Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Bishop to G5!

I am still running on almost empty here. I have today, tomorrow and the next day not working so there is hope!

To comment on two previous threads of this blog. Previously I mentioned things to do with karma and I have been watching very closely karma for various incidents and energies. There is another theme I talk about which is a kind of anti karma that flows from a communist type of thinking. Where the good are punished for opposing the bad. Rather like the situation with Senator Joe McCarthy who really did find Communist infiltration of the United States but was vilified by those he sought to discover.

Nothing so serious is relevant in my life. However, I have been watching karma and where karmic opportunities (courage, real tolerance, learning etc.) are missed because of someones personal preference. Also, where whole sections of people may be about to experience karma but there is a clampdown and nobody does.

This all sounds very confusing and is so because a long term situation at my workplace is not figured out. However, it has progressed. I am holding these concepts in a very non material way because I will not talk about the situation in a way that names specific people involved.

On a basically unrelated, not completely unrelated, and possibly somewhat boring note. (I do not have the energy to dive into politics at the moment). There is an interesting situation that has come up in my workplace.

A change in leadership has meant the 'in group' are scarpering. It makes little sense they have not been opposed in any obvious way. Out of five strong in groupers I would say two of them have left. Two of them have either attempted to transfer or will be attempting. One is in a slightly compromised situation although this turned out unexpectedly, this person is also soon to go on extended leave. Those on the outside of the in group have stayed, minus one that was about halfway. It's interesting how things work out and what is also interesting is how connected the 'in' group were to each other.

I feel like I'm a being from another world trying to understand a foreign land!

I wonder also, and this... Excitingly, connects worldwide domestic affairs up to this global political change we are now experiencing. What is also interesting is that a fundamental problem with this group of people, all of them not just the 'in' group was that they did not treat outsiders very well. People they thought would oppose them.

But... Are the 'in' group more often 'liberal'? Now that is a very interesting question. The strongest part of the 'in' group is almost always female in my experience, female + left. Middle class or wanting to be. Safe in the group, doesn't consider politics so takes the liberal brainwashed option. Naturally supports the welfare state and leftist policies... and, most importantly... uses the process of virtue signalling as the middle/ upper class mechanism for excluding the lower classes, while with great hypocrisy claiming to defend such people.

I think we have our queen. Bishop to G5!

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