Saturday, 31 December 2016

Grand Agenda. Two Films. New Year!

The Grand Agenda:

Alex Jones has come out with something interesting:

The basic premise being that 'they' are doing all these things to experiment on us to find out which mutations work to better themselves. So they can hijack the ascension and create an ascension for themselves and kill everybody else.

It puts a lot of events into sense. Consider the recent piece of news that a girl in England was kidnapped, raped every day for thirteen years, and had her four children sold. Well, these children, a mixture between Pakistani and English, would not have been created in such numbers without these events. No doubt Muslim cultures have a certain genetic tendency towards believing in dieties. Perhaps they even have a genetic tendency towards clairvoyance and clearly hearing the voices of whatever dieties it is they are praying to. For either good or ill. The high IQ of Westerners and the physical strength of some other cultures? Or the blind submission of some other cultures?

In the film, the two gene types that are combined are for physical strength (the 'aliens') and intelligence (the humans)

This is also why they experiment with vaccines and keep creating all these flu like things to wind us all up!

Two films:

Sausage Party:

This film is absolutely great. It is SO funny. It is a pisstake of the Jews by Jews. There are holocaust jokes, there are comparisons to Israel and Palestine, there are digs at blind religious devotion, and there is just plain old good humour:

"How can I say this delicately?... Your girlfriend... Er... Is a fucking cunt."

Even in the advert, there is a character with Donald Trumps hair, that goes, in a very camp manner:

'Once you see that shit, it will fuck you up for life. Well, have fun!' *kiss* *giggle*. Whether or not it was deliberate, the mentally immature liberals have trouble, in a similarly. They're being told by Donald Trump, that Muslims from the third world may not be angels; that we need borders etc. Like this character though, part of Donald Trumps function is as messenger he says what's happening but he did not create those troubles. He also, like this character, seems to take joy in the whole process of telling the stupid, uninformed and already converted the way things are. 

Sausage Party even has a happy ending which would scarcely seem possible considering its subject matter.

War: Jason Statham and Jet Li.

I probably should not give too much away in this film but it is very good. It lacks the real use of Jet Li's physical abilities but it is a good film with a good plot twist and character development. Which is rare for this kind of action film.

But I've probably already said too much!

The Global Game and New Year:

New Year is upon us. It is New Years Eve. I will probably be working over that period. Either working or just finished. The genius's at my store have recently updated the store in such a way as to make some things better but a lot of things more difficult, and the floor is now very difficult to clean. Dirt gets caught in these big cracks that can't be reached by the crappy dustpans we are given, so after you leave it manages to crawl out again from airflow. It will likely require a harder scrub from now on.

New Year does not feel like any real milestone because it is not. The current holidays we have are outside alignments with celestial bodies. The real new year is when the Human Design starts again at hexagram 1. January 22nd. Two days after Trumps inauguration which is like the crowning achievement of the year. It is also when Obama is finally evicted from office. Definitely an ending!

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