Saturday, 23 July 2016

Not so advanced book and concept review: Bitcoin.

My mind has been absolutely blown by reading... Bitcoin, the future of money, by Dominic Frisby.

I'm not finished yet. A bit over half way...

And my perspective shift has come down to this: The continual re- revelation that money, through inflation is being devalued all the time. Also, that Bitcoin, through it's resistance to inflation and any sort of regulation or interference, could, easily, bring down the whole established system and the government.

The people that create bitcoin and sustain the community, are also really intent on creating these systems. They are not joking about...

It has brought just a shiver of fear... I've been on this road for a long time now that I never quite realised I was on, but this stuff and the potential is real... Like many societies and governments of the past, ours could collapse. The government and the banks are not omnipotent no matter how much they would like to think themselves so. Without the ability to control money there will be little tax. Without the ability to control inflation, there will be no

I have also, since this twitter debacle with Milo, started to re- think a subconsciously held belief... I am wondering now about following the 'law'. The law exists precisely because some person declared it so... For instance in the case of drugs... What do I care if someone wants to get off their face with magic mushrooms somewhere?... In a free market system they would not be able to fund their habit long. Unless they made some sort of career out of it.

With Milo, it is clear the twitter is just laying down an unreasonable belief held by its controllers.

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