Sunday, 11 December 2016

Dumping twitter for a second time.

What this illness has shown me, is the irrelevant nature of the internet and social media. It is an important... Unreplaceable form of political activism. But when the dust settles and the patterns of true, correct thinking start to take on a powerful gravity, we will all likely form off into groups that will have no relation to anyone we meet on social media. Excepting perhaps facebook.

I originally kept my twitter account open because of periscope. Then I thought if I am writing blogs I might as well put them on twitter. Then I went on twitter someday when Gab was quiet.

... and I was rewarded for doing that with additional views... BUT, I've learned something about myself and that is that I am not too concerned about views on this blog. I blog to express my truth. So I don't really need the additional views do I? My problems with twitter, my disagreements with the platform and its management, can take precedence here.

The conversations I have had the past few days on twitter have been crazy: One was with a woman who debated briefly and then ran for the hills when I laid down that 'rights' occur at others expense via taxation. One was a guy who argued this point trying to tell me how the left does care about individual rights but when pressed decided that purveyors of 'hate speech' did not deserve any right to free speech at all, neither did anyone deserve any rights that went against his moral standards... *sigh*.

One was a guy who deliberately misinterpreted me when I pointed out that the people who answered a quantitative study did not know anything of the subject matter. Another was a woman who decided to call me a 'dog' for some post disagreeing with her and was an unapologetic hillbot. There are a lot of liberals that have been nasty to me in some way, and I just want to find a way of getting them back, so I follow them... What follows is usually me pointing out things that are crazy about their philosophies and me being mostly ignored, and finding new liberals.

I should not forget the guy who thought the right wing wanted 'globalisation and deregulation'. Two opposing concepts... and kept on RT'ing small comments and ignoring my points that destroyed his argument. As I said to him he seemed to think the term 'right wing' was an all encompassing boogeyman like 'Illuminati' and 'Zionist' that does not require any argument to prove the assumption that it is deleterious.

There is no point in interacting with these people. It is a waste of time. There Is. No. Point. I'm sticking to Gab. Where even if the liberals were to go there, they would not have the additional power of their arguments being backed up by censorship of their opposition. It would be an equal playing field.

There is no point in interacting with these liberals until they are completely proven to be incorrect by reality. Such as the election of Donald Trump, the arrest of Hillary Clinton for Satanic paedophilia, the revealing of cabal crimes etc. In these moments they will change. They will be amusingly butthurt. But until such an axe comes down on the head of their vicious mythologies, there is no point. No arbiter of truth to effect them for outrightly lying.

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