Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Events and leaving liberals to their safe spaces.

#BanIslam is top trending on Gab... Woah!

Obviously, during the election campaign Da'esh and their Western military allies did not want to harm Hillary's chances. Now, to the DAY when this no longer matters we get two attacks.

The assassination of the Russian diplomat to Turkey smacks of desperation. Someone wants Turkey back on Da'esh's side and separating them from Russia is very important in that effort.

Like their attempt at influencing the electoral college, I am betting that all of what they do might look effective but in fact they are simply bluffing and have no more cards left to play.

Before, I have put up charts here to show that these attacks are timed to make maximum impact on the stock market. This page and it's links are my charts that these attacks are always happening for this reason! I wonder though whether it will work this time. The market has to meet reality at some point.

I boycotted facebook and intended to delete my account once before partly because no one responded to a post I wrote about Muslim rape gangs in England that is very relevant. I understand not responding to something about astrology or something politically sensitive that does not directly effect people. But it is not the same with the rape gangs. People not responding to that information on facebook is DIRECTLY helping those women get raped.

The same thinking now is leading me to not post on facebook, at least this blog and I do not know when I'll go on again. Leave the liberals to their safe spaces, their candle vigils, their endless virtue signalling which is designed precisely to avoid the real problem and extend it; it is designed precisely to kill people... Essentially. To aid in the worship of Lucifer.

To respond to these things where I need to go to recover is with other alt- righters, on Gab, with humour and a recognition of the reality behind the situation whatever that might be!

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