Saturday, 31 December 2016

Grand Agenda. Two Films. New Year!

The Grand Agenda:

Alex Jones has come out with something interesting:

The basic premise being that 'they' are doing all these things to experiment on us to find out which mutations work to better themselves. So they can hijack the ascension and create an ascension for themselves and kill everybody else.

It puts a lot of events into sense. Consider the recent piece of news that a girl in England was kidnapped, raped every day for thirteen years, and had her four children sold. Well, these children, a mixture between Pakistani and English, would not have been created in such numbers without these events. No doubt Muslim cultures have a certain genetic tendency towards believing in dieties. Perhaps they even have a genetic tendency towards clairvoyance and clearly hearing the voices of whatever dieties it is they are praying to. For either good or ill. The high IQ of Westerners and the physical strength of some other cultures? Or the blind submission of some other cultures?

In the film, the two gene types that are combined are for physical strength (the 'aliens') and intelligence (the humans)

This is also why they experiment with vaccines and keep creating all these flu like things to wind us all up!

Two films:

Sausage Party:

This film is absolutely great. It is SO funny. It is a pisstake of the Jews by Jews. There are holocaust jokes, there are comparisons to Israel and Palestine, there are digs at blind religious devotion, and there is just plain old good humour:

"How can I say this delicately?... Your girlfriend... Er... Is a fucking cunt."

Even in the advert, there is a character with Donald Trumps hair, that goes, in a very camp manner:

'Once you see that shit, it will fuck you up for life. Well, have fun!' *kiss* *giggle*. Whether or not it was deliberate, the mentally immature liberals have trouble, in a similarly. They're being told by Donald Trump, that Muslims from the third world may not be angels; that we need borders etc. Like this character though, part of Donald Trumps function is as messenger he says what's happening but he did not create those troubles. He also, like this character, seems to take joy in the whole process of telling the stupid, uninformed and already converted the way things are. 

Sausage Party even has a happy ending which would scarcely seem possible considering its subject matter.

War: Jason Statham and Jet Li.

I probably should not give too much away in this film but it is very good. It lacks the real use of Jet Li's physical abilities but it is a good film with a good plot twist and character development. Which is rare for this kind of action film.

But I've probably already said too much!

The Global Game and New Year:

New Year is upon us. It is New Years Eve. I will probably be working over that period. Either working or just finished. The genius's at my store have recently updated the store in such a way as to make some things better but a lot of things more difficult, and the floor is now very difficult to clean. Dirt gets caught in these big cracks that can't be reached by the crappy dustpans we are given, so after you leave it manages to crawl out again from airflow. It will likely require a harder scrub from now on.

New Year does not feel like any real milestone because it is not. The current holidays we have are outside alignments with celestial bodies. The real new year is when the Human Design starts again at hexagram 1. January 22nd. Two days after Trumps inauguration which is like the crowning achievement of the year. It is also when Obama is finally evicted from office. Definitely an ending!

Friday, 30 December 2016

Cabal, women on the left, karma.

Some of the things the cabal have been doing to keep us all down:

Started feminism as an effort to destroy the nuclear family.
Pushed homosexuality in an effort to justify paedophilia and destroy the nuclear family.
Chemtrailed the skies to keep us all getting bugs.
Pushed large amount of immigration to suppress wages.
Control the money supply and create inflation so peoples money is worth less.
Started bizarre trading laws and done strange things like burn food to keep prices high.
Allowed rape gangs to operate unchallenged. The judicial system supports them.
Vaccinated people to cause autism and other awful things.
Discouraged and opposed alternative health so people don't get well and have to resort to inefficient medicines.
Started wars to gain and control resources.
Destroyed food so there are many bad and unhealthy options available.
Polluted the populace mind with caffeine, alcohol and illegal drugs.
Infiltrated hollywood to promote shallow ideals.
Funded and encouraged pornography to break up the nuclear family.
Controlled technological advancement so we cannot have 'nice things'.
Suppressed research into things like psychic abilities.

And so on...

And... They're still losing!!!

Pretty much the only point I have today. One other thing quick was a question I saw on Gab:

Why does the right have a lack of female support?

Do they? Well I didn't know that. However, I have noticed that the liberal viewpoint is held up by women. Who, on top of outrightly promoting liberalism, have a huge control over men via sex, affection and similar methods. This is why the libertarian right is not as stronger force as it could be and in my view why many people are less involved in politics than they otherwise might be.

The way I see it is this;

The fundamentals of female and male psychology are as follows:

Female babies stare longer at a human face than of a mechanical object, while in men this is reversed.
In junior school boys rush off and play football together while girls spend long periods chatting.
Statistically, men are more inclined towards STEM subjects and financials. Whereas women are attracted to caring industries, or homemaking.
Female magazines are focused on areas such as who wears what clothes and who broke up with whom. Male magazines are directed to some sort of interest (such as perhaps weight lifting) and towards money.

So when it comes to forming political opinions. Womens first instinct is towards empathy and caring. 'Those people must be helped', and there is no effort to understand how wealth is created and other such things because this is more 'mechanical' type thinking. Women in general are not programmed to think of danger from an incoming aggressive force. The reason being simple. If a woman is part of a tribe that gets taken over by another tribe, her genes die out if she is loyal to the previous tribe. There is no benefit to her in protecting one tribe over the other thus there is no benefit to her wasting energy scanning the horizon for threats. Even if the threat does move in it does not decrease her genes ability to reproduce. The 'threat' involved in giving government too much power is not a natural one that her mind might look out for. 

Also, being left is EASY. Someone once said about the black lives matter movement that different from real black empowerment movements all you have to do to be a member of black lives matter is to be black! Unlike other black empowerment movements that disengage from the Beyonce type crap and teach people to speak properly and be respectful. Black lives matter requires none of that. It is pure identity politics.

The same might be said of the left. All that is required for someone to be left wing is to be emotional!


Recently in the UK, there has been a woman who was kept for 13 years and raped every day. When the 'cabal' is overthrown these people will get their karma and so will many other people.

This is a pretty gruesome and direct crime but there are loads of other nasty things people have done that would also require some confrontation and action if things were to sort themselves out.

For instance, one out of ten men in the UK are looking after children that they think are biologically theirs but are not. In the US, it is illegal to get a paternity test done without the consent of the mother. So, this means, clearly, that it is likely that many men are paying child support to children they know are not theirs but cannot prove it. 

This is a particularly passive crime. The woman has not done anything that is obvious, she has not gone out and stabbed some guy to death and taken the money from his wallet. But her behaviour is still sick. Like a vice grip over humanity there are many such things where a woman's lack of taking responsibility is the thing causing the damage. She may justify this to herself that she needs the money to look after her children etc. But that means nothing, however she justifies it to herself. It is wrong.

I would personally like things to change in such a way that each of these women was confronted. Perhaps some sort of telepathy would become available or a simple change in the law. Or a new technology or knowledge that would make the process of deducing paternity to be easier. Or all of these!

As I have said before I would also like karma, through the free market, to get to employers that are crying out for some free market justice. Seriously, who has a high turnover rate in the current employers market? You'd have to be pretty awful. This is why these corporates are struggling so hard against Brexit! 

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Is-rael-ites.

I got into this all, this alt rightness, through a very strange mechanism.

Firstly, I spent my young life sensing certain things which made me know certain information was true and certain wasn't.

- Then I got interested in psychics.

- Then I read about 'the shift' (2012). On the way to understanding that I picked up information on the sciences.

- Then I found out who was stopping the clearly explained free energy devices and other things from being released.

- Then I got further into some very deep esoteric stuff.

- I eventually found the alt right by deciding that my further path forward on my 'positive path' was blocked so I would need to pay attention to politics to keep myself sane and in waiting for me to be able to sort out the life path a little more or at the very least, gain some sort of justice towards the people that have thrown me off it.

My study into the depths of this political information now is to gain a sense of what may happen in the future. You have to understand the present to understand the future.

But at the moment, my study into the 'truth' is getting a little heavy. I am studying Israel and the Jewish myths surrounding their history.

But I don't want the Jewish beliefs to be untrue. Unlike the Islamic religion which I have no particular positive predisposition towards, or the atheist beliefs that are ridiculously hypocritical, I have some personal connection with Jews. I like them as people. They are very strongly integrated into our society. They are intelligent which is very important for me to be able to connect with someone. Jewish girls are often very attractive. They offer a pleasing aesthetic sense rather than the inherent passive aggression of dressing in blankets.

As I take apart the beliefs most of them have, understand them and why they are wrong. It feels upsetting.

No more phytoestrogen

Several points now I have refused myself a soya linked food or drink. I am starting to feel like there might be more testosterone available to me though I was not consciously looking at it and expected any positive effect to be weeks not days. More thoughts of martial arts. It is interesting how these chemicals effect thoughts not bodies.

I also feel a sense of spiritual darkness and emptiness from the above predicament.

Confused history of Israel/ Palestine. Crimes of Western intelligence agencies.

Well, long nights of good sleep, ten hours I'm averaging at the moment and I'm feeling a lot better.

I have two books that I got for Christmas. The first one is Blacklisted by History; The untold story of Senator Joe McCarthy... Riveting, absolutely riveting. It starts off explaining how official documents have been taken away from their locations in national libraries and other places with no records as to who took them. All of them relating to McCarthy. It feels like a gold mine of conspiracy research. As far as my direct Pluto can go (It is only Pluto retrograde that goes really deep into the conspiracy in my understanding, what Pluto direct does never completely breaks from the mainstream buzz).

The second is relevant to the current political situation. Israel and Palestine. Surely a tricky subject for the alt right some of which are anti Jew, more of which are anti Muslim. Few of even the thought leaders in the area have gone into the Israel issue in any depth.

The book is called 'The Invention of the Jewish People' by Schomo Sand. To tell you all you need to know about this book, the second chapter is called 'Mythistory'. The idea as I have understood it previously is that the current ancestry of the Jews is not the ones that originally lived in Jerusalem but was another kingdom called the Khazarians, that took on the religion of Judaism for political reasons and the lineage that originally lived in Jerusalem is what is now called the Palestinians.

This complicates the current situation between Israel and Palestine clearly. But what does so even further is that apparently, there has never been a Palestinian state, the reason they don't have statehood is originally that land was under the rule of another empire, rather like the current Kurdish people.

Some thoughts on this tangled web:

  • It appears with such a tangled web that there is going to be little sorted out by looking at history. If the history delivers no verdict as to the rights of the land in question then it cannot be used as a reference in arbitration.
  • The Bible is not a legal document, if the Bible says god gave this land to so- on- so then what does that mean... Do we even know that it is god? It could be an extra terrestrial or some random thing a guy or king put in there to claim legitimacy and inspire people.
  • On the same token, on what basis does the Muslim religion stake it's claim on all the conquered lands it has taken by force and often with some brutality? If the West conquered and enslaved Saudi Arabia I have no doubt the Arabs would want Mecca back and would wait thousands of years if need be.
The final solution will probably be that the land is drawn back along the 1967 lines because no one has any other idea of what to do. We are all very supportive of Trump but it is not Trump that has caused this revolution on his own it is the people behind him, the military interests engaged in some really hard revolutionary activity (See Steve Pieczenik, Benjamin Fulford). They are the ones with the final say and if it is them that want this situation solved in such a way, then that is what will happen. Regardless of what Trump personally may want. The globalists and the alliance are working together now to bring up partial disclosure and it is likely to me that Trump is on the side working towards full disclosure. 

This is an interesting line of interests. The people will be empowered by this and it will be the people and Trump that are partly against the Alliance that has done all this work in setting us free.

The dying negative force:

Here is some very important news:

Zerohedge: Russia: Mass Graves Full Of Tortured Civilians Discovered In Aleppo

It's very easy to relax and not care too much about this ongoing cold war style revolution, or to start thinking of things to do with outward apparance (I am still a Leo!) But while the revolution hasn't happened here in Western politics people in Syria are still suffering from the actions of these sociopaths in our governments. This evil cannot be put into words but it must be stopped and when it is stopped. When. It. Is. Stopped. The evil that exists in our society/ our whole world, will be pulled back by the neck and excised even from the inside of a lot of people. Da'esh's original name was the one the CIA gave to them: ISIS, it is these dark magicks that are being pulled back. It is the female dark instinct that is keeping liberalism in power.

Also, to put a direct crime onto the negative aspects of the American/ Western military is a good thing and will aid in the arrests of the evildoers. It is good to see the evil in real terms that we all know is there but can't put into words!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Bishop to G5!

I am still running on almost empty here. I have today, tomorrow and the next day not working so there is hope!

To comment on two previous threads of this blog. Previously I mentioned things to do with karma and I have been watching very closely karma for various incidents and energies. There is another theme I talk about which is a kind of anti karma that flows from a communist type of thinking. Where the good are punished for opposing the bad. Rather like the situation with Senator Joe McCarthy who really did find Communist infiltration of the United States but was vilified by those he sought to discover.

Nothing so serious is relevant in my life. However, I have been watching karma and where karmic opportunities (courage, real tolerance, learning etc.) are missed because of someones personal preference. Also, where whole sections of people may be about to experience karma but there is a clampdown and nobody does.

This all sounds very confusing and is so because a long term situation at my workplace is not figured out. However, it has progressed. I am holding these concepts in a very non material way because I will not talk about the situation in a way that names specific people involved.

On a basically unrelated, not completely unrelated, and possibly somewhat boring note. (I do not have the energy to dive into politics at the moment). There is an interesting situation that has come up in my workplace.

A change in leadership has meant the 'in group' are scarpering. It makes little sense they have not been opposed in any obvious way. Out of five strong in groupers I would say two of them have left. Two of them have either attempted to transfer or will be attempting. One is in a slightly compromised situation although this turned out unexpectedly, this person is also soon to go on extended leave. Those on the outside of the in group have stayed, minus one that was about halfway. It's interesting how things work out and what is also interesting is how connected the 'in' group were to each other.

I feel like I'm a being from another world trying to understand a foreign land!

I wonder also, and this... Excitingly, connects worldwide domestic affairs up to this global political change we are now experiencing. What is also interesting is that a fundamental problem with this group of people, all of them not just the 'in' group was that they did not treat outsiders very well. People they thought would oppose them.

But... Are the 'in' group more often 'liberal'? Now that is a very interesting question. The strongest part of the 'in' group is almost always female in my experience, female + left. Middle class or wanting to be. Safe in the group, doesn't consider politics so takes the liberal brainwashed option. Naturally supports the welfare state and leftist policies... and, most importantly... uses the process of virtue signalling as the middle/ upper class mechanism for excluding the lower classes, while with great hypocrisy claiming to defend such people.

I think we have our queen. Bishop to G5!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Bank crisis. soya (phytoestrogens) and entertainment.

Not much to say today we're all still in downtime.

There's this which is definitely worth keeping an eye on:

Zerohedge: The Italian Bank Run: Monte Paschi Capital Shortfall Surges 75% To €8.8Bn Due To "Rapid Liquidity Deterioration"

We'll be watching carefully all these things!

There is also this that means I will likely be more careful with soya. I consume quite a bit of soya. Soya 'free from' deserts. Decaf soya lattes. (Perhaps there is a link with phytoestrogens and the reputation of yuppies buying soya drinks?) One of my fundamental goals at the moment is to be able to do exercise since I get quite physically drained from my work. Testosterone may help with that. Plus, even though I am physically working very well whenever I request it from myself, I am thinking of sex so infrequently that it is starting to worry me (cue some recent posts), or to be more correct I am fine not thinking about sex but do not want that choice to be a result of liquid estrogen:

Daily Mail: Soya 'damages sperm': Vegetarian diet heavy in tofu can affect men's chances of becoming a father

I will probably start having herbal tea in its place to partly replace the lattes. However, I know myself well enough that it is unlikely I will be able to just cut every single indulgence out of my diet. Therefore, I am further relaxing the alcohol. Plus alcohol works very well sometimes for difficulties in sleeping and allows relaxation to be slightly more social. I have had it before where I have been out and my throat has stopped working so I can't speak properly. I drink alcohol and it clears.

That's it for the moment.

I have watched two interesting programs recently. One is Horns. Which started off incredibly interesting and I did like the main actors portrayal here. However, it became a little annoying and cliched by the end.

Also, from a google play voucher I got at Christmas... Star Wars Rebels! The first half of season 3... That's all I want from a star wars film. A jedi with a blue lightsaver, a Sith with a red one, and the related mysteries of their spiritual paths. Despite widespread condemnation I did like Episodes 1,2 and 3. Partly because of the lightsaber battles. Those battles in Episodes 4 were very badly choreographed and it feels like a bit of a let down.

Monday, 26 December 2016

The fight continues.

Over this Christmas holiday one thing has struck me. Although some people have actually taken the time off, for many the same narrative has remained over Christmas and in some way the fight has continued.

Never before have we been so close to a major defeat of the cabal. Infowars broadcast yesterday. Johnathan Pie did a short video on an injustice of modern times, and the Trump team, even if they had taken this day off, have been strongly involved in complex things such as dissolving Trumps businesses. Zerohedge carried on producing headline on Christmas day that surprised me a great deal.

Thursday will see Uranus go direct, on the new moon no less. We will start to feel a move forward. It will be extremely exciting.

I however, DID relax on Christmas day. I ate extremely well, slept a lot and enjoyed superficial entertainment... Good times!

But then, my actions, unlike those of the people above, effect few people.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Evening Christmas thoughts, basic culture wars argument, women in the army.

Looking back on the blog entries that have had higher views here there are two that stick out... Sexual reference, even if it is not in the title - I knew when writing the title 'Make Porn Great Again' it was a title I might choose if I was wanting to make a clickbait article, - and real statements of how we, the Alt Right, and on it's foundations the alliance, are moving forward as a group.

It is Christmas day today, my Christmas has been quieter than usual because this cold that is going round has basically stopped any family get togethers or even a lot of the entertainment. I have even spent perhaps too much time sleeping this evening unexpectedly.

However, I needed the sleep and I received a dream that concerns an issue that I normally wouldn't write about in much depth. This blog does not focus on the culture wars to the philsophical depth of someone like Stefan Molyneux or Ann Coulter, although I suppose in its own way it does focus on this area in that I write a lot about how the corporate climate has destroyed free market capitalism and how things are karmically interlocked. When I focus on the culture wars I do not focus on explanations of what has happened in the past and a critique of its philosophical underpinnings. Rather, I write about how the culture wars are playing out in the modern day! Because I don't fundamentally believe liberals can be reasoned with and mostly take the idea they have to be defeated by material movement. I.e. The election of Donald Trump.

The Issue

So the issue is... Should women be put in the front line in the army?

Clearly, the first thing to do is properly phrase the question.

One of the things that Communists/ leftists/ "Socialists" (the slippery road to communism) do is they phrase their arguments not based on any reality, but based on an idealised view of the world. Everything is a paradox with communism because it is hypocritical, so even though everyone is 'perfect'; when communists are in power as they currently are in Venezuela, they tend to try to micro manage everyone's behaviour:

An example of this might be the 'communist restaurant'. During the Soviet Union there were restaurants where if you worked hard to provide good quality food or if you did not work and just lumped raw vegetables on the plate you were paid the same amount. Obviously the restaurant lost customers and money because no sane person would work hard in that situation. The only way for the communist restaurant to function was to stop being a communist restaurant. 

1) So for instance, in this feminist example the argument might be that if women were allowed into the army they would have to take the same physical requirements as men.

Historically, with the ongoing pressure from that mentally challenged feminist lobby this has not been the case. This from 2005:
How many people have to die before the country stops humoring feminists? Last week, a defendant in a rape case, Brian Nichols, wrested a gun from a female deputy in an Atlanta courthouse and went on a murderous rampage. Liberals have proffered every possible explanation for this breakdown in security except the giant elephant in the room -- who undoubtedly has an eating disorder and would appreciate a little support vis-a-vis her negative body image.
The New York Times said the problem was not enough government spending on courthouse security ("Budgets Can Affect Safety Inside Many Courthouses"). Yes, it was tax-cuts-for-the-rich that somehow enabled a 200-pound former linebacker to take a gun from a 5-foot-tall grandmother. 
I think I have an idea that would save money and lives: Have large men escort violent criminals. Admittedly, this approach would risk another wave of nausea and vomiting by female professors at Harvard. But there are also advantages to not pretending women are as strong as men, such as fewer dead people. Even a female math professor at Harvard should be able to run the numbers on this one.
When the feminist lobby gets ahold of anything, in order to justify their hysterical need to see everything as a conspiracy against women, always change the rules when the laws are passed through, it no longer becomes 'equality of opportunity' but becomes 'equality of outcome'. In some states in America currently, the police force must hire 50 - 50 gendered police officers. This means that they must reject the huge amount of strong and highly skilled male applicants for the job and hire women... Any woman, no competition no bar of entry... they then have to decrease the difficulty of all the exams for the women who then have the expectation of passing.

This means that the male police officers justifiably fear for their lives if they are partnered with a physically unfit woman.

2) The idea might be put to the public that this would be voluntary. But the Obama administration has been pushing the draft for women.

Where Big Brother is involved none of us are safe.

3) In a society where things get a bit chaotic, where there are no longer any rules, or there are rules but no civility, such as in parts of the Middle East at the moment, you may have women taking this role such as the Kurdish women who are proving to be a lethal combative force. However, this is by necessity.

In a society women provide a function which is they grow and nurture children that men cannot do. The more women you kill the more you lose your cultures entire genetic heritage. Genes matter and are very important in terms of a nations IQ.

4) The capture, rape, pregnancy and continual torture of female combatants is a strategic weakness in a military sense. It is not outside the bounds of likelihood on this planet that an enemy might capture a female combatant, rape her and get her pregnant, and torture the child in front of her capturing it all on camera for the world to see.

I do not take hypotheticals to be a valid discussion point. Perhaps some people might say... 'Well in xyz situation, perhaps where women were physically challenged to the same extent etc.' The trouble is with hypotheticals is that there might be a very valid reason that events are not as they are described in the hypothetical. Some practical part of human nature or invisible metaphysical law that outlaws one or the other behaviour.

So there we are. It feels a bit unchallenging compared to some of the things I write on here but these are my reasons. I imagine some of the thinkers out there have just as compelling ones not featured here.

Christmas day.

Blogging on Christmas day, if my first love is music, my second love is blogging!

Ah, but still I don't have anything to say... See you soon peeps!

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Having to connect again.

One really deep sleep and some nice dreams can occasionally just break your mind out of a certain way of thinking.

This blog needs to go back into hibernation. Which means that either I don't write it some days or that I write the blogs and don't publicise them on social media.

The direction of everything has become very confusing. I have been locked out of my natural way of being. The way that is most comfortable for me... I am blocked from following those intuitions and that guidance from what I consider to be my higher self.

So the way I am doing things now is less sure, I am less sure of myself. There has been a lot of change at my workplace and the people that I had some sort of connection with (mind you in honesty not much of one) have left. There are two worlds. The one populated by the people that made up their minds quickly and left. I am not part of that one. The one populated by the new way the store is run and the hangers on... I am not part of that one either. But then no one is part of that one except perhaps some of those that are freshly employed.

This is not my readers problem but I did say I would not be pushing this on social media, because my 'compass' is not clearly pointing in the direction of where I want to take this all.

Paying attention to dreams though gives a feeling of connection to higher forces when they are written down. One of the best fictional ideas of that connection came in the series Star Trek Deep Space Nine, where captain Benjamin Sisko has a connection with the 'prophets'. When the connection is broken by rival spirits in one of the episodes he feels faint and the entire war, events not seemingly directly controlled by Sisko, started to go worse for the Federation. Now I have a connection again, or now that it is stronger, perhaps the way will become clear - even effecting events outside me?

At the first possible opportunity I will be watching this by Stefan Molyneux: Stefan Molyneux's Five Hour Christmas Spectacular. Stefan being sixth density has this stuff as part of him without referencing any higher spirits or whatnot. Listening to him will no doubt connect me again and... It will be nice to listen to. He relates to his listeners like friends! A festive cheer.

Another way I might be attempting to 'connect' is to become a member of Gaia and watch some of the things there. Now that I am well I will creatively realise a way to get myself properly connected!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Sociology, sex stories and sex- bots.

This morning I have been thinking of an erotic story, starting to put the foundations of it on in my mind.

I looked up erotic stories recently on literotica and found a section that I thought was interesting 'mind control'. Although many of the stories on there aren't actually mind control, and the ones that are, many of them the feature of mind control itself is not well explained. So much that it seems more like the 'victim' of this form of mental rape is actually going along with the sex game willingly.

However, I genuinely believe one day we will be developing extra sensory abilities. Although I think it highly unlikely that entities will be able to control others minds, I do believe that such a thing is possible under the right circumstances (respecting certain invisible laws). If I were to write such a story the focus for me would be in creating a realistic seeming character and a realistic set of supernatural abilities. So the woman involved, if she were the mind controller, would not be a being with a supernatural ability to ignore certain ethics in a situation, but would be vulnerable, irrational, and a clear human part to her. Sometimes doubting or clearly wanting to push away in her mind the actions she was doing. Other times turned on and completely unrepentant.

I woke up to see this was the only interesting article today:

Zerohedge: Sex Robots Are Becoming A Thing - And They Could Kill Off The Human Race

Not unlikely. In fact far more likely than many worldly wise people might think in my view.

I don't know where my audience comes from, although I suspect normal people somewhere between working class and middle class, many American if they're coming through Gab. No idea of gender balance my twitter is about 70 - 30 towards the male so that is perhaps likely as regards to this blog.

However, in my personal life there are two types of men relevant to this: One is the almost liberal personality that obsesses over clubbing, shows all sorts of hypocrisy and will throw you down the garbage shoot in order to get laid. I suppose this type comes in both genders and is very strong in the people around my age (my generation, those born around the same time as me), and always has been. Sometimes this type watches a lot of porn and wacks off and may turn their attention to sex bots, but there is always a kind of loneliness to this sort of character that makes me think they will seek out the real flesh and blood creature.

There are also a LOT of gay men!

The other is probably closer to where some people see me in my personal life. When I was young I found women to be very manipulative and my somewhat accountancy like thinking calculated that they were not a good investment. I used to admire people, to be magnetically attracted to things and people which seemed to be immune to sex. Who reacted nice and politely with women but were basically outside the realm of experience where respecting womens feelings and emotions was at all relevant. Not aggressive just not relevant!

I often found that musical people most completely satisfied this, and moments spent with music, partly because it rejects the dimension where women are dominant, is a hugely rewarding one for me.

However, more recently, in the younger generation especially, I am now observing many men for which women are not a thing. Even more so than has ever been the case for me. I think the rise of video games is strongly relevant to this. Even where the man does have a girlfriend they are less obsessed with them than they have been in my memory of such things. 

If things do not improve sex bots will take away the niche of men between these two. Those that are motivated enough to want sex but not determined enough to invest energy into it. Perhaps society will get more positive but even if the world does go through a positive transformation women that were once feminist will still be around! I think it is a profoundly interesting phenomena, it matters not to me if the human race on this planet dies out!

It also leads me to add flesh onto the potential female character in the story I outlined. She may not feel appreciated and from some animal need actually want sex, preferring to live in a world where she is chased, frustrated that she is not. So uses supernatural 'abilities' to get what she wants and remains resentful.


The financial and other news is interesting at the moment. Although, I am wise enough now when looking at these things to wait for a physical material manifestation before getting excited. Or at least more explanation.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Economy rumbles. Make Porn Great Again.

Economy Rumbles

Well, traders are all off on holiday, and those people in mysterious corners of government and the military that actually make the decisions no doubt are calling off cold war 2.0 at the moment so they can relax over Christmas.

However, things are rumbling in the economy:

The Guardian: Italy poised to bail out Monte dei Paschi di Siena as rescue deal fails
The inability to convince Qatar to inject up to €1bn means that Italy will have to impose losses on bondholders before it can stump up cash because of new EU rules intended to prevent taxpayers from picking up the bill for bank losses. However, about €2bn of the bonds are held by private investors, and there are expectations that an arrangement will be put in place to limit their losses. The Italian cabinet is expected to discuss its options for protecting retail investors and to try to limit its eventual stake in the bank to below 50%.
 My emphasis.
Analysts at Barclays said any state intervention for MPS may not be enough to solve the problem facing the banking system, which has amassed bad lending at a time when the economy has been stagnating. They said the six largest banks could need €30bn to clean up their balance sheets...
So we are now in Greece 2.0 and this Greece is the third biggest economy in the European Union. EU rules insist that a 'bail in' must be part of this solution, which will cause a massive panic across the whole of the EU banking sector. There is no way out of this, it looks like the can may finally be a little too heavy to kick any further.

This is what could be happening with the Dow Jones in America:

Zerohedge: Red Flag For Markets: Pension Funds To Sell "Near Record" Amount Of Stocks In The Next Few Days

Now I don't know about this from zerohedge. I have heard news from zerohedge before that sounds rather armageddon like but has had zero impact. If this news has a practical effect we could see a bit of a plunge over this Christmas and new year holiday. Wouldn't that be something!

Also, on zerohedge we learn that perhaps some of the reason the market isn't dropping is because there is a lack of liquidity in the market due to ETF's swallowing it.

Returning of the free market (Make Porn Great Again):

From the comment section in the above Guardian article I found this:

This is why we need the free market so badly across the world. If there was a free market in Italy all of a sudden those that made decisions based on personal preference, which are inevitably more corrupt and less effective, those people will find themselves unable to compete against someone who hires the best workers regardless of personal preference.

These corrupt people really deserve some karma, and they are going to get it! The American President elect will be making free market policies, and where free market starts in one place it will catch on to other places like a fire, as trade is rewarded not based on corrupt ideals but on merit. The company that performs the best suddenly gets the contract rather than the one who follows the progressive agenda most loyally!

Though it is a break of subject, this article links in with this idea:

Daily Mail: 'I guess rape scenes are in now': Porn star claims she was choked and stamped on during shoot despite screaming cut

There is also another article about a woman who was raped on set for a film because the director wanted to get a good cut.

So I'm going to make a case that Uranian/ free market genuineness may effect real world decisions in a way that balances the genders. Rather a strange emotive subject for an exploration of the free market but nonetheless, this is what I'm going to do!

From the article:
Benz described the porn industry as an 'old boys club' as she spoke out about her own experiences on Tuesday.
An old boys club.

I admittedly don't know a great deal about porn, when I used to watch it occasionally I mostly stayed within a pretty narrow niche. However, what I did always get annoyed with when looking for porn was that the professionally made videos were very often cheesy and I was not convinced the woman was turned on. Very often this was the case, the incredible falsity of it was really 'disappointing'.

The porn that is more enjoyable personally is when the woman has a creative input, when you can see she is partly directing the story and ad- libbing and genuinely turned on. Not surprisingly this kind of porn less often involves fallacio, or rather, it does not involve fallacio as it's main draw. The thing that actually turns the women on is in vaginal.

And... importantly, the stuff that the women author very often has a vicious element to it, an emotional cruelty. This is also reflected in some of the sex stories I have read that have then been censored, to not upset male audiences.

So, to me what is happening here is that the 'old boys' are making films that do not turn the women on and which don't expose some of the themes the women might author which include cruelty on the womens behalf, and... POWER on the womens behalf. They are more fixated on making films they are turned on by in which women are disempowered and excessively submissive, and where they say cheesy lines, since these directors do not have the inner sense of wanting the woman to enjoy the scenes; it isn't within their emotional vocabulary to consider that a positive part of the scene.

No doubt this is a reflection of the current environment and although I don't know the specifics for this industry, the situation is the same the world over, it is not likely the free market exists in a purer form in this part of the market than elsewhere.

So, in my view, if there was a free market there would be a more honest exposure of the darker parts of womens sexual desires and we might get a different and more accurate view of that sexuality. This sexuality once it became more understood by the world at large may break the idea underpinning feminist dominance that women are always the angelic victims that can do no wrong. If the behaviour of some of the (apparently true) sex stories out there authored by women became known, the idea that a woman would not engage in vicious stuff then break up a marriage to cover her crime would not be so far fetched. Feminists and women need to lose the status that allows such an easy moral highground.

This is a big theme I believe in the world. The effect of hundreds of thousands of English women repeatedly raped by Muslim rape gangs means none of these woman likely explore their own sexual desires genuinely and it will even effect others in their vicinity in the same way that are not engaged in these horrors. Free market porn with a natural breakthrough from female authorship followed by women en mass being into it and it becoming part of the narrative that they are would change the sociology remarkably. Likely the collaboration would be 50-50 gender wise but it is currently weighted on the side of men who are the irritating type of person that always thinks they are right.


I have one person who can be described as lightly liberal on my facebook who once said something about Islam not necessarily being a religion of peace, there is one other person who is too young for me to consider has any responsibility to look at the world in that way, the rest of them are completely cowed by political correctness and are irritating to deal with. After the terrorist attack recently I still have not gone on, not put my blogs on there and feel anger directed at those people.

You might say it is a kind of 'karma', however, it has little effect on these people at the moment. Where the emotion exists though it will find manifestation and if I feel these emotions towards these people others do too. Karma will find a way!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Calming down for Christmas but politics is still mayhem.

It is almost Christmas.

While many people will be enjoying some form of relaxation, many people will have something overlaying their sense of enjoyment. Either having to work, or poverty or loneliness. We have stopped really supporting these holidays to any great extent it seems to me but before there were the Islamists and their satellites in the political class, there were the corporates; who are determined to keep everybody working on bank holidays, holidays such as Christmas, Easter and all Sundays. They like to share the misery.

Paying attention to all the miserable news (:)). An anti Corbyn politician Jamie Reed has just quit sparking a by- election. This might be fun. Corbyn vs. May vs. Nuttall. Jamie Reed looks to me like a bit of a scum globalist so there is no loss here. The only loss would be for another globalist to be put in, because it would insist that people do actually like and vote for globalists. There is still a chance for vote rigging but as of late that does not seem to be happening so much. It's all looking pretty good!

My own MP Peter Kyle is in a different position to Jamie, the leave vote in Jamie's constituency was 62% leave whereas here it was around 60% Remain. But even so, the large amount of loyal to the globalist agenda MP's might be feeling a bit of discomfort, as their brand of propaganda is voted out. Many of the leftist in my area supported Labour because they support Jeremy Corbyn (educated guess).

In more global news however we have this, even though everyone should be relaxing for Christmas and not engaging in serious politics, the situation in Italy has started to catch fire:

Zerohedge: European Banking Bloodbath Spreads To Spain After Italy Fires €20 Billion "Bazooka" At €360 Billion Problem
The stocks today are so close to 20,000... It is rather exciting. It is highly likely this week we will go above 20,000 on the Dow even though we have this problem in Italy... Stocks don't care about reality as of late.

One final note is of a point I often re- iterate on this blog is how 'beyond redemption' the left seems to be. I will close this blog with a quote from Rachael Swindons blog:
I'm sure the 120 BILLIONAIRES IN BRITAIN with a combined wealth of £344 billion could all pay just a little bit more tax. What's the problem with this?

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Events and leaving liberals to their safe spaces.

#BanIslam is top trending on Gab... Woah!

Obviously, during the election campaign Da'esh and their Western military allies did not want to harm Hillary's chances. Now, to the DAY when this no longer matters we get two attacks.

The assassination of the Russian diplomat to Turkey smacks of desperation. Someone wants Turkey back on Da'esh's side and separating them from Russia is very important in that effort.

Like their attempt at influencing the electoral college, I am betting that all of what they do might look effective but in fact they are simply bluffing and have no more cards left to play.

Before, I have put up charts here to show that these attacks are timed to make maximum impact on the stock market. This page and it's links are my charts that these attacks are always happening for this reason! I wonder though whether it will work this time. The market has to meet reality at some point.

I boycotted facebook and intended to delete my account once before partly because no one responded to a post I wrote about Muslim rape gangs in England that is very relevant. I understand not responding to something about astrology or something politically sensitive that does not directly effect people. But it is not the same with the rape gangs. People not responding to that information on facebook is DIRECTLY helping those women get raped.

The same thinking now is leading me to not post on facebook, at least this blog and I do not know when I'll go on again. Leave the liberals to their safe spaces, their candle vigils, their endless virtue signalling which is designed precisely to avoid the real problem and extend it; it is designed precisely to kill people... Essentially. To aid in the worship of Lucifer.

To respond to these things where I need to go to recover is with other alt- righters, on Gab, with humour and a recognition of the reality behind the situation whatever that might be!

Monday, 19 December 2016

The free market is about more than money. The liberal lie!

On a side note, I was completely blocked from answering someone on youtube because I was arguing, quite successfully in all likelihood, with a liberal:

Quite amazing, I am still 'failing to post', seemingly words can hurt, and it seems unlikely this is automated; it is more likely that a youtube moderator saw my post and personally decided to get involved, or perhaps an SJW complained about my post... If these groups need to censor that badly then they have surely lost all argument. That is a truly paranoid level of sensitivity.

However, I was trying to find this:

Out of every single seasonal episodic individual piece I have ever watched I think this is the most powerful. Nothing comes up to this standard from either the 4400, Stargate series, Star Trek Series, Star Wars Animated series, Jessica Jones, Angel of Buffy. Although there were powerful romantic parts in the lattermost two supernatural series, what makes this more powerful is that this feels real. There are no demons (people in funny suits and make up) that are going to come back to life. Things that happen in this part here are real.

But, the studio decided to categorically destroy this scene by changing the context as to what happened after and it is clear they did so for more money. Rather like Jessica Jones, where there was no hint of the progressive agenda in the first few episodes but once the viewer/ critic is hooked, they will watch until the end despite that. In this film, the producers lost nothing (by most estimations) by changing the context of this story arc to artificially make it longer and destroy, what is in my view, one of the best scenes in TV history because of this. The did gain money potentially though.

This video from a movie critic clearly explains why they are able to get away with this, and why they are able to make crap films, that no one likes, with cheap and shallow plot devices, and still profit:

Simply put... MONEY! 
Quote: Everyone I've talked to agrees Annabel was an awful movie, as of right now the film has a gross of $231 million on a budget of just $6.5 million. (Many other examples).
But here I want to make a central point about the free market, or the Uranian themes that I might not always have made obvious. The free market is more than just 'money decides the rules' and more than just 'competition, if someone provides a bad service customers go somewhere else.'

Adam Smith was a theologian and when he talked about an invisible hand he was talking about a force more intelligent and powerful than any of us moving things in a positive direction. He was not simplifiying this to set laws that would determine these things.

From an overly simplistic understanding of the free market that includes competition and not much else, we might decide that the corporates have us 'checked' here. The customers decide what they want to watch after all, the studio executives abuse of the process is not going to be punished because the customers reward this.

However, let us take a larger view. Firstly, this speaks within a small genre, however this is a minor point. The real way that this sort of circular stupidity would be overthrown is through the widespread increase in positivity of the human condition... The reasons people are going to see this sort of movie are linked to other parts of their lives:

A) The better horror movies are not largely available because the smarter, less controlled writers are held down.
B) The moviegoing audience is not sophisticated partly because they are mostly struggling to survive and keep up with other relationship concerns that take their time away from being able to consider these things.
C) Increases in health in other areas of their lives may increase their perceptions and appreciation of these things and allow them to intuitively stay away from the films they know are bad.

It is like... A tired person will watch a crap film, and pay for a crap film, because they don't have the energy to look for something else.

A world where art is more authentic will be very good! Where the mentalist Red John arc ended in Season 3! Where the 4400 Season 4 was not completely destroyed! Where good actors who resonate with authentic characters and no money men involvement are attracted to the industry!

The end of the lie?

Today is a day I suspect many have been waiting for. The Electoral College.

I have no idea what we will actually be told today. Zerohedge passed on an article 'The Electoral College, what to look for?' But... as far as I know we are not told the vote until January 6th!

This video from Steve Pieczenik was a good listen. He basically says that the Hillary/ Soros/ Democrats/ Establishment etc. have no more cards. They cannot suppress things based on fake news ideas, they cannot rig the vote, they cannot do anything!

They are bluffing! It strikes me that they are relying most on the boldfaced lie than they ever have, and while they have been cointinuing the lie, their resources have been shot out from under them. Their lies have been exposed. Their tools, like the mainstream media have been destroyed! This reflects in government and reflects into all areas of our lives as a holographic thing!:

A) The stock market is rallying despite some of the very worse fundamentals we've seen for a long time. Treasury's are being dumped,  yuan is devalued, interest rates have increased, bonds have sold off. Stocks are at all new highs all the time! Something is clearly not right here!
B) The mainstream media has lost all credibility. Sales are awful but they are continuing to stubbornly push out their propaganda despite the fact the public is literally 'not buying it'!
C) Da'esh have lost in the middle east. Nothing the American have been doing has stopped this.

There are loads of minor points coming from all these things but you probably already know what these are!

I believe this is reflecting on some domestic level down where we are. So some long term liars are feeling more transparent than normal!

I was reading today a very financial piece and it was very boring! It was about how a big company is doing. That sort of sales talk is very unnatural and it all lacks a central HEART. To consider some more genuine small companies... Infowars, alternative health stores etc. Normally when you hear people talking about things such as sales and circulation it is with passion. It is tied to a central principle. It clearly is not with these big corporates.

Just one of the things I suspect will change in the near future.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Peaceful protest vs violence!

I am just going to put on my supervillain hat!

In the run up to the Iraq war I was about 15. A lot of my school friends left one day in order to protest the war in Iraq; later on I was told this was a bit boring, they didn't know what to do. I went to class and enjoyed it!

One Million people in America marched against the Iraq war! One Million. This protest was non violent.

I wonder what would have happened, if one million Americans wanted to stop the Iraq war. Maybe some extra terrestrial gave them a realistic experience of what was about to go down. What if one million Americans said that they were marching against the Iraq war and if their demands were not met, they would grow insanely violent, break all property and personnel in their pathways and rip the face off President Bush with a knife.

Would the Iraq war still have happened?  I don't know that it would. How fierce would the army be against their own populace? I'm betting it's one hell of a lot less fierce than they were against the Iraqi populace! The Turkish coup was stopped when the populace came out against the army!

In the UK from about 1970 onwards, gangs of Muslims raped and trafficked young white girls against their will. Often from below the age of consent. For 40 years about 1 million girls were raped, almost all of them repeatedly and nothing happened to stop this.

The EDL started making a fuss, started marching through towns, protesting and smashing up the occasional mosque. Then there were investigations into this case of mass sex trafficking and it became a MASSIVE scandal in the town of Rotherham. (The following electoral votes in Rotherham were for Labour, one suspects rigging!)

Violence works! That might seem like an unspiritual thing to say, but it is true. Governments and corporations have kept up the idea that non violence is the spiritual route to solve things, but this is a myth.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

The news is a living breathing horror movie.

As I have mentioned a few times on this blog, I have a bug at the moment.

During this time I have really needed to relax and find some non stressful kind of entertainment. Early on I realised I found this difficult to do, some of the news stories I remembered recently looking at were:

A) Jeremy Corbyn has a lot of IRA people that he is relating closely to who have actually done violent acts against Britons.

B) 'The London mayor says basically surrender to Islam', a youtube video. Reminding me that when looking at the facts they are not good. There is no effort that I have seen to discredit the ideas that a real reading of Islam is of a violent and totalitarian imperialist religion or political tract. All the people taking opposing viewpoints to this seem to do so from a place of moral highgrounding. No one says... 'In accordance with this page in the Koran.'

C) On top of this there is news of real crimes Muslims are causing such as sex trafficking. Whenever news of Muslim crimes comes out they take no responsibility and there is a pattern of the Muslim communities doing nothing in the main. They are however very angry that an episode of Fireman Sam had some text on it that might have been the Koran.

D) There is this 'fake news' narrative and the desperate attempt to sway the election by the Democrats. This information includes an ongoing onslaught from governmental forces fully intending on sending us to a 1984 type of existence.

E) There is Pizzagate, and it's large amount of connections stretching through the past that indicate this satanic stuff is ongoing.

Most of these facts on their own are worse than any horror movie ever put together!

Seriously, name one that is as bad as any of these things. We would be living under hell if we lived under Sharia law. Movies and fiction in general have a hard time understanding human evil. People don't write about a group of liberals pretending to be loving and having the status of being caring by some standards and doing all these things!

Is Paranormal Activity any worse than pizzagate? The Exorcist worse than Da'esh? Scream? Halloween? 'Invasion of the body snatchers' are more civilised and ethical than Saudi Arabia! I cannot think of any horror movies that come close to these things. Perhaps Saw! Saw is perhaps as bad as Da'esh but not as bad as Pizzagate.

So clearly, with these global problems that, in my view, must be handled before my personal problems can be addressed... An immovable barrier! It is not easy to relax.

Another mistake.

Keeping up with my pattern of confessing this stuff that no one wants to know but guarding against internal hypocrisy. I have AGAIN broken my efforts at retaining my lower energy, not masturbating.

It comes down to porn. After too much self control is used and after a week of feeling ill and not being able to exercise or distract myself in many ways, my energy has been released, i.e. I have masturbated.

I believe this is important. The way I finally have to nail this problem shut is:

A) Never go on porn. Remember that the sexual urge, the 'point of no return' can come out of absolutely nowhere. Can go from 0 - 60 in .2 seconds.

B) Remember that if people do release then nothing is any different than it was a few minutes before. Thoughts stay the same.

C) There is often an attractive woman some other place that can satisfy the feeling that leads to these feelings. Although it is not always obvious.

(There is a video I could have watched here would have settled this possibly.)

It gives me a thought. Porn is mostly filled with things that are not really good for someone, as I understand it. The spirit basically co- operates with man - women genital intercourse and not much else, no anal no oral, no same sex and two being in love. To do anything else is to break the spirit away from the body and this means they are always allowed to separate after even one time of this.

The porn industry is a lot to do with money, threats and ambitious people that want other things. Although this seems like a hard feminist point, (I have no positivity to feminists AT ALL), it seems to me disincentivising this specific industry can only be positive.

Friday, 16 December 2016

People, astrology, and markets.

Looks cool doesn't it? At least when I saw this post on my facebook I thought... Wow that looks interesting I'd like to read that!

However, apparently my viewers to this blog did not think so. Or more precisely, the blog viewers that come through social media. 

I have a hit counter that shows me how many people have read each blog. When I do not link these up on facebook and gab (and in the past twitter) my views are between 1/3rd and 1/10th of what they are when I do link them on social media... usually.

However, with this specific blog even though I DID publicise them on social media, I did not get additional hits than I normally get. This means that a lot of people saw the blog and would normally read my blog, however, decided not to read it.

This tells me a little something of my audience on social media. Any anti SJW/ leftist anti Twitter fodder gets quite a few views. The Gab and alt right community pride themselves on being 'rational' in relation to the atheist viewpoint of things as I understand it, that or they are Christians. These two people are the same group from my understanding because a lot of the time they shut their experience off at Saturn. They believe they have all the answers about the world that forbids further curiousity.

What we are now in is a mudfight. There was a time when the alternative community was more active. When there was more nourishment and continual discovery there. As things have gone on though these new age areas have become a warzone, because of:

A) A glass ceiling in the information that has been revealed. Before there was an opportunity to discover more information and to feel like the ways the community were pushing forward would bring some sort of solution. As things have continued however, every free energy device and science has been stunted, most Illuminati whistleblowers have gone quiet. People like David Wilcock have been threatened and grown exhausted leading them to partially check out. It has become obvious that ideas such as Fulford- esque 'mass arrests' are not practical or going to happen without our involvement.

B) Infiltration from the usual marxists, mostly feminists in this area.

Every time these things happen, the fight moves away from the high minded spiritual concepts that are considered and moves further down into a mudfight. So that eventually, we are down in the area of all having to be engaged in things that are direct and material. The arguments with Trump do not get to discussions about revealing military secrets that may have forbid free energy from us... We are defending a more immediate ground... and fighting on areas that everyone agrees on. 

So the attempt to validate "scientifically" some high minded group of metaphysical tools like astrology went away long ago. It is likely that as the alt right/ positive polarity starts winning, these things will go in reverse. First we will start with root chakra concerns such as the rule of law, global warming corruption, migration etc. Then we will move up!

This is not terrible. There is something good about it in that we are all in this together, and there is a shadow of that higher world reflected in this lower one. Those that are non curious and commit no energy to figuring out these things about the world, perhaps who rely on peer relationships for their world view, and stubbornly believe they are more correct than others who have invested time into understanding these thing; are those that are unthinking, and who have exposed themselves to the brainwashing that is the liberal media. It is those people who are being punished now in a way that can't really be called punishment, because it is cause and effect. But, to think of it like this, that there is a natural arrogance to someone who assumes they have the answers without the research and will fight to defend those points of view. That that arrogance as a feeling is a kind of condescension, and how because of that condescension, that lack of love and lack of wisdom, they have been set upon by a negative force that has brainwashed them.

That subtle condescension to people who express researched views, the one all conspiracy theorists know, the one that has no voice sometimes but is expressed silently through an emotion that travels through the air. This is the one that has been given form in the real world. And as it is squelched so does it feedback to it's creator/ victim.

So, after all that, I just want to note something else astrological:

So what we are looking at here. Firstly, Chiron at 20 degrees Pisces. Chiron, I have said again and again, whenever I talk about Chiron, is Russia and how the West treats Russia. It is our 'collective wound'. Chiron is to do with areas that are not part of anyones life path, they are an adaption. I have Chiron in the third house Gemini and I credit Chiron with the fact that the physical form of the ideas I express are precisely like this blog!

Saturn is a big part of the negative agenda and in any 'partial disclosure' it will be clear from the behaviour of Saturn vs. the outer planets what is actually going on. Because Saturn will not change even if the outward perspective changes.

Saturn is worshipped by some of these negative cults. The function of Saturn is discipline and when it is functioning in a service to others manner it performs the functions of the higher planets. Of course, when it is functioning service to self it locks out any healthy perspective of the outer planets. It is the totalitarian force that blocks out Higher sciences and free market ideals (Uranus), psychic realities (Neptune) and realisation of the deep and dark subconscious of the collective, i.e. conspiracy theory (Pluto).

So it is the establishment. Even though the cabal is very Plutonian, it expresses its power through Saturn. There are other planets at work at the moment as well:

There are two things that I am going to talk about in relation to this 'fake news' narrative:

A) Pluto and Mercury.
B) Saturn Square Chiron and Saturn trine Uranus.

Pluto, 'whatever the Illuminati happen to be doing' is almost conjunct Mercury 'news media and public perception'. Soon Mercury is going indirect, which means this communicative and news media area is suddenly going to have to re- evaluate itself, things will only change though once it goes direct again. Mercury goes indirect December 19th 10:56 and turns direct again January 8th 9:43... We know what might have changed at this point!

That is America's internals. The Russian aspect is shown by Saturn Chiron and will be aspected for quite a while. However, if things flip over to positive this aspect will obviously flip to a different manifestation. Likely, the news media's penalisation for misrepresenting Russia.

One other personal insight about Jupiter:

A personal mystery I just understood the other day as a small insight. I used to look into TV characters actors astrology. I always found these were consistent. (Interestingly not so though if the birthdate is stated as something else as it was in a fundamentalist Christian film I once watched. It has been locked off at Saturn. This leads to the additional insight that the idea of god as a physical man in the sky with a temper and foibles is Saturnian.)

One of the characters I found fascinating was a little girl in a series called 'Taken'. She has a psychic ability to do many things but one of them was to see into peoples minds and lives and offer them spiritual truths to escape their mental pain.

A young Dakota Fanning. Her astrology lists Pluto and Jupiter in her Seventh house. The Seventh house is how we deal with others one on one. So her Pluto is the part that sees underneath the surface to the psychological motivations and her Jupiter is the one that offers the spiritual truth that makes things better.

For me, I have the Pluto in the seventh house but my Jupiter is not there. It has made me realise that:

A) My Pluto without Jupiter means that I see and express what is there but there is no solution, just a cold understanding of someones motives and attributes.
B) Where my Jupiter is feels like a place where if I were to experience my flow everything would be lead from that direction and life would come together in a heavenly way.... This is Jupiter!

Things are progressing in the real world. Finance etc.

I was surprised I did not get this update from zerohedge, in fact zerohedge seems largely uninterested in Italy, perhaps they feel like they produce more hidden information than that and Italy is covered by the mainstream:

Hmm... Well I have few words? Bonds (yield)? Inflation? It seems to me like no one is sure that trains won't come off the tracks here but the mainstream media sure aren't going to bring this up so everyone is just trudging on!

Can't wait until Uranus direct etc.!

Here is more:


Well, this is pretty damning. After the stocks did not crash as the traders clearly thought they should have, the bonds started selling off.

You can ignore reality but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality!

What is interesting here is that potentially, any return to sanity will include a market crash and a sudden reorientation, where the Marxists and those I have talked about above, the arrogant people. It would be where the alt righters research and attention to reality converts very quickly and into a real physical manifestation. Rather like the Trump election, but far more powerful.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Politics, bugs and fiction.

There is action in the markets, I do not feel I need to source this.

Even though all seems quiet on the front of everything, I have no doubt there is a daily WAR going on behind the scenes; imagine the lives of some of those that know about the Illuminati and stuff and have their actions as relevant in their everyday lives. That get up in the morning and have to order someone to snuff out a Rothschild agent or who wake up and review papers in the European Union with the mind towards keeping the civilian population enslaved. These people are going through more action than is seen in the mainstream in my opinion.

European Union MEP's are having arguments that are reported, a minor manifestation surely.

I do not think the electoral college will go to Clinton. I do not see this because of backup from positive factions of the intelligence and military services.

So it's just a waiting game really!

In my personal life I still have this bug that is starting to frustrate me now. I am starting to get angry at never seeming to improve. I am falling asleep at odd moments and constantly coughing up phlegm. Alcohol which I usually avoid I have started drinking in order that the tension that I experience from this bug does not cause me irritation. While there are many healthy habits I have chosen for various reasons, I have already relaxed the 'rules' on alcohol and somewhat draw the line at low levels of physical pain. The alcohol is acting like a painkiller. I am not able to take paracetamol and other similar medicines.

I have been Netflixing a bit and do have a positive view of the shows I have since watched that don't have some sort of anti White- male Marxist agenda. I watched 'shadow hunters'. Clearly a kids program that is certified 15 (because everyone knows kids can watch Netflix!) I am also watching a program called Sense8 which is the most anti Marxist film I have seen in a while. It has already talked fairly honestly about the situation between blacks and whites in America, acknowledging black crime is part of the problem. It has some heavily LGBT characters but... so does life... That doesn't have to be agenda!

Being the kind of person I am I am very hopeful that Star Wars Rogue One will be a flop. I would not put it past the establishment to rig the box office figures though!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Astrology of coming Trump events.

I've been reminded of something that has brought my fight back a little bit:

What we are looking at is three dates, two of which are significant and well known amongst people who are politically active at the moment.

The good thing about this is that it gives me a sense of when things are going to feel different, which is a different thing to knowing when the events are going to actually take place, we never know when some apparently significant event is going to fall by the wayside as not relevant despite much hype!

The first one is the day Uranus goes Direct. This will create the feeling that the 'revolutionary' sense, action on the leaks and whatnot, is actually happening or moving forward in an exciting way.

It is pretty amazing timing that Uranus goes direct on the exact day of the new moon. It is also very interesting that Jupiter is within one degree opposing Uranus. This likely means that Uranian themes are a big thing, not quiet and unnoticeable.

We then get to the day when we hear the electoral college votes, another very interesting day in the transits. For one thing the moon is conjunct Uranus, which means the emotional theme will be one of revolution perhaps lending towards free market ideas. ALSO on this day we get Sun - Pluto. Bringing light to the darkest aspects of our society and institutions that is being discovered on a collective level.

Then we get to January 20th, which will see Sun just moving into Aquarius, just moving into this idealistic ideas of collective groups. I don't understand Aquarius a great deal to be fair.

The only thing missing from this since near enough the New moon, opening square and closing square have been handled is the full moon itself:

THAT is a grand cardinal cross. Four planets are lined up close enough. Sun - Jupiter - Moon and Uranus. I know from experience this particular set of aspects means fuck all but it is still interesting!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Following on with more cynicism.

After I wrote one dreadful, cynical, 'all is lost' post, I thought. Wow, that was fantastic, I'm going to do another! (sarcasm)

But I am nonetheless going to do another. This is how things have closed up recently:

A) Online connection and chat:

  • Facebook: Some conversations online that I appreciate, few though. Have spent several years writing posts on there that are rarely interacted with or acknowledged in any way.
  • Twitter: The liberal fantacists became too much.
  • Gab: Great; but, since this is a cynical post. Too little updates and too much of the same stuff of a very dark nature, since we are all being attacked. 
  • New Forums: Only idea for that would be conspiracy forums, and I would have little interest in what others post... My seeking in that area is done, just waiting on the final overthrow.
  • Old Forums: Stefan Molyneux and Both censored, the second am banned by aggressive hillbots.
  • Youtube: comment sometimes and very little response, same as with others.
B) Friendship groups in the real world:

Remember, others are just as low. One friend broke contact after a family argument had him acting a bit immature in my opinion. Even though everyone involved was fine and did not consider there to be a problem he enjoyed taking the moral highground and ending the friendship, so he did. This person pretended to be a liberal so as to not offend liberal friends and seemed to be being seduced into that thinking at times.

The second person in this sad saga is on his way down to the land of permanent bliss. Unless he pulls himself together.

Work friends are not a thing.

C) Girls and romance:.

Ha, don't even go there!

D) Family:

This section is very good but am too tired (from work), and sometimes don't have enough money to do anything here. One other member of the family also has a medical condition that makes things difficult.

There is far more, if I added another heading of 'my psychology' and even, a sensitive subject for me 'my lifepath'; it would reveal additional problems that need solving. 

I do have a job though, I am prepping, which is all important. I do have plans for Christmas and will be getting Christmas presents soon.

As things get better all these problems will be solved. Might include some fighting before then.

Everyone, in my view, is in the same situation.


Marxist agenda has taken over all entertainment.

My write up of Jessica Jones, in particular the idea that all the white male characters are villains, is strongly reflected in the new Star Wars... That has mainly been reviewed by users to be awful, and which the good reviews tend to be a little up themselves and use the word 'I' too many times during said review.

Although I did enjoy Jessica Jones and got some good thoughts from it, but I'm not about to watch the spin off series 'Luke Cage' because of this agenda, the clear identity politics in a series made by the same creative team will be very grating. The Star Wars Rogue One reviews also include the fact that this is ANOTHER female lead, and point out problems with this.

Watched two horror movies on Netflix and did enjoy the first one a little but horror isn't really my thing. The thing that is missing from the Jessica Jones story is the idea the negativity... 'Evil' is multi layered. the antagonist in Jessica Jones was a singular evil character surrounded by people that were just normal. There were no layers to his existence or willing accomplices. 

This whole idea is quite silly of course. Firstly, that a highly powered media presenter personality could get away with doing anything and not be stamped down upon by negative powers is laughable. What about the company that made Kilgrave the man he was? There have in the past been realistic layers to these things in films. Secondly, Kilgrave ignored one of the fundamental realities of negatively orientated people... A law that always happens with them... They make enemies. The enemies they make are powerful which is why specific negatively orientated individuals never lasts in the long term.

So Kilgrave spent his childhood doing activities that would likely include him killing people every so often, and putting people through miserable pain most of the time. How many would he have killed? How much suffering caused? Why has he not made any enemies of those who have escaped his grasp? Ex policeman with sniper rifles? Interested intelligence agencies who could send a drone after him? Any number of individuals!

If people have to get creative to take down someone difficult to oppose, they will do.

I have been forced out of Netflix like series, either because I don't want to watch them or I find their agendas nauseating. I have not been one for movies much, never really enjoyed them. Most series have these same problems, even though I really enjoyed the Star Wars animated series, there are none others that seem interesting.

The Marxist agenda has taken over entertainment, completely and utterly. I have been forced out of these things.