Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Following on with more cynicism.

After I wrote one dreadful, cynical, 'all is lost' post, I thought. Wow, that was fantastic, I'm going to do another! (sarcasm)

But I am nonetheless going to do another. This is how things have closed up recently:

A) Online connection and chat:

  • Facebook: Some conversations online that I appreciate, few though. Have spent several years writing posts on there that are rarely interacted with or acknowledged in any way.
  • Twitter: The liberal fantacists became too much.
  • Gab: Great; but, since this is a cynical post. Too little updates and too much of the same stuff of a very dark nature, since we are all being attacked. 
  • New Forums: Only idea for that would be conspiracy forums, and I would have little interest in what others post... My seeking in that area is done, just waiting on the final overthrow.
  • Old Forums: Stefan Molyneux and astro.com. Both censored, the second am banned by aggressive hillbots.
  • Youtube: comment sometimes and very little response, same as with others.
B) Friendship groups in the real world:

Remember, others are just as low. One friend broke contact after a family argument had him acting a bit immature in my opinion. Even though everyone involved was fine and did not consider there to be a problem he enjoyed taking the moral highground and ending the friendship, so he did. This person pretended to be a liberal so as to not offend liberal friends and seemed to be being seduced into that thinking at times.

The second person in this sad saga is on his way down to the land of permanent bliss. Unless he pulls himself together.

Work friends are not a thing.

C) Girls and romance:.

Ha, don't even go there!

D) Family:

This section is very good but am too tired (from work), and sometimes don't have enough money to do anything here. One other member of the family also has a medical condition that makes things difficult.

There is far more, if I added another heading of 'my psychology' and even, a sensitive subject for me 'my lifepath'; it would reveal additional problems that need solving. 

I do have a job though, I am prepping, which is all important. I do have plans for Christmas and will be getting Christmas presents soon.

As things get better all these problems will be solved. Might include some fighting before then.

Everyone, in my view, is in the same situation.


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