Thursday, 29 December 2016

Confused history of Israel/ Palestine. Crimes of Western intelligence agencies.

Well, long nights of good sleep, ten hours I'm averaging at the moment and I'm feeling a lot better.

I have two books that I got for Christmas. The first one is Blacklisted by History; The untold story of Senator Joe McCarthy... Riveting, absolutely riveting. It starts off explaining how official documents have been taken away from their locations in national libraries and other places with no records as to who took them. All of them relating to McCarthy. It feels like a gold mine of conspiracy research. As far as my direct Pluto can go (It is only Pluto retrograde that goes really deep into the conspiracy in my understanding, what Pluto direct does never completely breaks from the mainstream buzz).

The second is relevant to the current political situation. Israel and Palestine. Surely a tricky subject for the alt right some of which are anti Jew, more of which are anti Muslim. Few of even the thought leaders in the area have gone into the Israel issue in any depth.

The book is called 'The Invention of the Jewish People' by Schomo Sand. To tell you all you need to know about this book, the second chapter is called 'Mythistory'. The idea as I have understood it previously is that the current ancestry of the Jews is not the ones that originally lived in Jerusalem but was another kingdom called the Khazarians, that took on the religion of Judaism for political reasons and the lineage that originally lived in Jerusalem is what is now called the Palestinians.

This complicates the current situation between Israel and Palestine clearly. But what does so even further is that apparently, there has never been a Palestinian state, the reason they don't have statehood is originally that land was under the rule of another empire, rather like the current Kurdish people.

Some thoughts on this tangled web:

  • It appears with such a tangled web that there is going to be little sorted out by looking at history. If the history delivers no verdict as to the rights of the land in question then it cannot be used as a reference in arbitration.
  • The Bible is not a legal document, if the Bible says god gave this land to so- on- so then what does that mean... Do we even know that it is god? It could be an extra terrestrial or some random thing a guy or king put in there to claim legitimacy and inspire people.
  • On the same token, on what basis does the Muslim religion stake it's claim on all the conquered lands it has taken by force and often with some brutality? If the West conquered and enslaved Saudi Arabia I have no doubt the Arabs would want Mecca back and would wait thousands of years if need be.
The final solution will probably be that the land is drawn back along the 1967 lines because no one has any other idea of what to do. We are all very supportive of Trump but it is not Trump that has caused this revolution on his own it is the people behind him, the military interests engaged in some really hard revolutionary activity (See Steve Pieczenik, Benjamin Fulford). They are the ones with the final say and if it is them that want this situation solved in such a way, then that is what will happen. Regardless of what Trump personally may want. The globalists and the alliance are working together now to bring up partial disclosure and it is likely to me that Trump is on the side working towards full disclosure. 

This is an interesting line of interests. The people will be empowered by this and it will be the people and Trump that are partly against the Alliance that has done all this work in setting us free.

The dying negative force:

Here is some very important news:

Zerohedge: Russia: Mass Graves Full Of Tortured Civilians Discovered In Aleppo

It's very easy to relax and not care too much about this ongoing cold war style revolution, or to start thinking of things to do with outward apparance (I am still a Leo!) But while the revolution hasn't happened here in Western politics people in Syria are still suffering from the actions of these sociopaths in our governments. This evil cannot be put into words but it must be stopped and when it is stopped. When. It. Is. Stopped. The evil that exists in our society/ our whole world, will be pulled back by the neck and excised even from the inside of a lot of people. Da'esh's original name was the one the CIA gave to them: ISIS, it is these dark magicks that are being pulled back. It is the female dark instinct that is keeping liberalism in power.

Also, to put a direct crime onto the negative aspects of the American/ Western military is a good thing and will aid in the arrests of the evildoers. It is good to see the evil in real terms that we all know is there but can't put into words!

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