Saturday, 17 December 2016

The news is a living breathing horror movie.

As I have mentioned a few times on this blog, I have a bug at the moment.

During this time I have really needed to relax and find some non stressful kind of entertainment. Early on I realised I found this difficult to do, some of the news stories I remembered recently looking at were:

A) Jeremy Corbyn has a lot of IRA people that he is relating closely to who have actually done violent acts against Britons.

B) 'The London mayor says basically surrender to Islam', a youtube video. Reminding me that when looking at the facts they are not good. There is no effort that I have seen to discredit the ideas that a real reading of Islam is of a violent and totalitarian imperialist religion or political tract. All the people taking opposing viewpoints to this seem to do so from a place of moral highgrounding. No one says... 'In accordance with this page in the Koran.'

C) On top of this there is news of real crimes Muslims are causing such as sex trafficking. Whenever news of Muslim crimes comes out they take no responsibility and there is a pattern of the Muslim communities doing nothing in the main. They are however very angry that an episode of Fireman Sam had some text on it that might have been the Koran.

D) There is this 'fake news' narrative and the desperate attempt to sway the election by the Democrats. This information includes an ongoing onslaught from governmental forces fully intending on sending us to a 1984 type of existence.

E) There is Pizzagate, and it's large amount of connections stretching through the past that indicate this satanic stuff is ongoing.

Most of these facts on their own are worse than any horror movie ever put together!

Seriously, name one that is as bad as any of these things. We would be living under hell if we lived under Sharia law. Movies and fiction in general have a hard time understanding human evil. People don't write about a group of liberals pretending to be loving and having the status of being caring by some standards and doing all these things!

Is Paranormal Activity any worse than pizzagate? The Exorcist worse than Da'esh? Scream? Halloween? 'Invasion of the body snatchers' are more civilised and ethical than Saudi Arabia! I cannot think of any horror movies that come close to these things. Perhaps Saw! Saw is perhaps as bad as Da'esh but not as bad as Pizzagate.

So clearly, with these global problems that, in my view, must be handled before my personal problems can be addressed... An immovable barrier! It is not easy to relax.

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