Monday, 12 December 2016

Jessica Jones and stagnant news.

All the world is waiting until December 19th. When either Donald Trump is elected by the electoral college (likely in my opinion) or there is a lot of legal huffing and puffing because Hillary supporters have managed to slow this down.

Benjamin Fulfords update is very promising.

I am still recovering from this bug. I slept for 8 hours today for the first time in several days. So I feel good. I FINALLY feel good, I have been in a daze for the past few days.

Jessica Jones:

Binge watched the whole season 1 yesterday.

My summary is that it was highly enjoyable to begin with. But, as though responding to the basics of psychology once the show has you hooked it became lazy. The end part of the show the extremely good villain, 'Kilgrave' played by David Tennant, is purposely made less of a threat because the writers needed a quick finishing of the season and defeat of the enemy. The chess game intellect displayed in the first half of the show is gone.

This is quite a normal part of TV series everywhere, especially where woman are the main characters in my view. The natural psychopathy and intelligence of the villain cannot fit into the shows need for emotional relatedness to accomodate the female lead and female viewers.

The Marxist agenda also blighted the show somewhat. Although it was absent from the shows beginning as the show goes on all the black characters are saints, all the white male characters are villains, and the white female characters always have the emotional and intellectual highground in almost all situations.

What saves the show and makes it enjoyable are the following: The female lead is a good actress, within a few hours of watching her you feel like you've known her your whole life, although the show does depend on her a little too much; the villain is a great villain, who's characterisation of this role is beyond reproach in my opinion; there is plenty of physical action and death in the later parts of the show; the romantic lead between Jessica and Luck Cage is well done.

Since Pizzagate though I am not really feeling villains. What is really happening in the world right now dwarfs most fictional concepts of what evil could be. The Comet Ping Pong message that talks about 'pizza's' being cheaper from last session because they are in poor health and not expected to survive is beyond any villain I have ever seen from Freddy Krueger to Kilgrave, even Saw (which I have not seen) does not quite get there. The fictional series 'Angel' almost went there by having characters in the lawyer firm 'Wolfram and Heart' that talked jokingly about actually having sacrificed their children to Satan.

What the world is going to look like after the swamp has been drained I can only imagine! But during Jessica Jones there was a moment or two when I identified either bad acting or bad script writing. With a true meritocracy stories and acting should develop that have a level of excitement, creativity and realism that is so far beyond anything that most of us could do that it will feel positively enlightening and educating about some facet of how the world works! There will be real debate in the world.

But, as the PGTips bear says: That, is none of my business!

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