Friday, 29 January 2016

The dying feminine shadow.

Da'esh when they first came on the scene were called ISIS. Which was the ancient healer goddess, who dealt with the Priest Ra- ta back in the times the pyramids were created.

I thought at the time that Da'esh was symbolic of a kind of feminine darkness and madness, and now as Da'esh falls, we seem to be seeing that.

Prominent women/ representations that seem to be taken down at the moment:

Hillary Clinton: The mainstream left candidate, is looking to be arrested by the FBI soon.

It's looking very bad for Angela Merkel, after her disasterous refugee ideas.

Donald Trump, has taken on Fox news (that Obama was never able to do) by protesting against the biased broadcaster Megyn Kelly. (Later update 30/01: This one was under researched and may not be precisely correct).

The feminists are continuing to make excuses such as that Cologne wasn't that bad and that Western societies are responsible for the same behaviours. Jess Philips on a recent Question Time said the same things happened in Birmingham; feminists on LBC have been saying similar things:

And recently, if ever there is more evidence needed that this feminists group are a disturbed cult, Gregory Elliot, who TWEETED some things feminists disagree with was dragged through the courts. Thankfully though, he was found not guilty. 

This is perhaps somewhat symptomatic of the left wing movement as a whole, which is characterised by feminine traits (dark ones at the moment). Such as the need to look after people as a by product of a child rearing mentality (lies and overwhelming concessions to mass migration from Middle East, incorrectly termed 'refugees'), looking after the planet regardless of logic and ethics (Greens) and the LGBT movement that is closely (but not exclusively) linked to the left wing.

Donald Trump's nomination in IOWA on the 1st February and the Pegida March in Birmingham England on Saturday the 6th, should start to see a renewed dominance of libertarianism against lefty whining. (I.e. regardless of what you say, this is what we are doing now, this is who has the power, not someone who listens to your crap.)

The aforementioned (previous post) closure of Schengen and the sacrifice of Greece (if this does indeed happen), just as campaigning to leave the EU is kicking off in England, should further feed into these events as the collapse of the cabal continues.  

Global game:

Japan has recently done an absolutely crazy economic move and brought in negative interest rates. The US has three main ways of rigging, although this is only a few of their potential tools. One is Crude ramps. As seen on the 26th:

But then was less successful on the 28th:

The other is a USDJPY ramp, and the weakness of the Yen will help this. (Brought on by negative interest rates of the DOJ.) Another is a VIX ramp, which is a volatility index that algorithms (software buying) use as part of their buying strategies. All of these have been unsuccessful at one point of the other in January.

However, negative interest rates will start to cannibalise the Japanese economy and currency, as people move out of the JPY to safeguard against losing money. It is rather like someone who has had to go to hospital for drug use, pulling their final resources together and getting a major hit. Their energy (in this case money) will quickly run out and they will not be able to go to work or do whatever they do to keep going.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Closing the Schengen zone?

Strange, this article says Schengen will be closed and Greece locked out (title says it all tbh):

'Running out of time', EU puts Greece, Schengen on notice

So borders will be closed and Greece will be forced to deal with the thousands of migrants arriving on their own.

Now look at this article (excerpt):

Yiannis Mouzalas, the Greek interior minister, defended Greece by arguing that the only way to stop migrants arriving from Turkey was to shoot them. “It is very difficult to stop small boats coming except sinking or shooting them, which is against our European values and Greek values and we will not do that”, he said

...So the EU is going to lock Greece out which will either collapse under the migrant chaos or kill the incoming migrants.

How regal!

Sunday, 24 January 2016


It's the New Year, according to a system that ACTUALLY means something, the Human design chart.

... and although we haven't seen any ginormous crash of the stock market, conversion to the yuan etc. It still feels like the New Year to me.


Climate Hustle: Marc Morano has said nothing more about when this film will be released, perhaps he's trying to give as little warning as possible to the global warming lobby, but this is due sometimes in early 2016 and should really begin in earnest the fight back against the Anthropogenic Global Warming fanatics in the minds of the average person.

X- Files. A new X- Files is to be released, with all the modern conspiracy theories.

The Big Short. Released on the 22nd. All about the financial crisis of 2008. Both the populist left and the finance/ possibly Libertarian quasi right wing rave about how great this film is.

Not on the cinema, but domestically the film with Emma Watson 'Regression' is soon to be released. This throws light on the Savile Esque satanic Paedophilia groups running around all over the place.


Events are gathering in politics:

The Republican and Democrat first nominations in IOWA on 1st February. Donald of course gaining and perhaps Bernie Sanders. Or the with-any-luck-soon-to-be-in-jail Hillary.

The Grassroots out campaign for the UK to leave the EU is starting up in earnest. Also David Cameron is getting internal trouble from his own MP's about his lack of demanding any real rights for the UK. Of course he will pull something out of the hat last minute, but still, he isn't looking good.

Pegida will be marching in Birmingham on 6th February. The migrant issue in Germany and elsewhere in Europe has still not been solved and apparently:

"Six Europeans countries have already reimposed border controls and suspended their Schengen membership in an effort to contain the large influx of refugees."

I had no idea!

... and it seems that the Soros et al funded left are creating trouble... Whodathunkit?

Luckily these people seem to be going to jail this time.

Migrants involved in the drug trade?

So I put it to you, that the reason the Western governments/ EU imported a lot of Middle East and African migrants was because the 'cabal' within these governments needs personnel for their failing drug war.

The narrative that I work on is that there are a lot of shady groups doing a lot of shady stuff, multiple groups, and someone that looks like the bad guy is very often a good guy, or event. This war has multiple secretive groups and factions but the worst of them lead up to negative ET's whom are soon to be arrested by an alliance of more positive beings (human and otherwise).

This expresses itself partly through ongoing wars between various countries and interests within those, including between Russia and the United States:

News from this war is that for a long time, the positive forces have been chowing down on the drug money from these cartels:

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 10-5-15… “Cabal resorting to extreme threats as their power structure crumbles”

The flow of drug money to the cabal is also being systematically cut off in South America thanks in large part to intervention by Pope Francis. The thawing of US/Cuban relations engineered by the Pope has helped close off drug traffic and money laundering there, Whitehat-CIA sources say. Now, in a further blow, a deal between the Columbian government and FARC rebels being negotiated by Francis is cutting off cocaine money to the Bush/Netanyahu Nazionist faction of the cabal.
FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-2-15… “High level secret negotiations continue as rogue state Israel’s military put under air and sea blockade”

It now appears the Doctors Without Borders hospital that was bombed in Afghanistan was a heroin distribution center. According to the Russian Tass News Agency, the Doctors Without Borders were kicked out of the Eastern Ukraine because they were drug dealing.
FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 1-12-16… “Khazarian financial system and Mafiosi under systematic attack as world revolution unfolds”

Also, the capture of Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán last week means that he will be extradited to the United States to “sing to destroy” Wall Street banks, ISIS and the Bushes, according to a Defense Intelligence Agency source.
Now obviously people like George Soros and other mysterious billionaires are in on this. Who according to the following articles are supporting the No Borders efforts and various left wing groups:

Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute

PICTURES: Open Borders Activists Host ‘Welcome Party’ For Calais Migrants

‘Hawaii’s George Soros’: The Hidden Donor Funding The Illegal Immigration, #BlackLivesMatter Activists

We also know from Ben Fulford that the cabal are trying to start a race was that could be another part to all this:

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 7-6-15… “Top secret negotiations continue as Greek “No” vote pressures Western oligarchy to surrender”

In the US meanwhile, an African American was arrested for vandalizing an African American church and writing racist graffiti calling for the murder of African Americans. In other words, house slave Obama is following his Khazarian master’s orders and trying to start a race war. Fortunately, the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic United States is no longer fertile ground for race baiting
After all this we come down to the point that where there are strange migrant behaviours, there is often drugs involved as well. Consider:

My brutal attack by knife gang in The Jungle... egged on by BRITISH anarchists: Camerawoman who filmed Calais migrants mugging her colleague before they turned on her relives her horrifying ordeal

For a couple of seconds, our muggers seemed confused. I looked at their faces and noticed their eyes were glassy and hollow – heroin and crystal meth are rife in the camp – before they ran off, dropping Teun’s snatched notebook when they realised it was not a wallet.
Cologne attacks: American woman tells how Syrian refugees rescued her from New Year's Eve sexual assault
Among the group was Hesham Ahmad Mohammad, a 32-year-old primary school teacher who fled Aleppo and was celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cologne with other Syrian friends who have recently arrived in Germany.
He told the New York Times he was also frightened by the groups committing the attacks, saying they had “lost their minds” on drink and drugs.
“We keep hearing news about refugees all day: ‘They are bad people, they must go back to their home,’ ” he said.
And this one seems pretty much like a drug rampage:

REPORT: Locals Fled Pool After Migrants Masturbated Into Jacuzzi, Defecated Into Kid’s Pool, Invaded Girls Changing Rooms

But I don't know for sure.

And here are articles that suggest they may be more specifically involved in the drug trade:

Britain's marijuana mafia: Two million users, £6bn worth of trade and 30,000 deaths. A leading author meets the men (and women) feeding the UK's terrifying addiction

First a little on the drug trade
‘The only problem with supplying a range of hash is that I have to deal with a different set of gangsters for each brand: North London Turks who smuggle the best hash from Afghanistan; West London Sikhs bringing it in from Nepal; and a gang of French mafia importing from Morocco.
Then how it relates to immigration
Foreigners – mainly eastern Europeans – are accused of more than a quarter of all crimes committed in the UK. Astonishingly, they also make up nine out of ten drug suspects and are responsible for more than a third of sex offences
‘The police and other authorities rely on informants, but it’s getting harder and harder to infiltrate these criminal gangs. Informers are few and far between and gangs from eastern Europe are so ruthless, other criminals dare not cross them.’
My emphasis!

And also this:

The 'murder' capital of Britain is revealed to be a sleepy Lincolnshire town – which is also home to the highest increase of migrants in the country

Thus we have another leg of how the collapse of the 'cabal' could fix things. Because as the drug trade collapses as those at the top of it go to jail, these people will stop taking drugs and it could take the edge of their behaviour.

I'm not saying they will not still be chanting 'death to infidels', and wanting German women to wear Burqa's. But they might calm down and be a bit less intense.

Friday, 22 January 2016

GE 2015

I have just written a post on the electoral rigging of the Scots Indy.

That was as more professional post, the next thing I'm going to write is moreso my emotional impression with less hard evidence to back it up.

The reason I found that information on the Scots Indy, was because I suspected very strongly that the General Election of 2015 was also rigged.

Despite what I heard in this video, and no doubt what the woman here was told, we know from the recent Oldham by election that the Postal vote is actually recorded separately from the vote at the polling station. So a freedom of information request could yield interesting results.

There were several reason I thought this, but mostly it came from Nigel Farage's constituency in South Thanet. Firstly, there was an inconsistency in a landslide win for councillors, whereby, a Conservative MP was voted in and a UKIP council.

Now this is a strange idea to me. Most people, unless they believe in a cause like perhaps the 'green' cause, vote the same for their councillors as they do for their MP's. The only reason people would vote Labour and then a green councillor is to 'stop the Tories' getting in and then vote for the councillor of their stated cause.

However, this would be the wrong thing to do in this constituency, if someone wanted Labour to avoid the seat, and Labour I think were nowhere near that seat, they would vote for Farage, especially if they voted for the Councillor they 'believed in', with the UKIP party leader in that seat.

Also, Conservative are the dyed in the wool establishment. UKIP are very anti establishment. They share a common narrative on 'market forces' (lip service in the Tories case IMO) but mostly these two parties are different on almost everything. Mostly, if someone has gotten over the 'racist' gibes of the news services, they have seen that the establishment is a bunch of lies and made peace with that. They do not vote for UKIP despite establishment propaganda and then vote for Conservatives on the word of that same propaganda.

The whole argument looks to get a little bit of a hearing here, however, that is not the whole issue but an argument about party funding in the area. Who knows if it's even accurate with all the lies going around or if someone just wanted an excuse to undo the rigging in the area.

There were other issues with this, I will not be able to source it but I heard that the electoral officers took the ballot boxes in South Thanet somewhere else for six hours before counting, there are pictures of 'Farage vote 1' and 'Farage vote 2' with the former almost full and the latter almost empty.

However, the rest of the election, with the Lib Dems all getting slaughtered, even Vince Cables constituency, it all just seems 'off'.

DSF report on vote rigging.

I am writing a blog to discuss the video immediately below, and the report featured with it.


The presenter here, Andy Anderson, is putting forward the idea that the Scottish referendum on Independence from the United Kingdom was rigged by MI5. The points he is making are two fold. One major and one minor:

1: Major point: That the referendum had an unusually, perhaps impossibly high vote turnout on the Scots Independence Referendum and that these results pushed the referendum to a 'no'. That the 'no' vote was extremely highly made up of postal voting. ('No' to independence)

2: Minor point: That two major figures in British politics, stated ahead of time that the vote had swung towards a 'no', and that these individuals could not have known through conventional means that this was the case.

Andy writes partly from his experience as being a counting officer.


1: A) Statistics:

The voter turnout on the referendum postal vote was 96.4%. This is higher than even the most daring rigged votes. (12 minutes)

The postal votes were about 70% in favour of No. While in the polling stations were very high in favour of 'Yes'. Essentially these two different categories of voting had very different results (10 min)

There is information to show that higher postal voting correlated with a 'no' vote. (21 min)

Written up in their report on pages 13 - 15, is a segment on disproving the possibility of a postal vote having a 96.4% turnout. For the constituency of Argyll and Bute, the PB was 14,409, which means 527 voters used postal voting (So, in way of explanation, 3.6% of 14,409 is 518, perhaps Andy is using more decimal places). Since this electoral register was a year out of date, the author then proves that in the average year more than 527 voters would no longer be available for voting due to differing circumstances such as death, dementia, prison, moving house etc.

Conservative figures from this author, (VERY conservative, which seemed to halve the numbers of possible not able to vote individuals for no clear reason at times) place the numbers that would not have been able to vote despite being on the electoral register at 743.

B) Testing the figures (31 mins):

Andy conducted his own experiment. I will describe it here while acknowledging it's perhaps slight methodological inefficiency. This process is also explained in this brief video about the 2015 UK election.

He asked individuals informally to tell him of family members that they were fairly sure had not voted. Then he gained access to the electoral data to see if they had been recorded as doing so. They had many people but created only two lists, of 20 one of polling station people (control) and one of postal voting people.

From the polling vote data he found that 30% of these had in fact voted. But out of the postal ballot they found that almost all of them, (more than 75%) had apparently voted.

2: People that know more than they should:

While Andy was waiting for the votes to arrive to be counted, Ruth Davidson was on the BBC explaining that the results was 'No', afterward she had to come up with a ridiculous story about how she knew this, this is a major well known point for some Scots that was aired on national TV!.

Four days before the vote, John McTernan, a politician known to be close to MI5 (41 min) said the same thing and specified that the vote would be swung by a strong postal vote.

3: Small additional point:

Additionally, Andy noticed and found suspicious that there was no exit poll.

Argument and Summary:

The argument put forward by Andy is that MI5 simply pulled up the postal vote ballot and printed the slips off for a 'No' vote.

The vote counting apparently took part over 9 days with breaks in between so it was three sets of 3 days. This gave anyone rigging the vote plenty of time to take figures for who had voted and hadn't and send additional votes. (So there was no crossover, i.e. people didn't turn up having already had their votes cast.)

(Later update 31/01: I wrote to the electoral commission about this and they wrote back a reply that responded in informative but broad terms and didn't address the substance of Mr Andersons argument IMO.)

Monday, 18 January 2016

Somethings going on.

Don't have time to link these at the moment. Perhaps will do so later this evening.

Iran has refused to deal with the US while it insists on sanctions for its ballistic missile program (Russia Today)

Russia is withdrawing from PACE. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. (Russia Today.)

Zerohedge: Many banks have been selling treasuries. Billions (or that might be Trillions) sold in November and December

Zerohedge: China is not allowing its citizens to conduct business deals in US dollars.

Put together, these facts make for interesting reading!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Following on from 'rise of the right':

Or rather, the left is in it's dying throws.

They have really come at it full on 'moron'. (don't ever go full moron!) and are now, to justify their continued push for 'refugees welcome'; the left now consider it a conspiracy of liars that the migrants are the ones causing the sex attacks, or Taharrush.

However, what I actually came on here to say was that this all seems to have shifted the dialogue a bit. There is much ado about this pole, which states that the British now want to leave the EU, with numbers above 50%!

There are other poles to back this up!

I don't even need to say it but the Iran deal is obviously very good news.

Just to end this I will add a Daily Mail article that talks about those more positive refugees campaigning against 'racist' discrimination (and sexism of those they arrived with) here.

However, obviously, there is a need to keep up the pressure, while this has been happening, reports of police still attempting to cover up migrant crime, and continued reports of cultural violence from deep within the cultures migrating, here, here, here, here and here.

... and a good summary of the Germans anger at all this here.

Obviously, there are always sane and nice people within these cultures:

But since the authorities are not helping, and the government is only determined to make the problems worse, it is obviously a priority to stand up against these policies and practices. Rather than trusting the 'government' to sort it out. 

Friday, 15 January 2016

Goode's/ Salla's latest post.

Personally, I'm thinking a partial disclosure is how it will go.

I just don't see it going any other way, I have seen little from humanity that indicates they have any appetite for anything but the bare minimum of what they could reach for.

Also... 'Reaching out to beings' from the inner earth civilisations, who have previously been deceived. I've previously met such people... Good luck with this.

... and just for fun:

DOW is 617 points above august lows.

Later edit, this is wrong. The Dax 'from low' is 220 points. 2.30%


Saw a UFO yesterday. Had to avoid looking or thinking of it.

Later update: That wasn't a UFO I saw the other day. It was Sirius, in the constellation of Orion. The different colour flashing lights fooled me.

Also this. Which builds on my Chilean Miners strike metaphors!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Moron Barbecue: The left in its dying throws.

I read from Martin Armstrong that when the economy becomes a problem, immigration becomes a concern and that it is the same in all the historical societies that he has studied (and he has studied a lot).

Following on from my 'moron barbecue post here and expanded on in not so central to the concept posts later on. I have outlined how historical events might be happening that are making those who are acting unthinkingly, the so called 'morons', have to face themselves. Or rather, suffer a kind of 'divine' discomfort.

Best I can put it.

Well, the metaphor for this is a lightning strike that closed down the celebrity jungle camp on the 29th November.

... And now, a month later, we are starting to see the true backlash against the hypocritical left.

Essentially the incidents of Cologne have showed up these people for what they really are. That they are cowards who cannot defend women if it comes against their inner conviction to accomodate radical Islam (where women incidentally have no rights); and that even if they do acknowledge Cologne is a problem, they will not acknowledge that to the extent that they are willing to protest the police crackdown on those who are protesting the events of Cologne (however, lets not give them that much credit. Many left wing groups not only protest AGAINST groups like Pegida protesting in Germany, but also have covered up migrant disrespect of women from the getgo!)

It also means the left are concocting conspiracy theories so they can be 'in the right' in this situation. I have heard these, we are of course yet to find out about the supposed German men who were "really" behind these attacks since it can't be the perfect migrant. This perspective of course utterly demeans the women who were assaulted when they dare to identify their attackers.

As I summarised in a previous article here; It seems to me that left wing groups attach to viewpoints on very little evidence and then commit to them with evangelical aggression.

This leads to this sort of situation in British politics (which although I have not seen this excerpt I have seen before). Where someone can give the right answer, that makes more sense than anyone else in the room, but be met with stony silence from the moronic mob. Rather like I imagine the black people got when they had just been freed in America:

Can't yet figure out how to embed: 

(Later edit: Apparently some previously left wing people did warm to him over his perspective on council houses.)

But there is a fightback.

(Still trying to figure out how to embed the tweet. Which I then could not find. Seems unusually complicated!)

So, Fightback I said?

This one is not to be underestimated:

So as a summary of this newspiece; German men, some that have no doubt always been part of Pegida like groups and some, many whom have just joined (like the body builder interviewed here: who always though Pegida were propaganda before seeing it with his own eyes on New Years Eve) are going round the streets bringing vigilante justice to the streets of Germany, basically beating up Migrants who are trying to rape girls.

Of course, from this location. I have not ability to tell if A) There are that many migrant rapes that this is needed or B) If there are any unjust clampdowns on migrants. But basically, when the police will not defend you, you have to do something, you can't just lounge around (Like those tweeps above) and wait for your girls to get raped.

Another example of civilian protest against this is: Zerohedge: Gun Sales Surge In Switzerland As Army Chief Warns "Arm Yourselves"

Reuters: Angry Bavarian politician takes bus full of refugees to Merkel

As the headline reads. He is not the only politician to get angry at Merkel over this and not support her 'support multiculturalism, throw-our-girls-to-hordes-of-migrants' crew.

Here is another article important for general sociological reasons. That there are people pushing this viewpoint:


... and finally. 

To reiterate the main point that I often come back to. The people who have made the choice to believe these things have not chosen to look at reality and are happy with that choice. It matters not how watertight your argument is, if you are in conversation with them they will redirect the argument to something Trump has done, or some other abstract irrelevance.

So you need to be able to say things to them that concretely show that the right is actually winning and will gain more power over them (as this whole article does to be fair). That's the only way you can win against an unethical person, to have more power than them.

So here is another one. The Trump card:

Zerohedge: Hillary's Lead Disintegrates: She Is Now Doing Worse Than In 2008, As Trump Surges

Just as the British Parliament is considering banning the future President of the United States from England.

I'm sure that will end well!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Putting together a little info. But basic.

A run down on my thoughts of global game at the moment:

I follow markets and global politics. For example. I have personally noticed that when equities fall there is a targeted terrorist strike somewhere in the world

... After the August 20 drop of world markets there was a terrorist attack in France and bombing of Tianjin (drop was started by yuan devaluation. Even though the port of Tianjin wasn't the main target IMO, the destruction of a port = targetting the increase of exports from the devalued yuan, was significant from the standpoint of creating a cover story and intimidation.) 

After the early - mid November drop there was the economist magazine precognicised Nov 13 Paris attack. This lead to the increase in weapons buying that saved world markets again. Most recently, we had a real drop from Yuan devaluation again and Turkey's attack allowed a crude ramp but really the German citizens being killed was likely a message to Merkel not to stop refugee/ illegal immigration since certain criminal groups need help shoring up their dying illegal drug empire. 

The MSF hospital in Afghanistan being one of the drug smugglers in the area, the Mexican recently arrested and other things being done by more positive but secretive groups determined to undermine a vast criminal structure.

Mostly though I follow markets: On 11th Jan FTSE was 1.75% off 2015 lows, DOW was 6.27% off 2015 lows and DAX, that German economy with much industry that is surely CTD with the complete stoppage of the Dry Baltic Index was 2.94% off August lows.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Watching FTSE and DOW.

I was watching the FTSE, annoyed it was in the green today.

I had temporarily forgot the golden rule I had previously noticed in markets.

The American markets decide it all.

The FTSE follows the American markets as though a dog on a lead.

As soon as the Dow opened. The FTSE was into the red again!

White male privilege?

Well I recently read this article.

Basically it explains how feminists concocted this idea of 'white- male- privilege' which was completely, provably, statistically untrue; and in fact it is those feminists were contributing to (perhaps even creating) prejudice against this same group

This is how it concludes:

Identity politics doesn’t totally smother class considerations, however; it helps to facilitate a new, PC version of class hatred. The bile spat by feminists and others at certain white men — the uncouth, most derided ones — is really old-fashioned loathing for the lower orders dolled up as a radical stand against ‘male privilege’. When university students or media-based identity obsessives crow about drinking ‘white male tears’, they behave like modern-day Marie Antoinettes, laughing in the face of the less fortunate who will never experience the privileges enjoyed by these fashionable railers against privilege. ‘White male privilege’ is simply a myth
Now rich feminists hating on working class white men... I cannot imagine a more odious form of human being personally.

The further you go down this rabbit hole of all the various hatreds of modern 'liberalism'. The worse it gets.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Where the missing migrants went?

I keep a long list of bookmarks when I see an interesting article. For whatever reason this article isn't in those bookmarks.

But I have a substitute to explain what I mean:

Swedish Police: 14,000 Migrants Due For Deportation Have Vanished

... and if you connect it with this one:

Britain's marijuana mafia: Two million users, £6bn worth of trade and 30,000 deaths. A leading author meets the men (and women) feeding the UK's terrifying addiction

Tom predicts an uncertain future for the UK underworld. ‘Soon it’s going to be crawling with so many bloody foreigners that the police are going to lose control and it will be like living back in Victorian times with crooks and pimps on every street corner trying to make a quid. A lot of these people from abroad are much more desperate for cash than the Brits.
‘The cities will soon be overflowing with them and that’s when the real problems will begin.’

Foreigners – mainly eastern Europeans – are accused of more than a quarter of all crimes committed in the UK. Astonishingly, they also make up nine out of ten drug suspects and are responsible for more than a third of sex offences

‘The police and other authorities rely on informants, but it’s getting harder and harder to infiltrate these criminal gangs. Informers are few and far between and gangs from eastern Europe are so ruthless, other criminals dare not cross them.’

So what we have here is A) groups of refugees and migrants moving from the Middle East and Africa to Germany and by extension to Europe B) In co- operation with the military and authorities, (whom in all the countries of what Obama calls the 'free world', people being watched by the military can't take a shit without these people knowing about it.) These migrants are then disappearing from detention centres and C) Moving into crime.

This has of course already happened in parts of England such as the infamous Rotherham sex trafficking.

The reason? Well, I can think of a few:

A) Benjamin Fulford has been talking a lot about the forces against these mafias undermining the drug trafficking. Perhaps some part of their business model has been undermined by the 'alliance' and they needed new workers for some domestic crime.

B) Crack down on law and order because of these events?

C) This is the most likely at the moment in my mind: In exchange for some concession from some Middle Eastern power, their members have been allowed to come to the EU for whatever sinister purpose they want.

Just a theory at the moment!

3 lightning strikes! Is it... On?

(Edited the article around because somehow the order of the paragraphs didn't fit.)

Just went for a walk, saw three lightning strikes over the sea. Saw directly two then the flash of the third.

This happened near boats that are always off the shore in the coastal region where I live. I suspect these are fishing boats. Which are only allowed to fish in OUR SEAS because the European Union has declared it so. I.e. points to the EU.

This is what I have been thinking today:

Building on my ideas of the left so far, I've been thinking of the motive for their behaviour and have come up thusly:

When you tell someone on the left things, very often they ignore you, or block you.

The Guardian and other papers have done their best to ignore Cologne, and then when they are made to a little, further confuse the issue by attempting to victim blame (I.e. Hinsliff article), then labelled the groups protesting as their favourite label 'neo nazi'.

Now, it seems to me that the lefts/ populist pattern is, that when they get into a discussion it matters not what the truth is but who can exercise the most power. I.e. Unskilled immigration suppressing the wage of working man... Ignore.

The way they can partly justify this is because they have the greater power because they are animalistically, tribally together.

The fact that innocent German women and more potential victims are getting ignored in the scrum is irrelevant, because if you don't have ethics anyway... Why would it?

This also goes for the declarations of 'racist' by groups such as Hope not Hate.

This is probably why almost all the people I see pushing UKIP (but not all) seem like outcasts of a sort. Those who care about ethics over tribalism.

This mentality can be clearly seen in this Spectator article and this video from Paul Joseph Watson. Which references the left proclaiming that moderate Muslims who seek to reform their own religion are anti Muslim bigots.

... What we have here from the galactic perspective is fifth density entities pushing their reality, organising from a higher density perspective our society.

So from this, I conclude that in the new world we are heading into, after the crash and whatever else, the tribal rules that I have outlined will mean nothing because we will have been slowly, subconsciously from societies perspective, aligned so that we are 'sorted' correctly by fifth density.

In more materialistic terms. When Nigel Farage and David Wilcock have gained ascendancy due to the obvious correctness of their theories, the lies such as global warming, LGBT etc. Will have no relevance.

Under which tribal rules mean very little

Meanwhile this is what Feminism has descended into:

Also the tweet from Laurie Pennie that I cannot seem to find.

(On economic crash ZH has an article entitled something like 'The Hateful Eight; 8 charts that show how bad the economy is.' I have not read it yet but suspect it makes a good case for the upcoming demise of the financial system.)

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Chilean metaphor update.

Added on to my previous metaphor on the Chilean Miners strike is this:

Further update to 'moron barbecue' paradigm:

Following on from: in which I summised an unusual story that lightning strikes were preceding important political shifts.

I wondered in that article if the fact that the lightning strike happened on AUSTRALIAS celebrity show, meant that the 'racist' people were going to get it too.

I do not believe that now.

I also talked about UKIP and Nigel Farage vs Carswee, but now I reconsider and would place those who vote for UKIP in with those who have thought about their political views, and who are not afraid of the establishment, and who are not voting with the establishment the way they are told to (good definition of a moron!)

So, the point of the Australia part of the metaphor, is likely that, with the Australians response to the refugees, (rapefugees), they said they would not rescue the boats. Probably the best decision.

Just a reminder, that in Muslim countries a woman needs four male witnesses to report rape and even then it still often doesn't go through. She can be stoned for adultery since she was raped by someone else.

It makes sense why the 9/11 lightning strike links to this Celebrity jungle one!

The moron barbecue is that of the left and populists who have no idea what is going to happen. Whom have a lot of money they have gotten (shares, housing etc.) from blandly following the establishment and will see it reduced to a heap of dust when any crash does happen. (this is of course an educated guess but no one knows for sure what will happen in the future. I take the LoO and David Wilcock assertion that it will end well, that the good will win out.)

While the left/ populist political beliefs are shown to be hypocritical!

Now that's a barbecue!

Analysis: Who are the left?

It has struck me on twitter, and in life, that the 'left' as a politically active group are not terribly easy to separate from normal, mostly young 'slactivists', who all of a sudden have an opinion that they need to express when a big event comes along, such as the war of Britain against Da'esh (I refuse to say 'Syrian war'.)

All of a sudden, just like that, have an opinion, even though, probably some of them, didn't previously know Syria existed.

It seems to me a lot of people who claim the term left (and mainstream right but I'm not talking about them right now). Are like this.

This is the same group of people that drink a lot of alcohol, partake in drink and drugs often. Whom don't know how to do maths because it's complicated!

This is the case with all the modern left causes especially those like #refugeeswelcome.

So imagine it, you have someone who drinks, socialises, has left wing friends and are easily drawn along with these ideas. Sees these concepts and all of a sudden.

PASSIONATELY and even VIOLENTLY comes to the aid of these 'refugees' (RAPEFUGEES not all of them but if you know anything about the Middle East obviously some of them), hates anyone who disagrees with the opinion of their newly created political conviction.

... and further, can be directed to organise against a person with an informed view, or a different one, like Katie Hopkins.

Soon enough this person has a whole network of these establishment created ideas.

... and these ideas are created from a lack of any real knowledge of markets, politics or competing geo- political groups and are based on more of an animal sense that they want the 'government' to take care of them (and as we have established, everyone else as well), that the 'government' through a political idea they just heard of called 'socialism', should give them more money and generally stop being a 'meanie'.

Now the way this differs from how I do things is that when I hear of these things I:

A) Look at different evidence and ask questions... Are they all Syrian refugees? (UN figures gave a lot of different countries just an fyi)

B) Follow people whom have informed opinions on these things (no not the Guardian), from previous curious forays into that mysterious world of 'information and knowledge'. (Syrian girl, who as the name suggests lives in Syria, offered a vastly different viewpoint, including that the refugees had been there 4 years it wasn't a sudden crisis!)

So... What? If people are like this, and are being directed by the establishment mainstream against those that actually do know something (I have summarised anti EU groups in previous posts)... What can be done?

Well, something is being done, groups are rallying against the EU, but at the moment, it is not enough. A market tumble, arrest of the Illuminati etc. Would be another route to go as well. But that is too neat for me, I imagine it will be more chaotic than that.

The cabal axis and their use of the populations. (Part 3).

To this day, one of the things that I have had trouble understanding was the cabals reason for creating the refugees welcome situation.

How does it help them? Would it not be more efficient for them to close those borders? It would create less strife against the EU, and they needn't threaten 'free movement' by closing the EU's outer border. You need your society functioning properly if you want to keep the economy running and avoid a disasterous economic crash. Germany do not need the labour, they could get it from any EU country!

I suppose it does create fear. After the migrant sex attacks, the mayor of Germany stated that women should dress more conservatively (the standard response to that from most clear thinking people is: you mean like wear a Burqa?) Saudi Arabia, to prevent any uprising they will likely get when the effect of the oil price reduction filters though to their populace, went on a massive public execution day. Germany has obviously been more clever, since they also know there will be an economic crash soon, perhaps they are using the migrants to scare everyone, so that people will be more subdued. Furthermore, they can use this as a pretext to clamp down in martial law!

That has an evil sort of cleverness to it!

How the left fit into this all has been summarised in the last post, and the EU agenda is obvious. Create a superstate and in co- operation with the US crush all opponents. (Russia, China, internal etc.)

So, lets just end with a little astrology and politics then to polish things off:

We are at the end of a moon cycle. In fact, as I write this RIGHT NOW, the new moon is beginning, the Cologne events, the (*clears throat*) 'far right' protest are happening on this downward ebb. Nothing is happening.

The new moon cycle will be punctuated on the opening square with the opening of the Chinese Infrastructure Investment Bank. Any 'rapefugee' oriented actions in the next week will show if this movement will continue and what style it will take, there will likely be unpredictable aspects here, people gathering themselves for the fight against this enemy.

A sell off in the markets may or may not happen, but if it does and it likely will. The DOW is 976 points (5.97%) from the August lows. The DAX is 313 points (3.18%) from the September lows and the FTSE is 144 points (2.44%) from the August lows.

Given those numbers it is not inconceivable that the DAX, which swings easily 2% in a day, will be down on Monday or Tuesday in theory. The DOW can be volatile but mostly declines at about 1.5% so that would be Thursday or Friday on a straight run down and the FTSE, is fairly unpredictable. but can manage a 100 point or 1.6% (ish) drop in a day. So all of them could break their 2015 lows this week.

Traders are known for setting a previous low like this as a sell off point. There could be a mass sell off but there may not be. Of course, the markets could rally or flatline. there is no predicting them in reality.


To conclude, the left are the bad guys and the markets could self destruct. I do not know where I am with the Rapefugee situation. They could come here once they get passports. Pegida are doing a rally in February which I probably for financial reasons will not be able to attend. That's a way off at the moment though.

New political trends will reveal themselves in the next month.

The big picture. (The left, the useful idiots). Part 2

So my last article talked about the migrant attacks and the lefts response to them.

Now I'm going to try and piece a lot of this together, in relation to the big picture, with the positive and negative powers, in relation to all this.

Firstly, there are many attitudes that the left have, and that they enforce through threat of social pressure, which are FUNDAMENTAL to the cabals agenda:

1) This article is one I came across recently, it talks about how the left refused to believe that a Native Indian culture were in fact savages, (I have already come across this view from reading Benjamin Franklins autobiography). They drink they are violent. They are not perfect but the left wants to see them all as perfect so they enforce this belief.

Obviously this is particularly relevant to our modern problem. Since Muslims are part of this culture that the left idealises, perhaps not in the same way, but they must do in some way.

2) The left are INVALUABLE to the European Union in that they swallow the rhetoric easily that says that those on the 'right' (in practice anyone who is not very pro immigration, it does not apply to the real meaning of these terms which is to do with markets). They hate UKIP, they hate National Front (can't be considered right wing economic policies). They hate Donald Trump. They hate anyone that they are directed to hate.

So the European Union doesn't get opposed, and what is clearly the European Unions agenda, that is very Orwellian and New World Order (that I'll come to), is allowed to fourish.

3) They support Anthropogenic Global warming regardless of the evidence they are shown. The Goldman Sachs funded nightmare science.

4) They support LGBT, which as Peter Tatchell knows can be used to justify paedophilia and in accord with the Law of One, is an energy blockage and not something to be encouraged, not to mention 'transgenderism'. Which has spawned all sorts of problems.

So the left are definitively cabal influenced.

However, they do fight against injustice, real injustice, like problems with the welfare system, and poverty, and racism, where this is in fact real and not a proportional response to foreign aggression.

So, in the next part I'll try and fit this into the narrative of what the EU really want, and how things are going down at the moment.

Wow, and just a bit of an overwhelmed commentary. Part 1.

Firstly the WOW. I am going up in viewers at quite the rate... Good good. I should probably stop commenting on that now.

I am OVERWHELMED, with the events happening lately, and as such I have wanted to write an article, but so many ideas have swirled around my head that it is not going to be easy. It often comes together for me, I often know what I am going to write, but perhaps this one will be a bit disparate in commentary.

Firstly, the thing this relates to is Cologne. The event itself was a strong case of sexual harrassment. I don't know if you, the reader, is familiar with the exact events. They were UNPLEASANT.

But what is even worse is the response from the general populace and some of the news services, mostly but not limited to those on the left.

This is obviously, though probably not limited to, the 'moron barbecue' concept I was discussing before.

The hypocrisy of these people in not having even an incling to defend the German women, and also partly of the German women themselves (I'll come to that) is shown to a very small extent in these two articles.

Telegraph: Cologne sex attacks: 'Something terrible took place here. But it's as though it never happened'
"I'm angry at what happened to the women of Cologne but I am also angry at the conspiracy of silence that has followed." (real text has a hyperlink)
"It was terrifying, I got separated from my boyfriend and as they were pulling at my clothes. I thought I would be raped right there in public," says one 26-year-old woman. "I screamed for help but everywhere I looked the same thing was happening; attack and robbery. But just women. They targeted us because we were women." 
Then in a bizarre act of self-censorship one major television network deliberately chose not to report the story. It was several days before the news got out, despite the fact over 100 women had come forward and variously reported assault, robbery and, in two cases, rape. 
This blanket refusal to treat or even acknowledge incomers from a very different, male-dominated culture as "other" has led to an extraordinary myopia over the social and religious chasm that now exists between the general population and its growing ethnic minority.
...and so on and so forth. I have read some worse things, this is the lightest of the light and I'm sure infowars and other independent media outlets have a more detailed account of the more horrific aspects of this attack. Fireworks were used on PEOPLE in parts of it and refugees... RAPEFUGEES in this case had guns.

As if this wasn't bad enough. The attacks were also simultaneously happening in Switzerland, Finland, Austria and EVERY GERMAN CITY.

... and... nothing. This has been the response from most of the left media and it is backed up because on twitter, not one Corbynista is tweeting under the hashtag Cologne.

I have also learned a little about Pegida, EDL and Tommy Robinson here.

Then there have been protests by Pegida, which were carried out separately to a protest by German women, both protesting the same thing (and left wing groups turning up against Pegida, saying 'refugees welcome'. They don't get it do they?)

The point I'm making here is that it doesn't matter if Pegida are considered a racist group by some people. (Paul Joseph Watson tweet: Daily reminder, Islam is not a race, raping women is bad). You are up against it now (the government). These are the people who have your back. The people who decided that Pegida and the womens protest shouldn't co-operate are responsible for the inefficiency of this protest.

I'm going to have to seperate this into separate articles. Because with the overload of emotion, I cannot fit it into a larger structure at the moment. What is the lefts agenda? How does this fit into the global plan? and astrology of the day. What I've written is all I'm going to fit into this article.

Friday, 8 January 2016

An astrological review of current events:

Sun aspect Pluto Uranus Chiron.

This situation with the 'refugees' or as they are now being called by some on twitter the #rapefugees in Germany.


The resultant backlash including protest of Islamification by an anti Islamic group called Pegida tomorrow.

The market crash. Who knows what's happening there.

All happened with good timing I think.

Next thing is, the new moon. Which is why this ebb isn't particularly intense! (Since it is all happening on end of last moon cycle).

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Stock crash:

We just had a stock crash.

It started in China.

Because of it the Chinese have now stopped their limit down rules. So the market can now indefinitely plunge.

Which is probably what China wanted all along.

This way, they can make the decision and crash the whole system (and use that as a bargaining chip!) Whenever they want!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

General update:



Good good. (Crude at $34)

Corbyn's reshuffle:

Gets rid of the pro EU guy. Pat McFadden. FANTASTIC.

Moves around someone who supports the UK military black budget Trident. Planning to do something there. FANTASTIC.

Cabal response... But psycho's like North Korea might blow us up!

... Inching towards the end of the year.

UPDATE: Moron barbecue update:

Cologne means the refugees welcome crowd are getting it. (Or going to!)
McFadden means the pro EU's are getting it.
Markets still looking set to tumble.

Sunday, 3 January 2016


Not something I talk about a great deal. Not something I avoid either.

I.e. I do not have a degree in cultural studies or anything.

Anyway, I just wanted to offer my opinion on Islam that it is going through a kind of reformation. Apparently the Church, after the crusades etc. went through periods where it had political change. got rid of its radicals.

Perhaps Islam is going through that too, and certain foreign powers to Islamic countries, and indeed certain Islamic countries themselves are slowing it down. Since fanaticism often allows for certain criminal behaviours.

It is no secret that the American government fundamentally, since the cold war (that Nimr either didn't know about or didn't talk about with the American diplomats) has been replacing any regime that didn't fit it's political agendas, and that America prefers radicals to sane people.

A good example of a sane person is Bashar Al Assad (again might be putting my foot in it, but there we go). Whom refused Americans deal on pipelines which then lead to the Rothschild funding of Da'esh.

However, Bashar had a secular government and a very advanced culture. With diversity of religion peacefully living within Syria's borders.

Why radical jihadists would prefer to ally with America is anyone guess but it might be to do with the fact that sociopaths, like the American administration, are willing to overlook and even encourage autocratic regimes. Whereas other partners are not?

Whoa, and dream.

Who because my viewers suddenly went up. I don't know when this happened but I can tell you it seems to have shot up by 60% in a few days. (That's 60% of the total figure of pageviews EVER). I have no idea why this is.

Perhaps the dying gift of Nimr Ali- Nimr. (One I posted on Donald Trumps page). But perhaps not, since that post isn't getting most of the views. I do not know. Perhaps someone shared a previous post of mine or it came down from bring4th. Top traffic sources are divine cosmos. Which I haven't posted my blog via DC comments recently. Twitter, which makes sense and the hands down strangest one... Google. (Possibly bring4th?)

So, I wonder how far a lot of these people went back. Because more and more I have been doing politics recently. But I also put in a lot of astrology and things, and it used to come more from me, be more heavily eccentric than it is now.

I'm just about to do an eccentric one:

My dream:

I had this dream, forgot about it, but since forgetting about it, my dreams have stopped; which means to me that this dream is important to express.

Basically another very real feeling one. These used to be so rare they were cause for celebration but recently have been extremely common.

The dream afterwards felt as though it had been from the future. It was uncomfortable all the way through and did not feel excessively positive, but as I should know by now life doesn't always so we cannot expect metaphysical sensations to always be 'sweet and lovely'.

I was in London trying to do a music lesson which was not very comfortable, then I left, Then I transported myself to Hove and didn't realise what was going on. An attractive young blond mother, with a pushchair noticed me and tried to help me since I was lost and did not know what had happened.

Then somehow she found out I was 'not of this world' and turned on me a bit like an invasion of the body snatchers monster. And I realised I had to get myself out of the way and I transported again. To somewhere not too far away but it was still a strange sensation.

I spent the rest of the dream with the realisation I could teleport and trying to do the whole thing consciously.

It felt very real... and to indulge in a little thought play, if we did move into a new world (ha, title of blog) where these abilities are common place, that might be how it was. I've already written about how it is not inconceivable that wanderers and people with special abilities may be turned on (as in to turn on someone, the negative) slightly by society and I have had dreams of such things in the distant past, dreams I still remember for their intensity!

I also met a bunch of people that link to that dream that seem very like real world humans. (For anyone not familiar with the kinds of things I am talking about my spiritual base is the Law of One. and That journey is personal though so whether you take the same things from it as me...?)

I just wanted to mention the original place I got the idea of some dream experiences being set in the future was from David Wilcock. Possibly in about 2004 this post would have been I am talking about. Or a bit later.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

From Bring4th: A great man was executed today.

A man whose name in honesty I probably can't pronounce without auditory examples:

Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimir. The Muslim Shi-ite cleric executed by the Saudi's.

The more I read about him, passively though twitter, the more it sounded like he was kind of a Middle Eastern Trade unionist, then with the religious aspect perhaps some sort of Gandhi (perhaps not in Gandhi's ability to unite faiths, but in his non violent activism), considering the difficulties he faced,

Then I read the wikileaks cables on him (bearing in mind these are obviously not faked at all or put out by a sympathetic or hypocritical media), and he sounds like a real spiritual leader.

I seem to be wrong a lot recently, so it is of course possible some sort of horrible thing comes out about him later in this malign world, I hope not:

al-Nimr responded that if a conflict were to occur he would "side with the people, never with the government." He continued by saying that though he will always choose the
side of the people, this does not necessarily mean that he will always support all of the people's actions, for example, violence.

He quickly followed by saying that politically, he is on the side of justice, wherever or with whomever it may preside. He provided the example of Iraqi politics, saying that he does not support the aspirations of any Arabs - be they Sunni or Shi'a - or Turkomen who would aspire to power in northern Iraq. In al-Nimr's view, as the Kurds are an undoubted majority in the region, it would be unjust if they did not exercise a majority of power.

Al-Nimr attempted to distance himself from Iran, saying that piety is only God alone, and that all nations act in their own interests.

Also notable for the purpose of predicting al-Nimr's future behavior was his recognition of his own growing popularity, an observation supported by many in the community. Post contacts have described al-Nimr as someone who in previous years was largely an apolitical religious figure, and is still a secondary player in local politics. These contacts point to the death of Ayatollah Shirazi as the moment when al-Nimr began to take more political stances, his politicization a product of desire for greater community influence. Assuming al-Nimr's primary goals are greater rights for Shi'a and greater personal influence, it would seem his plan will be to continue forcefully calling for reform and creating unrest, endearing him to the disaffected, and fitting with his vision of instability as being the only catalyst for real change in the Kingdom.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Navigating a web of lies.

I have to say I am lost with all the information I am reading, and the possibility that some of it is lying.

But what if it is not lying? I've also realised that the best resource I possibly have is 'common sense' and that the truth is just 'right there' a lot of the time.

The 'cabal' are not necessarily controlling every piece of news I read written by independent (and I tend to believe well- meaning) journalists in a lot of these places. So;

UKIP: UKIP have suffered the most incredible establishment beating, including outright lies. However, this does not mean that any criticism involving them is not true. That's a shortcut.

I have heard from a Telegraph piece that Farage has a kind of 'tall poppy' syndrome where he does not tolerate people as intelligent as him in the party. Looking at the people surrounding Farage none massively stands out. Perhaps Jonathan Arnott. Perhaps this is true, perhaps it is not.

Labour and Corbyn: There is so much here; I have no idea as well. Is Corbyn an extreme left crackpot or is he being challenged by Rothschild pawns under the name 'moderate'... Or both? Is he an extreme left crackpot being challenged by Rothschilds under the name moderate? Out of the left vs. Modroth options I tend to take the latter, but if I was just taking what the media said I would go with the idea that he is very left wing.

I have read a piece saying that Labour MP's are very frightened and there is a feeling of the militant 80's. True or deception? True but deliberately intended to be misinterpreted... The light conceals as well as reveals sort of thing?

... and I wonder how much these people are talking in about the 'cabal' and have Fulford type knowledge of the world at large. In which case operating on COMPLETELY different concerns than is being shown.

Simon Danczuk seems to just say what he honestly believes about Corbyn, and I wonder with Danczuk... He seems very much like a wanderer to me since when I hear him talk it seems as though it is a deeply 'informative' experience. As though his mind and his self is constantly at that sort of level.

Does not make him perfect of course, but it shows a good way for me to think when confronted with this hotbed of lies.

Zerohedge has basically been a success. Richard North at EU referendum .com seems to explain things well.

On top of this of course, and to conclude... How much difference do I make to any of this anyway!?

Oh what a moron am I!

Just read an article from Breitbart on this subject.


Look at the texts she sent him… “I’m quite turned on just thinking about it”… When he replies he’s horny, she says, “Good. That was my intention… another thought just popped into my head… of you [REDACTED]… moaning your name”.

Contrast this with another more deliberate situation, Natasha Bolter:

Same old tricks!:

... and just think of the timing of this, a week before Corbyns reshuffle, someone credible and vocal in the media that could challenge his leadership finds themselves in this trouble.

Of course, we cannot be sure of the real reason, we have to wait and see.

But at the moment, it seems to me it's the... Same old tricks!

From Bring4th. How Don could have survived? (and general) (updated)

Reject love.


Since he was fifth density he often could not use that energy. When a high vibration sixth density is around they send you energy which increases your vibration, you repeat high wisdoms, then there is no one to recieve this wisdom unless there is a suitable 5D around.

I suspect one of the things that is going to become obvious as the 'veil' lifts is that 5D's and 6D's can't be in an equal relationship together, not if vibration is going to increase. They can where love is important but not intimacy, such as a familial relationship.

On another good note detailed on my blog is how I did some number play synchronicity wise and showed before it went on to happen that the rigging (showed by satanic synchronicities) is becoming less effective. It was VERY ineffective yesterday.

Update: Now for the real strange part of all this. Firstly, to say I see things in a very 'inhuman' way, compared with the sixth density whom seems to see everything as real, and relevant and alive.

A lot of my thoughts are divided up into this and that karmic pattern. I have learnt through trial and error that people generally don't object to what I say, and that when I want to express something I cannot contain myself often.

Take this as a not necessarily true expression of myself and what is relevant to me rather than what is true (Standard free will clause?)

Anyway, after that 'excess verbiage' I wondered if Don felt Carla didn't love him, under this 5D model I am working with, because he was subconsciously trying to block the energy from coming in.

It seems to me a fairly obvious thing to know or not know, as an energy even, so that's something that just popped into my head about it.