Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Managed to death.

For three weeks I have been working at a store other than the one I am employed in, because the upper management of the store I work in have ordered a re- fit of our store to update it. So we have new computers, new layout, new machines etc.

A couple of hours before I went for my first shift there I read this absolutely great article.

Post cards from Traumaville: BASIC DRESSING: THE MYTH OF MANAGEMENT (I)
I have learned that management exists largely to impede initiative, to take part in time-wasting exercises often disguised as ‘training’, to force those below them to duplicate their work needlessly in the writing of reports, to provide mis- dis- and non-information to those trying to work ‘below’ them, and otherwise to justify their existence and generous salary and pension by creating work for others to do.
My emphasis!

While I enjoyed the article I did not think much about it or how it might apply to where I work but, it has turned out largely prophetic.

The re- fit we just had has created a nightmare of difficulty at our store. Work that once needed two people is now needed to be done by three or four and even then it is done at a fraction of the speed. The shift was basically dead yesterday but with the people that we had we only just kept up with the work. When the store gets busy, and it will get VERY busy around Christmas, the problem will only be compounded.

It is unlikely that anyone will do what needs to be done, which is close the store around that time - and it is virtually impossible that the re- fit would be undone. Adding to this is the fact that the re- fit now has to be made to work by an upper management who do not want to be revealed to be utterly incompetant, so it is not likely they will transfer staff like me to other stores if we request it (I have already strongly requested it).  We will no doubt stay open even if we have no products to sell, such is the way of these sorts of businesses.

I have things to say about global politics and my normal perspective of how things interact hoping to arrive at some prediction of how potential future events will play out, but this is up front and center at the moment so I cannot say them. I have not slept well, owing partly to the fact that I do not have many uniforms meaning that I need to wash them every single day I work. The uniforms are mass produced, they cannot cost more than £5 for an entire uniform, but this store does not give them out; which has stolen many hours of something really priceless away from me... Sleep.

So it is time to get Netflix, so I have a way to disconnect from stressful thoughts by watching something that really won't enrich my life. But it is imperative I am able to distress rather than using the angst to redirect myself towards learning more useful information. It's going to be jobsearching and Netflix until I get a new job.

These things all link into the free market, but that is obvious... Here is a hint of that from the blog I previously quoted:
Finally, I’ll look at how corporate and public sector management is a microcosm of government, and how deliberate mismanagement operates at both levels and is entirely intentional.
I also remember reading from Carissa Conti that she linked a demonic aspect to all this. Although, in fairness I am not doing so, I have met upper management and do not feel that. But her idea is that some people are connected to negative entities and there is a deliberate attempt to make things not work so well.

I remember reading about this in depth on comment sites before and it might be an interesting investigation!

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