Sunday, 18 December 2016

Peaceful protest vs violence!

I am just going to put on my supervillain hat!

In the run up to the Iraq war I was about 15. A lot of my school friends left one day in order to protest the war in Iraq; later on I was told this was a bit boring, they didn't know what to do. I went to class and enjoyed it!

One Million people in America marched against the Iraq war! One Million. This protest was non violent.

I wonder what would have happened, if one million Americans wanted to stop the Iraq war. Maybe some extra terrestrial gave them a realistic experience of what was about to go down. What if one million Americans said that they were marching against the Iraq war and if their demands were not met, they would grow insanely violent, break all property and personnel in their pathways and rip the face off President Bush with a knife.

Would the Iraq war still have happened?  I don't know that it would. How fierce would the army be against their own populace? I'm betting it's one hell of a lot less fierce than they were against the Iraqi populace! The Turkish coup was stopped when the populace came out against the army!

In the UK from about 1970 onwards, gangs of Muslims raped and trafficked young white girls against their will. Often from below the age of consent. For 40 years about 1 million girls were raped, almost all of them repeatedly and nothing happened to stop this.

The EDL started making a fuss, started marching through towns, protesting and smashing up the occasional mosque. Then there were investigations into this case of mass sex trafficking and it became a MASSIVE scandal in the town of Rotherham. (The following electoral votes in Rotherham were for Labour, one suspects rigging!)

Violence works! That might seem like an unspiritual thing to say, but it is true. Governments and corporations have kept up the idea that non violence is the spiritual route to solve things, but this is a myth.

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