Thursday, 28 July 2016

Rundown of hidden global events.

Not really hidden, happening in plain site but not reported by the mainstream media (then that is an informed assumption, I do not actually read the mainstream a whole lot.)

So, insatiably reading and watching things for several hours... Summary:

Japans Helicopter money:

There is something going on in Japan, even though pretty much everybody did not think something as drastic as 'helicopter money' would be going down, a process akin to a kind of QE on steroids but made in a slightly different way... A frenzy of imaginary government power.

Nobody has taken it seriously however, at the moment is the announcement and discussion of said possibility and the Japanese Yen compared with the Dollar has had two flash crashes, and Japanese bond futures stopped trading for 20 minutes... This suggests insider information that something is actually going to happen and if so... This is significant... It will lead to a whole realm of unpredictable consequences that will probably end up fairly negative in the sense of the word if you don't consider the end result to a stock crash.

Something that probably doesn't tie to this directly but ties to these financial themes is on Benjamin Fulfords last post here:
Meanwhile a serious power struggle is also coming to a head in the United States. CIA sources say that “China has given the secret codes for a large amount of gold (thousands of metric tons)…to be given as a loan to the US Treasury so that the dollar will not implode.” The catch though is that… 
… “the boys in DC must indict Killary.”
So China has essentially taken up the 'vacant' position of 'God' in this scenario, deciding all world affairs on their own terms and not allowing markets to collapse. But the question is... Would they do so to help their close and long term nemesis Japan? I doubt it.

The Chinese controlling the markets like this, does not seem realistic to me... Something they are not controlling will have to give. People are unpredictable... They can't silence all the unpredictable social unrest around the globe. But this is just my thoughts... Perhaps there really is no unpredictableness in this grand scheme at the moment!

Italian Banks

Here's what's going on with Italian banks:
The bottom line: if over the next 24 hours Monte Paschi is unable to obtain the needed €5 billion in funds it needs from a consortium of outside investors, and if Europe remains resolute in its denial of a government-backed bailout, the only possible step would be a bail in, one which could spark the next leg of Europe's banking crisis. 
A bail in is when the banks take their depositors money to keep themselves afloat... This will inevitably cause bank runs... People taking their money out... and political violence will quite likely follow.

I remember the ongoing insufferably boring Greek crisis that wound on and on... But just reading about this Italian bank crisis briefly and the differences are obvious; Italy's economy is huge compared to Greece, they give more to the EU than the UK does. This is not an insignificant flea like Greece the EU can bully and bail out with one bank... The efforts here to bail out Italy's struggling banks need the co- operation of MANY banks.

But, like all situations we talk about the cabal have shown such a gift for kicking the can down the road one wonders if it can't happen here as well.


There are other interesting tidbits... Firstly that investors, according to Credit Suisse bank are rejecting bullish sentiment and are very confused about what to do next... This is good:

Zerohedge: Credit Suisse: We Have Never Had So Many Traders Saying "We Are Totally Lost"

... and a note from a Credit Suisse's report writer, I think quite humorously after describing his clients legitimate and nightmarish (in economic terms) fears:
In retrospect one can see why with so many concerns, over and above merely underperformance worries, most investors "are totally lost."
The Democrat convention has been growing crazy... I am getting a lot of clear evidence of fraudulent behaviour coming through my twitter feed. It appears Hillary is hiring actors and the Democrat higher ups are pulling out all the stops to prevent the Bernie protesters from having anything to do with the whole thing.

To put a cap on this madness. As soon as it was over Wikileaks released a new bunch of leaks that have already played havoc with the Democrats politics.

There are one or two other things of varying levels of interest going on at the moment:

Islam and Muhammed:

I watched this fascinating piece from Paul:

In it a few things were discussed...

Tommy Robinson is a character who has lead and now leads (UK branch of) certain anti Islamic movements. As a result of this he has been the target of the establishment.

Interesting points from this video:
  • Paul Joseph Watson, who is doing the interviewing here, youtubed a piece called 'Islam is not a religion of peace'... 7 months ago... He still gets death threats now.
  • Tommy goes to speak with a lot of journalists, even in the mucho crazio BBC. Apparently journalists are grilling him on television but as soon as the camera is off confess they support what he is doing.
  • Another group that shows this dichotomy between what they are told to do by the higher ups and what they actually believe is cops... Who told him they were pushed by the home office to put pressure on Tommy.
This has come at a time when I have been more curious about Islam... Reading this piece here about Muhammed is interesting and counteracts my prior understandings:

The Life of Muhammad: An Inconvenient Truth

I have been a spiritual person all my life... I am metaphysical in a strong sense of the word and live a lot in that headspace... I meditated for half an hour a day for years. Read all the Law of One books studied astrology and did a lot more.

So I am familiar with spirituality... you get to learn certain things about how the patterns of these things work... Since they have a common theme... As does reality... A truth has a different feel to a lie.

I have heard astoundingly positive things about almost all religions... Christianity and Carla Ruckerts affiliation... Buddhism and it's obvious wisdom... Hindu's and their relations to technology (the vedas) prophecy and chakras... The Jewish faith and its preferred text of archetypal teaching the Kabbalah. The Asian chi based medicinal, martial art practices and divinatory techniques.

But I have NEVER heard anything good about Islam in all this time... Save same fairly simple and vacant phrases here and there.

Most of what I have heard more recently seems to be from legitimate truth seekers. The kind of people I would not doubt if they were talking about a subject I did not know much about... Because after a while, you pick up the language of a subject and cross reference information. Inconsistencies are weeded out... A process I have come to trust.

Here's what I know casually, before even reading the above: Muhammed conquered the whole of the Middle East... Many followers of the Islamic faith tend towards radicalisation in a way that is not usual for any of the other faiths... Although each has small elements even Buddhists, none has whole armies of people dedicated and professing a certain faith.

Many Muslim men do treat women very unkindly and Muslim governments back this up. I could go on and on... When you include the above life story, it is very likely that Muhammed sacked Jerusalem and killed all the Jews there... Which goes against one of the only benefits he brought to theological discussion which is monotheism rather than polytheism... The Jews were monotheistic!

And more:

Added onto this are some of the Muslims that have crossed my path... Some of them have been fantastic people... But some are obsessed with 'American Imperialism' to such an extent it is just embarrassing and their commitment to their faith is not heart warming but disturbing... Remember, I look at and have interacted with spirituality and spiritual people... I know what real faith is.

Onto this the additional little duck pecking effect of Muslims being outraged over some wording in a fireman Sam cartoon while remaining mute while a young Muslim goes into a church, hold the congregation hostage and slits the 84 year old priests throat infront of them.

With the notable exception of some intense discussion around 'Judaism' and 'Zionism', which are after all different concepts, and some ongoing rather hysterical conspiracy theorists surrounding Israel. The heights of negativity in Islam are mostly absent from other religions... No one could correctly justify killing in Jesus' name (a man who would rather die than raise a hand in self defence) while the 1993 world trade centre bomber was an Imam who could not be faulted in court for this interpretation of scripture.

As of yet I have not made up my mind about whether I think Muhammed was a good guy who was 'greeted' or if he always was that way... Or perhaps, like Benjamin Fulford put forward, his life story was made up for a political purpose...

But then it would not have been riddled with such obvious selfishness and contradictions...

Just some thoughts to chew on.

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