Thursday, 8 December 2016

Conclusions and our march forward!

My blog has reached a definitive change by my perspective. I have reached a conclusion that I can stick with, and do not need to engage in so much theory and discovery in certain areas now I have reached a conclusion.

My last post finally put the nail on the head about the elite's goal. Why they are doing what they are doing. Even though this perspective omits certain parts of the agenda/ reality, as a fifth density entity, a being of wisdom I am not able to integrate some areas of negative fourth density 'cruelty for no reason'. Like Orwell whose theories omitted 'torture porn' because he had fought in world war 2 and had no desire to explore these ideas. So my theories omit certain things but capture the theoretical core reason for a lot of these things.

Also, as my last post lays out, the reason for the formation of certain groups such as the English Defence League becomes obvious. There are many things I have learned in the past that have created problems in my subsequent theorising because they are not true. For instance, I used to try and understand the crusades under the basis of how could someone pray in the Christian religion and end up getting it all so wrong. I now know that it was a response to Muslim aggression that created these so called Crusades and so from this correct information I can come to other conclusions about the behaviour of these people.

The reason the EDL did what they did is that they are responding to Muslim groups prostituting their children and the police supporting the Muslims/ Pakistani gangs doing this.

Just as a small note since I talked about the police yesterday there were two stories on the Daily Mail about police brutality. Just a little coincidence!

I may turn my interest to the corruption of the free market as in the kind of post I talked about here. This would clearly be another way that the elite suppress the good guys and keep the bad guys in power because, clearly they do not want people who are good intelligent people in positions of real power at the top of organisations.

Regular news:

There is a bit of interesting stuff going on.

A) Aleppo has nearly been one by Assad and Russia. Source
B) Michigan have refused Jill Steins recount. Source
C) Although the parts they have recounted have revealed that the Hillary side has been rigging. Source
D) A dust cloud formed between Da'esh and Israel (hmmm... what could this mean?). Source

Another piece of news is that Theresa May has called for a vote on the timing of article 50, and only 89 MP's voted against it.

It seems to me that what she is doing here is positioning the Tories as the Brexit party. When Nigel Farage has said some of the things he has said some of those in positions of power have been crying in fear. Actually physically crying. Theresa May, the one overseeing the police of the UK locking up fathers trying to prevent their daughters from being raped, is not a good person. These people are going for a partial disclosure and like I explained their motivation in my last blog where I quoted from Orwell:
If leisure and security were enjoyed by all alike, the great mass of human beings who are normally stupified by poverty would become literate and would learn to think for themselves, and when once they had done this, they would sooner or later realise that the privileged minority had no function, and would sweep it away. 
- Orwell 1984 p119 penguin edition: 
The force that the masses might use to sweep these people away are UKIP. So UKIP cannot be made to look like the Brexit party against the Conservatives. This is why despite Nigel Farage being so unbelievably good against the corporates in the EU and for the UK (especially being close to Trump now!) that even though the Conservative government should be his best friend now, they clearly hate him.

The march forward:

Well it seems the elite are unable to stop Trump becoming President, the electoral college is only 11 days away now it is unlikely they will be able to stop it. At best they might be able to slow it down but even this is unlikely.

But a very, very big event has happened. Renzi has quit and Italy is now deciding what to do after its historic vote that rejected the status quo. One of the worst things that the European Union has ever done in my view is to create the Euro. It is this that has destroyed the economy of those members. With any luck... WITH ANY LUCK we might start to see the end of the euro. And the second that happens, the day it happens. Employment and prosperity will begin to return to the ravaged countries of Western Europe.

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