Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Calming down for Christmas but politics is still mayhem.

It is almost Christmas.

While many people will be enjoying some form of relaxation, many people will have something overlaying their sense of enjoyment. Either having to work, or poverty or loneliness. We have stopped really supporting these holidays to any great extent it seems to me but before there were the Islamists and their satellites in the political class, there were the corporates; who are determined to keep everybody working on bank holidays, holidays such as Christmas, Easter and all Sundays. They like to share the misery.

Paying attention to all the miserable news (:)). An anti Corbyn politician Jamie Reed has just quit sparking a by- election. This might be fun. Corbyn vs. May vs. Nuttall. Jamie Reed looks to me like a bit of a scum globalist so there is no loss here. The only loss would be for another globalist to be put in, because it would insist that people do actually like and vote for globalists. There is still a chance for vote rigging but as of late that does not seem to be happening so much. It's all looking pretty good!

My own MP Peter Kyle is in a different position to Jamie, the leave vote in Jamie's constituency was 62% leave whereas here it was around 60% Remain. But even so, the large amount of loyal to the globalist agenda MP's might be feeling a bit of discomfort, as their brand of propaganda is voted out. Many of the leftist in my area supported Labour because they support Jeremy Corbyn (educated guess).

In more global news however we have this, even though everyone should be relaxing for Christmas and not engaging in serious politics, the situation in Italy has started to catch fire:

Zerohedge: European Banking Bloodbath Spreads To Spain After Italy Fires €20 Billion "Bazooka" At €360 Billion Problem
The stocks today are so close to 20,000... It is rather exciting. It is highly likely this week we will go above 20,000 on the Dow even though we have this problem in Italy... Stocks don't care about reality as of late.

One final note is of a point I often re- iterate on this blog is how 'beyond redemption' the left seems to be. I will close this blog with a quote from Rachael Swindons blog:
I'm sure the 120 BILLIONAIRES IN BRITAIN with a combined wealth of £344 billion could all pay just a little bit more tax. What's the problem with this?

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