Saturday, 3 December 2016

Italian referendum, the free market and home schooling.

Italian Referendum:

Unlike when Greece was having problem with debt and day after punishing day we were given every tiny detail, a far more important global story has developed, Italy's referendum tomorrow and the mainstream media is pretty much silent on it. Sure there is the occasional article about it or a brief note on radio, but not much.

Perhaps it is because to talk about it in any real way would be to draw attention to the fact that in the larger sense the establishment is losing. That is not a very strategic reason and not normally a perspective I would consider, but when it comes to finance it seems that any sign that the government is the big daddy seems to calm markets and turn them bullish. The markets run on belief in the central banks omnipotence in the face of a crumbling economy.

But probably the reason the mainstream hasn't talked about it much is because to talk about Italy is to talk about the issues: The big one, bigger even than immigration, is the European Bail In mechanism which is a big thing in Italy. However, even when considering immigration the Italians have been very vocal in their opposition to the "refugees" and I doubt the BBC want to give us plebs any ideas.

However, from the Daily Express, which I suppose is kind of mainstream media, we learn that this situation, in theory, is very serious:

Daily Express: EUROZONE ON A KNIFE-EDGE: Italy scuttles off to Brussels over BAILOUT of its oldest bank

This is serious that there is tentative talk of the end of the European Union, and even if these votes do not create that surely it is on the cards with Le Pen and AfD potentially coming next year:

Daily Express: Terrified EU bigwigs REFUSE to talk end of EU ahead of Italy referendum & Austria election

So what is going to happen? I don't know but the whole world holds its breath in anticipation. A collapse of the TBTF banks and the arrest of the Illuminati coming in the next few weeks? Pretty cool if that were the case but I doubt it. If that were the case though it would be a sudden arrival of karma for liberals and I would have to be sure to have prepped properly. Early next week when the stock market tanks I'll be having to make sure I get my prescription for insulin, batteries, and perhaps a little more prepping.

However, it will probably be more of the same. At first it seems like a great thing with loads of liberal butthurt and then little court cases and other nitpicks get in the way. 

Recently, David Davis has been talking about keeping the free movement of people. The comment section on Breitbart summarised how most people feel. That that is not what they voted for, regardless of the 'needs of business' the voters do no want more unskilled migrants here. What seems to happen is we have a vote and reality is felt and then the court cases and other little things start getting in the way as the elitests start applying their energy...

But luckily, then there is another vote, and every vote seems to put another bullet into their empire.

Free market and schools:

I have wondered how schools might face their demise under a free market system. How schools can be wrestled away from the government that always wants to propagandise to keep itself in power:

This article is fantastic and makes me realise that with a low tax free market, parents can home school their children and the grip of the state on young minds ends:

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