Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A particular darkness.

I do feel a 'particular darkness' at the moment... Things just seemed to have grouped together to create this very uneasy feeling:

A) General problems with cruel behaviour in my past.
B) Lack of change in the financial system, despite clear evidence things are going to go a certain way.
C) China bailing out Deutsche bank, making the whole thing more unpredictable
D) Ongoing tension around the need to continue prepping.
E) Silence from David Wilcock and conspiracy theorist areas.
F) Lack of movement in politics.
G) Ongoing "terrorist" attack that is likely false flags for a nefarious government and/or cabal agenda.
H) Suspicions that the establishment is going to be able to throw the DNC leaks under the rug... Amazingly!

Also, just little things we pick up in daily life... Many of the pains of society that I have been closer to are continuing unchanged! Brexit is not happening! Theresa is doing exactly what we expected.

I had a bit of a 'psychic' intuition this morning that the energy was curled up and ready soon for another burst of change. I looked at the astrology and saw, the next new moon is next Tuesday afternoon. August 2nd (So the next wave will become obvious perhaps around August 5th or 6th!). Uranus is going retrograde (re thinking some of the revolutionary energies strategy etc.) but... BUT... Saturn is about to go direct (August 13th). That means there may be more practical material karmic punishment soon. That effects the real world (and incidentally will interact with my life path, it being my Saturn return after the retrograde period!)

The next wave of political intrigue will likely cause bankruptcies, policy makers resigning, and re-organisations of power... It will be exciting, if, perhaps, a little scary!

Nevermind for me personally though... I have a day off work tomorrow and a week off after Saturday... So I can fix most problems that might require my attention.

On a slightly more positive note I'm taking this fantastic powdered multivitamin... It staves off exhaustion, helps sleep... So I've been doing a few press ups etc!

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