Saturday, 17 December 2016

Another mistake.

Keeping up with my pattern of confessing this stuff that no one wants to know but guarding against internal hypocrisy. I have AGAIN broken my efforts at retaining my lower energy, not masturbating.

It comes down to porn. After too much self control is used and after a week of feeling ill and not being able to exercise or distract myself in many ways, my energy has been released, i.e. I have masturbated.

I believe this is important. The way I finally have to nail this problem shut is:

A) Never go on porn. Remember that the sexual urge, the 'point of no return' can come out of absolutely nowhere. Can go from 0 - 60 in .2 seconds.

B) Remember that if people do release then nothing is any different than it was a few minutes before. Thoughts stay the same.

C) There is often an attractive woman some other place that can satisfy the feeling that leads to these feelings. Although it is not always obvious.

(There is a video I could have watched here would have settled this possibly.)

It gives me a thought. Porn is mostly filled with things that are not really good for someone, as I understand it. The spirit basically co- operates with man - women genital intercourse and not much else, no anal no oral, no same sex and two being in love. To do anything else is to break the spirit away from the body and this means they are always allowed to separate after even one time of this.

The porn industry is a lot to do with money, threats and ambitious people that want other things. Although this seems like a hard feminist point, (I have no positivity to feminists AT ALL), it seems to me disincentivising this specific industry can only be positive.

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