effected by all these 'terror attacks'? I don't know but it's an interesting question!

It is also interesting so much is happening after the full moon. This is normally a quiet time... But the result of hidden actions during the moon cycle is obviously being felt.

Wonder how Benjamin Fulford is going to follow up on this:

Pentagon and agency sources responded to the bounties with requests for more names to be added. So, at Pentagon and agency request a one ton gold bounty will be placed on the people they mentioned: 
Jacob de Rothschild, Evelyn de Rothschild, Jay Rockefeller, George Soros, Dick Cheney, Paul Kagan, Henry Kissinger, Angela Merkel, Neil Bush, Jeb Bush, Marvin Bush, Michael Mukasey, Scooter Libby, 911 judge Alvin Hellerstein, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Dov Zakheim, Michael Chertoff, Frank Lowy, Larry Silverstein, Rudolf Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg, Paul Singer, Mark Zuckerberg, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Tony Blair, Haim Saban, Sheldon Adelson, Arnon Milchan, Hank Paulson, Bob Rubin, Sandy Weill (Citigroup) Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs), Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan) and Stanley Fischer. 
The bankrupt Clinton/Bush/Rockefller clan is now in such peril that it seems even God is against them. According to CNBC, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr. and Tony Blair were chased out of a meeting in Arkansas by a tornado, which is most definitely the sort of incident referred to as an “act of God.”

The lack of democracy... What do we do now? Said Mr Wolf.

Lucas Papademos, Mario Monti, Gordon Brown and Theresa May...

These are four leaders who were put into positions of power without being elected.

The last one being still in play... The first three were each trounced in the following election...

Democracy is not just a government manipulation mechanism but is based on metaphysical principles... The negative likes to give people a choice between two not really that different alternatives, but give them the commitment to the government, to voting for it, so they can feel they have voted for it with their free will and so do not rebel...

This also includes brainwashing that in some way they freely choose... For instance, a person can carry on watching the British Brainwashing Corporation and buying their licence fee, and sit down and watch their brainwashing that tells them Blair is such a nice chap.

But as a system changes... as people awaken in this tightly controlled environment, they start being unpredictable... Several people have upset the establishment recently, it is always someone committed to their cause on one or the other wing.

Bernie Sanders/ Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump/ Nigel Farage and Brexit in general. There are many counterparts in other countries. All have the cultural backdrop of their own countries meaning that Trump and Farage, Sanders and Corbyn are actually different people with different policy concerns, but seem to have fit into the role that is created there.

As is coming out now in the DNC leaks, Clinton had the whole of the well funded establishment behind her and still would have lost if the rigged match of superdelegates wasn't involved; (and even more rigging on top of that). All these people are upsetting the establishment since the establishment has lost so much power in it's geo political wars that it is now weak. But they still have all the money and this was behind Clinton... The Clinton campaign essentially became the editor for the leading media in America, nothing was done without their approval. Clinton still would have lost if some of the worst rigging had not been allowed... This shows how the people are not responding to the negative controllers manipulation anymore.

This is where we are now and at every stage the establishment is trying to make decisions without consulting the will of the people... Therefore they are trying to disavow free will, so they will inevitably, (a nod to those of you who understand this from the LoO) they will lose 'polarity'... Which essentially means they will lose the inner conviction to fight for their case.

The Tories establishment wanted Theresa May not Andrea Leadsom... Andrea was the choice of the grassroots Tories (who are now leaving the Tory party since they want Brexit) she was forced out (yes her own choice, there should have been another Brexit choice) but it proves the democratic will would have elected her and would have gone against the establishment... The same thing is happening with Labour... They do not like Corbyn and have dragged their feet for so long trying to find a way to have a vote without Corbyn winning.

So what can they do about all this 'democracy'... They are winning the occasional battle. But they cannot win this war and they know it... Well, this is what all these "terrorist" attacks (of which there are many) are about:

Nice attack: 84 + possibly more dead. Truck driver plunges through people.
France: Muslim stabs a mother and three daughters for being 'inappropriately dressed'.
Germany: Guy attack train passangers with an axe. Gets a few.
Germany: Guy shoots up McDonalds.
Germany: Guy slices pregnant woman with machete.
Germany: Explosion in restaurant... No details yet but I'm guessing it wasn't a malfunctioning toaster... (Like, the real reason isn't a malfunctioning toaster).

Before of course when there weren't so many, it was easier to keep in mind that these are false flags:

So, the idea according to Fulford and another source, Partisan Girl, is that if they can create a situation of war between the 'hard right' and the 'Muslims', they can have martial law and cancel things like Brexit and elections.

It's a good idea in theory, but so far to me it seems like a lousy way of getting there.

The left hand does not know what the right is doing. If you want to stoke up violence you have to get the media in on it... But the BBC is trying to actively suppress things, and will downplay any Islamic connection. There are also holes in this plan... Why Germany? Even though I do not want a terrorist attack here, in England, it would be a more logical choice if you are hoping to cancel Brexit!

Any attack of that nature though would obviously grow UKIP... And UKIP are smart enough to direct themselves at the establishment... But if you're hoping to run an empire you can't run plans so schizophrenically like this!

I have often noted how Trump jumps on it when there is a terrorist attack and sometimes have wondered whether he does so deliberately to penalise the negative forces for pulling shit like this... If you position yourself well to benefit from the negative crap then it follows they will be less able to pull it.

We do have Theresa May who's doing quite nicely in blocking Brexit and I do not know the situation in Germany, perhaps the 'far right' are more dangerous there or the politics more dangerous for Merkel.

At this rate there will either be a crash pretty soon or the... at the moment daily, terrorist attacks will spread all across Europe. Who knows, maybe the Illuminati will get their blood. But whether or not it will be martial law or something altogether less predictable remains to be seen!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Not so advanced book and concept review: Bitcoin.

My mind has been absolutely blown by reading... Bitcoin, the future of money, by Dominic Frisby.

I'm not finished yet. A bit over half way...

And my perspective shift has come down to this: The continual re- revelation that money, through inflation is being devalued all the time. Also, that Bitcoin, through it's resistance to inflation and any sort of regulation or interference, could, easily, bring down the whole established system and the government.

The people that create bitcoin and sustain the community, are also really intent on creating these systems. They are not joking about...

It has brought just a shiver of fear... I've been on this road for a long time now that I never quite realised I was on, but this stuff and the potential is real... Like many societies and governments of the past, ours could collapse. The government and the banks are not omnipotent no matter how much they would like to think themselves so. Without the ability to control money there will be little tax. Without the ability to control inflation, there will be no

I have also, since this twitter debacle with Milo, started to re- think a subconsciously held belief... I am wondering now about following the 'law'. The law exists precisely because some person declared it so... For instance in the case of drugs... What do I care if someone wants to get off their face with magic mushrooms somewhere?... In a free market system they would not be able to fund their habit long. Unless they made some sort of career out of it.

With Milo, it is clear the twitter is just laying down an unreasonable belief held by its controllers.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

More censorship.

At the moment, very much since the all time highs on the DOW and the summer heat... It has become a little grueling writing about this...

Three of my tweets today:

I had the updatedproverbs tab open... The first one went through, the second two didn't! Several minutes after posting.

How does this censorship work? Is there someone watching the whole feed and not letting certain ones through? Is there something connected to my twitter account and other libertarians not letting certain key words through? Someone watching just mine? Or are all posts with certain key words banned?

There were no swear words in these tweets or obviously angry words... So it's not like there is a filter that excludes posts including both the words 'liberal' and 'fucking retard'.

A friend of mine at work was telling me that facebook had become ridiculous and if his black friends use the word 'nigger' then they are prevented from posting.

Stefan Molyneux did a video with Mike Cernovich in which Mike explained that at the RNC convention, a leftist attacked Alex Jones which ended with all those involved being escorted away from each other. The media tried to get a comment from Mike as a witness and the second he said that the leftist punched Alex their cameras immediately turned away.

Mike also voiced an interesting thought that when they banned Milo from twitter, he was off to the RNC convention and so it became big news... Because twitter/ neo liberal left are not used to people who have their own media platforms therefore the liberals cannot control the narrative.

That gave me the insight. Following up on my ideas before of the current climate, set by the financial system that stops karma functioning properly... This makes it obvious that it is the CONSCIOUS INTENTION of certain people to shield people from karma... As the consciously held motivations behind this whole thing become clear it becomes more understandable. In the eventual effort of predicting the future.

I also had another insight that when I was unemployed I was a bit more subdued politically and would talk about finance more (I had more free time) than I would about politics... It is since I have been empowered from working that I have come out with views that the person summarised in the last post cannot reconcile. This is interesting... Leftists like you when you are disempowered and it is yet another way they co-operate with the misery they seem to be opposing.

Also, nothing is happening in finance. But Italy is struggling. Surely something will happen in finance in due course?

Benjamin Fulford has put out a post saying their is a one ton of gold bounty on the head of whoever kills certain people including Tony Blair! And there will be a missile attack in Switzerland soon... Would be great if Fulford was on the money this time!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Nero blocked... Power on the internet.

Milo Yiannopoulos was recently blocked for a minor spat with a guy who played one of the main characters in the recent Ghost Busters.

He was blocked on the centralised and increasingly censorship based twitter. Centralisation is emerging as a common theme in general crappy behaviour. For instance, the financial system is centralised but bitcoin is not... That feature combined with other positive things means that you can do what you like with bitcoin. The cabal can watch anything you're doing with the money in your bank account though. In exquisite detail.

Milo followers are up in arms. #FreeMilo. But what can they do really? Twitter is like it is because Saudi money is financing it and Saudi money is financing it because twitter has few ways of monetising. It only has advertisement.

As a result of this it is offering a free service. If it is offering a free service then essentially it does not have to listen to complaints...

This is the same trend across the internet and it goes to the heart of the free market... :If any of you have been on divine cosmos, David Wilcocks site, you will know that anything but effusive praise for the great Wilcock will be blocked from the blog comment pages. This is not the only place where this happens but seems to happen wherever there is a movement based on someones personality or that a person would like based on someones personality as is the case with Stefan Molyneux:

This is how I have been for more than two days on free domain radios message board (despite re- registering!) The questions on Stefans website are:

How did you find Freedomain Radio?

What interests you about philosophy?

Why do you want to join the Freedomain Radio message board?

Who is the owner of free domain radio?

Now regardless of if this message board is to task, it can very easily be twisted to not be so (how effusive was your praise of Stefan Molyneux in this section? Did you seem to be receptive enough to blindly follow Stefans ideas?), because Stefan Molyneux is offering a free service and so he can do what he likes. He talks about how he struggles to offer value in order to remain relevant in his videos, and he would be aware that he can do what he likes when offering a free service like this.

So how would the libertarians fund a new site like twitter but without Jack Dromey at the helm? Who knows. There will be little incentive to do something that cannot monetise easily.

David Wilcock used to write a lot of free blogs but then had a couple of upsetting events and started doing about one blog post every 6 months and concentrating on his paid work. Recently he came out with a blog post and I put up a comment noting, (but not criticising), that not a lot of what he was saying was actually relevant to modern events... Which was blocked, then one of the army men who was close to Corey gave him the same feedback... So he was just resisting the message in a sense because of a lack of desire to follow the task/ responsibility he has been given to do.

This is the same motivation the world over... Stefan Molyneux will not like to be challenged and supports the scientifically bankrupt Darwinist atheist paradigm, and all the SJW's I've talked about in my personal friendship group also don't like feedback that may very well be what they need in order to grow spiritually, or to simplify, may simply be true!

But the only conclusion can be is that there is no conclusion here! I cannot see a way that social media can survive under the current situation. No one is going to make the Twitters, Molyneux's and Wilcocks of the world behave differently, or the more domestic tyrants/ SJW's... So we're stuck with it.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Another facebook one down (bitcoin at the end of the post!)

Following one of my recent posts about a facebook friend who 'unfriended' me... The same kind of thing has happened with the same kind of (casually left wing but supposedly apolitical) person... Just happened... here is the conversation:

This follows a conversation about the EU referendum where I hinted fairly early on I thought it would be leave (and also asking him if he wanted to bet at all in the biggest political betting event EVER!) and the odds on a leave bet were very good. For someone with an interest in gambling surely this is an interesting idea:

Me: Donald Trump for next POTUS 2/1 
Him: To be honest I don't really care, looking at your feed you sound like a turd mate, need to just get out and enjoy life a bit and stop looking for hatred against races and religions, basically wake up and realise not every muslim is disgusting or every black man ignorant and maybe just enjoy life and travel and not be scared of the world. 
Me: Lol, what specifically do you object to?  
Him: I think you've just kind of lost the plot a bit. I don't think you're the same guy I knew quite a few years ago, your whole life seems to be dictated on matters that aren't going to change through a 15 person facebook feed. 
Me: It's fair enough to ask what specifically you object to. 
Him: Anyway, I'm just pissed off in general. I'll gather my thoughts and let you know properly. Right now just trying to fight this heat. 
Me: I scrolled down a very long way and there is a Paul Joseph Watson video from three days ago... Only think I think it could be. Or perhaps you saw something a long way back and got annoyed about it and didn't say? 
Message cannot be sent to this user... *blocked* then saw he wasn't on friends list anymore.
I don't think he will be getting back to me!

Just before I start on it... Donald will win POTUS... That was a good gamble that I tipped him. As was that on EU ref. One I got wrong recently was UKIP and Oldham... But, that was down to vote rigging.

Firstly, the most preposterous statement in all this is 'get out and travel'... For whatever reason, I have had absolutely no desire to travel even when I was the Joe he used to know, at no point in my life have I ever wanted to. Why would I live my life like he wants me to? The proposition is ridiculous.

What I'll handle in just a second is 'every black man ignorant'.

But first, he is dead right I am not the same guy he used to know. Things were going fine and I was living how I wanted to live which is a high contact with positive entities and a life lived kind of in spirit. I was a musician and a kind of channel. I did music, meditation, astrology etc. Things were painful, life is pain... But I had the thing that I most want... Purpose.

Then I met some people on my life path who screwed me over, who also believed and understood these invisible realities and twisted them against me in a way I fundamentally can't prove because... Like I said... They are invisible. There was deliberate sadism used against me at this time and not even a finger of effort towards undoing any of this damage.

But I will be able to prove them at some point in the future. This is what I am holding out for... And when people see the deliberate sadism that has happened here (with neg entity nudging) with any luck, there might be some sort of justice including jail time? But I'm not holding my breath on that one.

So for this reason I can't continue on that particular positive path because it makes me vulnerable to these people. I can't do music, meditation or astrology that really enlightens... So I focus on politics to bring about a change so that these issues can be addressed in some way... There really is no other choice accept being completely passive and doing neither because music is not an option anymore.
Anyway, every black man ignorant... I don't know what he means by this? The only posts I have made talking about black people were ones on black lives matter like this: 

So is this a reason to accuse me of racism?

There was not even much against Muslims... this was the very worst two posts I could find, and one of them is factual. Most of my posts were non offensive jokes or posts on finance and politics (atm Erdogan not mentioning Islam), including mostly Jeremy Corbyn:

During the Nice attack (there were no other jokes like this, this was the worst):

The second one is a fact and facts aren't racist. It came from a case study of 1000... Was an ICM poll. It is certainly not an outlier in putting forward the case a lot of Muslims hold these radical views. If you notice the United Kingdom is far lower so people there may not meet these Muslims so often... It's likely because France has a higher Muslim population and so there is more radicalisation.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that the only people I have ever met whom are definitely racist are this guys parents (who didn't want him marrying outside the culture... This guy and his brother lied to their parent about dating whites to avoid their anger!)... I hoped to bring that up if there was any ever public disagreement between us on this issue.


I have just got a book on bitcoin and WOW... WOW!!!! I don't see a reason to discuss specifics but it is so technologically sophisticated that David Wilcocks assertion that it came from positive ET's should be SELF EVIDENT! It definitely opposes the government and bitcoin would also have to put up with more professional attempt at takedowns than what is known publicly. This is very exciting. Bitcoin though are more than $1000 per coin so I don't know if I will be able to get any.

Also, perhaps if I got into bitcoin community and perhaps programming, I would meet others of like mind...

Back to Social Justice Warriors:

So this is the hitback... Exactly like the previous unfriend on facebook, while I was talking about things but could safely be considered irrelevant for lacking power (I.e. on the EU) then there is no problem. The second that the views I have appear to be more powerful... well that is not OK... And leftist hysteria follows.

Which is basically the attempt to apply soft power to bring other views into conformity with the leftist world view.
Woe betide the leaders, perched on their dizzy pinnacles of triumph if they cast away at the conference table what the soldiers had won on a hundred bloodsoaked battlefields. -Winston Churchill
And one more thing this facebook friend was wrong on:
your whole life seems to be dictated on matters that aren't going to change
Well, yes, actually; they are.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Pro EU SJW's and correctness of Stefan Molyneux!

Where Social Justice Warriors come from in which he talks about how women work in relation to their biology and politics!

As time goes on the correctness of Stefan Molyneux becomes more apparent!

I have recently found that I have been deleted... 'Unfriended' if you will, by a pro EU person on my facebook. This was after the following events:

A) Before the EU ref we were discussing things but it was not too bad... Everything fine and I even re- added her with a message after accidentally unfriending her after trying to unfollow.

At this point she was 'sure' that we would stay in the EU because... like in the BBC... 'No one who she knows is eurosceptic'. I questioned this but to no answer. (I.e. did she ask people or was she just hoping?)

B) Then after EU ref she started saying lots of things from a pro EU perspective about getting a new government through pushing a new General Election and getting a left wing/ pro SNP position... 

C) To which I answered in some detail that she probably would not need a general election because Theresa May probably wants to stay in while Corbyn, if we're honest, and in relation to proof like calling for Article 50 to be declared... Corbyn wants to leave.

D) I then asked her if she voted... To which she didn't answer and after a week I realised I hadn't had a response (and she had not updated her facebook in this time) so I added an additional message 'I'll take that as a 'no''... Which it likely was... She probably didn't vote otherwise she would have said... 'Of course I did!'

So that was when I got unfriended (Generation Snowflake!)

So what happened here could have been a few things....

At point A: She listened to my views, did not believe them or answer with any justification because... Why would she?... From here I am not a threat to her "ideals" and I am in a position of inferior power (negative polarised perspective)... I.e. Seemingly simply mad and unable to effect her.

At point B: she is in shock partly created from not even having suspected the result would be like that and subconsciously expecting the establishment to rig the result again.

At point C: This makes her uncomfortable because i) whatever I say is probably right, my side of the argument seems more able to sway 'reality' now ii) the view I am putting forward is not that she is some glorious rebel of the establishment but that she is on the establishment side... Not sided with the good people (I.e. Corbyn) but sided with who I identify in that post as bad, in a way that fits that description for her (May!) No updating facebook for a week to me suggests this!

At point D: This sort of taunting is too much because she has effectively been caught out... However she justifies the unfriending even though is it is only insulting if she did not in fact vote!

So it brings me to the missing piece of the puzzle of the SJW's:

I have had these ideas for a long time and they are starting to come together... It seems to me that every day nastiness is aligning with political opinions in order to give people some 'karma'.

I have wondered how SJW's link to the pro EU movement directly and this gives me a bit of a clue:

a) Some women favour the situation as it currently is because tax is going from hard working men, in large amounts, to women who are pregnant. This means that women do not need to be nice to a man to guarantee protection! This is what they emotionally do not want!

b) This means that women can gain the material protection of the government and they can, in theory, be nasty to men... Then leave them and the man HAS to pay for them.

c) The part of the puzzle I was missing before now is that these women must, on the emotional level in their everyday lives... Dislike men and male perspectives... For reasons to do with personal emotional preference and not factual backed up arguments.

d) Because they are subtly nasty towards men they don't feel safe... And have large amounts of men in their pasts they do not want to have to deal with, because it is easier not to, and truths in the present they do not want to have to tell.

There is an emotional dislike of men and male perspectives in a nutshell. That is the missing link!

A friend of mine had an ex who was not at all loyal (she was to him but not to others) and just did not seem to even understand ethics in this regard... Towards men! Green voter... Emotions over any facts. I ended any connection with her when she assaulted UKIP with no respect for my counter arguments. She made non factual statements and didn't respond or admit she was wrong when I pointed that out.

So that is it... That is the additional information I needed to link these arguments. Feminism is also implicated here!

What this also means though is that the wisdom that men and libertarians have to offer, which might happen at a higher level than the emotional one in which this is blocked... This wisdom is blocked... So they may not listen to what these people have to say and their warnings of the future... This will inevitably lead to BIG shocks they did not see coming... Assuming some level of societal change!

This becomes even more delicious when people enter self reinforcing left wing groups!

This girl was probably shocked by an EU vote... Imagine a global financial crash?... Or mass arrests?... Or (many) other potential scenarios... News that she cannot ignore.

...and that my friends is a Long. Overdue. Karma!

One more thing was that I really saw Stefan Molyneux's ideas in practice with this girl... The idea that leftists are like the 'mafia wife'... Who wants her husband (the government) to do all the dirty work of killing but she does not want to see it, she just wants to make the house look pretty!

I saw this SO DIRECTLY with this girl... During a discussion on the EU I outlined Greece and Italy's coups to her, austerity, possibly mentioned Africa and Ukraine... I and others also... And the response was... That she had done her research and visa requirements would be difficult after we left the EU...

If I could quote her directly from the facebook my comment might be YOUR WITNESS!

The world when all the doom mongering of the remain campaign has proved to be absolute crap must be an uncomfortable one for her... Despite Remains insistence to the contrary, countries are lining up!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Dark times, a coming crash, and the slow movement of politics:

Dark times in these were some of my early morning thoughts:

This is on top of the Nice events that seem to have got the whole of twitter bad mooded... Conversations of which were going on indefinitely on twitter.

Then I watched this film that isn't as cutesy as it looks (but it does have an awesome trailer):

And on top of every conversation about Muslims that went on and on and lead me to this tweet:

This kind of thing just turns up:

The darkness of our world is screaming us in the face at the moment... it is no longer hidden... It was never really hidden but now, on the verge of revolutions... It is far less so.

And, while I did have more to say I need to get some sleep at 5am so will just leave you with this, it's definitely coming:

Within this is the claim that stocks have already been rallying on increased buybacks following green light from the Fed.

The market is also pricing in some stimulus measures that have not happened yet... Including a kind of QE on steroids that will buy up all sorts of asset classes not touched yet. But these things haven't happened. The market has priced them in on blind faith...

The drop will be SUDDEN and it will be EPIC!

Know where to get my rucksack!

Brexit is looking like it is moving slowly but has not stopped.

Theresa is not moving because of Nicola Sturgeon but David Davis is proving to be as unpredictable as ever.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Dreams... Brilliant dreams, and planning this blog.

I got a kick up the ass from dreamstate telling me I wasn't working well enough at all this...

So, continuing on with the lightning strike analogy one of the last ones was in Dubai where China is smuggling gold. This lead me to think that the Chinese are in the firing line too and that even though they think they are above reproach, the collapse of the negative forces could include them...

This article is encouraging:

Zerohedge: How Did China's GDP Beat? By "Shoveling A Stunning Amount Of Cash Into The Economy"


And while China's mountain of debt seems ever shakier, for now the take home message is that China has dodged a bullet, and markets have reacted accordingly. What they ignore is that, as Kyle Bass said two weeks ago, the coming Chinese financial crisis will shake the world. But that's a bridge the no-longer forward looking market will cross when it reaches it. And after all, why worry: that's what central bankers are for.

Also, this one shows that the economy is still close to collapsing:

Zerohedge: Global Corporate Defaults Just Hit 100, On Pace To Surpass Financial Crisis Record

... and plans for this blog...

I want to write up a good post including referenced statistics of the issues. Such as Islam and feminism. Possibly having these down by memory will be good for SJW conversations.

I also want to re- write or properly link some and explain some of these things that I keep having to reference. Such as the lightning strike article.,. 

The dream

The dream itself referenced studying science so I wouldn't have to hang around (stupid) SJW's... What I eventually believe that it meant is doing the things that aren't easy so I don't end up with similar ideas to SJW's thus dissolving boundaries between us... I.e. so to maintain separateness and independence and stay out of pettiness I need to be on the ball...

I'm also going to get on with prepping this evening. That I have let slide. I'm going to buy two rucksacks in case I have to relocate quickly!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Fitting events into my narrative.

I have written about a few of these terrorist incidents myself... Following on strongly from the idea that these are precisely timed false flags... This is a snippet of this thought process:

This process was repeated for the Brussels attack and the narrative was mentioned in relation to Orlando. (Which wasn't that long ago.)

However, this process does not makes sense here. The DOW is at all powerful highs and all the markets seem to have so completely disconnected from fundamentals that the market is in no danger. Plus the Chinese keep bailing the 'cabal' out... Or they did with Deutsche bank and who knows who else?

This recent terrorist attack is not timed to the market far as I can tell. What it is timed to though is political events... Since the 'Brexit' vote the peoples and politicians obedience to and fear of the EU has been a big thing on the agenda. The French have been carrying on mass protests that have even been violent, have sent their own protesters to jail and have exhausted police forces... It is possibly even verging on revolution...

Now a symbol of French rebellion... Bastille day... Is attacked? That is no coincidence and we will see where this goes.

Also, what will be interesting is when Theresa May and her cabinet respond to this event... The behaviours of someone who is for real and someone who is a cabal stooge will become obvious soon. Theresa has been known to praise Sharia law! If the negative agenda is coming through her then this is a big sticking point... The Libertarian community and by extension UKIP will be very angry if she turns out to be a fraud! Another person interesting in this regard will be Boris Johnson...

IF this was a cabal created event, then part of the plotting will have been that power players knew this was going to happen weeks in advance!


A strange thing for me is how prophetic some recent thoughts of mine have been. I read a Stephen King book where the antagonist was a computer programmer called the 'Mercedes killer' who had caused massive carnage by driving into large groups of people in a car to cause a lot of damage. He then went on to create a computer game that encouraged peoples suicidal tendencies with a lot of emphasis on the viral and social media element of this.

So... 'Mercedes' connection here doesn't need explaining. This being one of the only times in my life I would have any reason to think of this particular crime... And the other being this viral computer game and 'Pokemon Go'... Which I feel is a bit bizarre... I don't have much positive to say about 'Pokemon Go'!

My fear here is that Theresa May is as bad as I thought she was but her and her controllers are going to use excuses to stop Brexit that appear to come from outside... Whereas in fact it is certain people controlling them! She might be fine however, it might just be a fear... The test will be what she says tomorrow and the continual scrutiny of the Libertarian community.

The Stephen King book gives me a certain insight into how the bad guys think! It is very similar to other bad guys I have read about by what I consider to be good authors!

That was unexpected.

Theresa May's new cabinet involves David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox...

David Davis being the most important one here in my opinion. Someone who had the stones to almost overthrow the Tory party over Maastrich in 1992 is not someone that a faker would ally themselves with... Correct?

Who knows? I certainly don't. But this has been a welcome change of events.

The Labour party is pushing for a second referendum. Or the Blairite infiltrators that some think of as the Labour party... That is not an issue at the moment though... Theresa seems strong enough to be able to throw that off if she is on the level!

With stocks having soared above their 2015 high I'm not even so sure of a crash anymore either, as shown by my last post.

So, really, the extent of this update is that nothing is happening!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A sense of unreality.

This is all just getting weirder and weirder.

There is what the mainstream considers the 'real world' which I experience everyday, that is not in fact the real world.

And there is the real world that exists and is coming but is not manifesting in any actual physical sense... Just shows it's head in one or the other 'revolutionary' behaviour. (Tories defecting to UKIP for instance). Mostly in purely data format.

David Wilcock:

'hey folks... It's David Wilcock here, I've been missing for a while now but I just want to tell you that all the things I have been saying are true... They are happening RIGHT NOW! All this fantastic stuff is really happening... and when it does happen it will be a great fantastic new age of love and fantastic technology unlike anything the world has ever seen.

I've been endlessly told how important this work is, look at this incredibly important information the great Wilcock is giving you. (For free, hence no complaining!)

If I don't continue giving this information... People could die TODAY!

I'm sorry I've been gone for so long... I had 10 flus. I've been doing work on this upcoming Convergence film and I've been slaving over the output that I have on my paid channels too much to have updated in the last 100 years,

But I'm here now... I had a break last week for two months that I really feel I needed. I need Wilcock time.

But I won't be gone any longer folks. Expect an update tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. I'm here now... Let's get this going!!!

I'm here now but I just have a couple of things to do next weekend. I'm starting on my next blog RIGHT NOW, as in not actually RIGHT NOW, but after the weekend, I will continue my blog... Which is going to be epic!

My next blog is soon, that's what I said... No 100 year wait for the next one.


I'll be back in a bit...


Not long now folks.'

... Fair?

So there is the world of real action and consequence. Where the free market actually sorts things out and there is a feel of prosperity. Where ET presence is acknowledged. Where there is no more atheism and various other religions. People can't simply answer legitimate facts and logical questions with their emotional preference as though this was somehow real!

Meanwhile of course, the world shows very little evidence of budging. the DOW which was rapped up in my metaphorical understandings here has just had all time highs. Casting doubt on my original thesis that lightning strike on the one world trade centre prophesized the end of the finance... There is still a lot of very well backed up synchronicities on this but that is the first doubt!

This applies to both the intraday (18371 vs. 18351) and the closing levels, (18312 vs. 18346). So now we are just watching... Japan may start 'helicopter money'... Which sounds to me like 'QE for the people'. We'll see if that one happens!

Britain has it's new Prime Minister today... We are just watching... There are no conclusions to be drawn at the moment... What of Italy's bank crisis? Just watching!

I feel personally like I am trapped in this same world where nothing seems to bring 'real life' or any really satisfying life experience (like I might get with positive social change). Working has a strange unreality to it because I am essentially a kind of robot. There are few people I positively socialise with. I cannot do what I was put here to do in my belief (music, personal astrology and many other things) because of the indulgent selfishness of some people that, even if things worked out... I have doubts they will ever be punished for and whom don't show the slightest instinct of going positive on their previous behaviours.

So things just kind of carry on 'existing'. I await, someday, a train that will take me home.