Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A sense of unreality.

This is all just getting weirder and weirder.

There is what the mainstream considers the 'real world' which I experience everyday, that is not in fact the real world.

And there is the real world that exists and is coming but is not manifesting in any actual physical sense... Just shows it's head in one or the other 'revolutionary' behaviour. (Tories defecting to UKIP for instance). Mostly in purely data format.

David Wilcock:

'hey folks... It's David Wilcock here, I've been missing for a while now but I just want to tell you that all the things I have been saying are true... They are happening RIGHT NOW! All this fantastic stuff is really happening... and when it does happen it will be a great fantastic new age of love and fantastic technology unlike anything the world has ever seen.

I've been endlessly told how important this work is, look at this incredibly important information the great Wilcock is giving you. (For free, hence no complaining!)

If I don't continue giving this information... People could die TODAY!

I'm sorry I've been gone for so long... I had 10 flus. I've been doing work on this upcoming Convergence film and I've been slaving over the output that I have on my paid channels too much to have updated in the last 100 years,

But I'm here now... I had a break last week for two months that I really feel I needed. I need Wilcock time.

But I won't be gone any longer folks. Expect an update tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. I'm here now... Let's get this going!!!

I'm here now but I just have a couple of things to do next weekend. I'm starting on my next blog RIGHT NOW, as in not actually RIGHT NOW, but after the weekend, I will continue my blog... Which is going to be epic!

My next blog is soon, that's what I said... No 100 year wait for the next one.


I'll be back in a bit...


Not long now folks.'

... Fair?

So there is the world of real action and consequence. Where the free market actually sorts things out and there is a feel of prosperity. Where ET presence is acknowledged. Where there is no more atheism and various other religions. People can't simply answer legitimate facts and logical questions with their emotional preference as though this was somehow real!

Meanwhile of course, the world shows very little evidence of budging. the DOW which was rapped up in my metaphorical understandings here has just had all time highs. Casting doubt on my original thesis that lightning strike on the one world trade centre prophesized the end of the finance... There is still a lot of very well backed up synchronicities on this but that is the first doubt!

This applies to both the intraday (18371 vs. 18351) and the closing levels, (18312 vs. 18346). So now we are just watching... Japan may start 'helicopter money'... Which sounds to me like 'QE for the people'. We'll see if that one happens!

Britain has it's new Prime Minister today... We are just watching... There are no conclusions to be drawn at the moment... What of Italy's bank crisis? Just watching!

I feel personally like I am trapped in this same world where nothing seems to bring 'real life' or any really satisfying life experience (like I might get with positive social change). Working has a strange unreality to it because I am essentially a kind of robot. There are few people I positively socialise with. I cannot do what I was put here to do in my belief (music, personal astrology and many other things) because of the indulgent selfishness of some people that, even if things worked out... I have doubts they will ever be punished for and whom don't show the slightest instinct of going positive on their previous behaviours.

So things just kind of carry on 'existing'. I await, someday, a train that will take me home.

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