Thursday, 15 December 2016

Politics, bugs and fiction.

There is action in the markets, I do not feel I need to source this.

Even though all seems quiet on the front of everything, I have no doubt there is a daily WAR going on behind the scenes; imagine the lives of some of those that know about the Illuminati and stuff and have their actions as relevant in their everyday lives. That get up in the morning and have to order someone to snuff out a Rothschild agent or who wake up and review papers in the European Union with the mind towards keeping the civilian population enslaved. These people are going through more action than is seen in the mainstream in my opinion.

European Union MEP's are having arguments that are reported, a minor manifestation surely.

I do not think the electoral college will go to Clinton. I do not see this because of backup from positive factions of the intelligence and military services.

So it's just a waiting game really!

In my personal life I still have this bug that is starting to frustrate me now. I am starting to get angry at never seeming to improve. I am falling asleep at odd moments and constantly coughing up phlegm. Alcohol which I usually avoid I have started drinking in order that the tension that I experience from this bug does not cause me irritation. While there are many healthy habits I have chosen for various reasons, I have already relaxed the 'rules' on alcohol and somewhat draw the line at low levels of physical pain. The alcohol is acting like a painkiller. I am not able to take paracetamol and other similar medicines.

I have been Netflixing a bit and do have a positive view of the shows I have since watched that don't have some sort of anti White- male Marxist agenda. I watched 'shadow hunters'. Clearly a kids program that is certified 15 (because everyone knows kids can watch Netflix!) I am also watching a program called Sense8 which is the most anti Marxist film I have seen in a while. It has already talked fairly honestly about the situation between blacks and whites in America, acknowledging black crime is part of the problem. It has some heavily LGBT characters but... so does life... That doesn't have to be agenda!

Being the kind of person I am I am very hopeful that Star Wars Rogue One will be a flop. I would not put it past the establishment to rig the box office figures though!

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