Monday, 26 December 2016

The fight continues.

Over this Christmas holiday one thing has struck me. Although some people have actually taken the time off, for many the same narrative has remained over Christmas and in some way the fight has continued.

Never before have we been so close to a major defeat of the cabal. Infowars broadcast yesterday. Johnathan Pie did a short video on an injustice of modern times, and the Trump team, even if they had taken this day off, have been strongly involved in complex things such as dissolving Trumps businesses. Zerohedge carried on producing headline on Christmas day that surprised me a great deal.

Thursday will see Uranus go direct, on the new moon no less. We will start to feel a move forward. It will be extremely exciting.

I however, DID relax on Christmas day. I ate extremely well, slept a lot and enjoyed superficial entertainment... Good times!

But then, my actions, unlike those of the people above, effect few people.

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