Friday, 9 December 2016

A story about "partial disclosure".


This post is about a fictional exploration of the potential future possibility of a 'partial disclosure'. Full disclosure would be we find out the truth about all the political secrecy, agendas and crimes of those in the heart of power. We start using technology that has been developed in extra terrestrial programs such as free energy. We meet our extra terrestrial brothers and sisters. We get it all.

Partial disclosure would then mean that the people in the heart of power would still be there, controlling everything behind the scenes, rather like the series Star Trek, where we have technology such as replicators, and a kind of communist utopian culture, a not much modified version of our history and a hierarchical structure where the cabal are still in charge. Black ops programs like Section 31 in Star Trek Deep Space Nine are still happening.

Although, I am putting forward the idea that what cannot be stopped in such a partial disclosure is realisation people have of their own abilities. For several reasons:

A) Extra terrestrial entities have psychic abilities, when you meet an entity with psychic abilities like a tuning fork you also experience it. Such as with empathy and telepathy.
B) There is no possibility that an updated education of the human system of health can be put forward without acknowledging 'universal energy'. Which automatically unleashes extrasensory abilities.
C) Free energy devices are also based on this 'universal energy'.

So lets say that in addition to this kind of humdrum disclosure people are also developing extrasensory abilities. Let's say: Healing, precognition, telekinesis, telepathy. All in various different levels and strengths like any other abilities.

However, there is a clear difference in types of abilities that different types of people got. Fifth density entities get abilities that are more like 'working with light'. So precognition, telepathy of a certain focused sort, rather like psychoanalysis, heightened understanding.

Fourth density entities are telekinetic and basically, empathically and non specifically telepathic (the kind that creates ease and joy).

Sixth density entities however, gain strong abilities such as a deep but immediate telepathy, and a telekinesis that rises with their characteristic emotional intensity. Lifting things clear off the ground with the ease that a bird takes flight.

I am basing this on my experience with them. Sometimes when they are really cornered they attempt to confide in you how they've been treated at a certain time, and you feel their energy wash over you like a real physical force.

Story background:

So the 'cabal' still motivating things are still doing some bad things on the quiet, because they simply can't live without 'loosh'. In this example what I am going to talk about is sex trafficking, but the example could just as well be something else that has an aggrieved victim, the specifics don't matter but this situation could apply to anyone.

Currently in England, there are Muslims who sex traffic young white girls aged 5 - mid 20's. There is a massive political effort to keep this in place, perhaps since it links up with the London 'pizzagate' style trafficking rings as well. (As one of the previous judges to the paedophile inquiry contested. Just before she was fired.)

The way this happens is to stop the disclosure of these events by stopping arrests. At every point from the ground, to the council, to the social workers, the schools, the police and finally, the Crown Prosecution Service and above those the politicians, every stage of this link goes to great effort to stop the facts of these Muslim sex trafficking paedophilic groups from being discovered or prosecuted.

If one of these groups is charged is has become a national sensation, such as in Rotherham. Obviously to keep this from being uncovered the elite prevent the prosecutions. This serves to prevent the DISCLOSURE of this crime, because civilian pressure in the form of groups called 'racist', has actually lead to action being done on this matter in some instances such as Rotherham.

The examples and information on this is pretty awful. The police are on the side of the Muslim traffickers in many instances. One example is when two men went to pick up their daughters who were being raped by 5 muslim men, the police turned up and arrested the fathers, not the sex gang! It is this example I am going to fictionalise if it were set in our 'partial disclosure' universe.


We start off with two fathers, Bill and John. They both live in a quiet town in the North of England. They like the world they live in. They have both gotten together with their families again since things have eased up since 'disclosure'. Bill is a carpenter and John works in mining. He sometimes uses his telekinesis to help him in this regard.

Many political concerns have changed, Bill used to be a member of UKIP but the party has become less vocal since 'disclosure', he still does not like the European Union, even as the apparently benign trade body it now is but he can't do anything about it. A lot of people from the community have moved to different places or different planets. There has not been as much investment as one might expect in a futuristic 'utopia'. Education is more gripping now it has changed but somehow doesn't fill some need Bill has.

One thing leads to another and they learn that their daughters have been kidnapped, They try the police, social services and media but no one will listen, so they go to where they know their daughters are being held... and raped! As they do so police turn up but John isn't having any of it. As they try to cuff him he screams at them loudly and they are flung across the road into their vehicle. They do not attempt to arrest the two again. One goes to hospital for his injuries.

Bill sees where this is going and decides to catch it all on camera so the world can see what really happened when the police try and string John up by the nearest poll. John pummels through the door with his bat and is attacked! Bill handles one of the attackers, two more are flung against the wall with such force as to break their ribs, one runs away and the last one is strangled with psychokinesis with Bill watching through his camera. The scene ends with the two girls tied up to the chairs, bleeding and beaten looking. (One girl trafficked gangs had her tongue nailed to the table after saying she would go to the police.)

What happens next though is what matters. The video goes on youtube and not only that, it is shared via disk with the rest of the community. It is such amazing viewing it takes on a viral nature unlike anything ever has. The community know he was justified in his actions and they have seen, on camera, a muslim sex trafficking gang. They demand, they really do demand, to know what has happened. The police turn up to arrest John and they are assaulted by the people who have taken up residence in his house to guard against this. The politicians are demanded by an angry public why they did not do anything about this when they should have done.

Just thinking how such abilities would change everything!

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