Friday, 30 June 2017

Stagnation/ Bureaucrats special feelings/ Stupid people.

Still with the stagnation unfortunately.

As I might mention most days in future, there are still three things that can actually change something and they are not happening. Lets count this as day 1 when none of these are happening:

A) Any new information and updates on this Nazca body on Gaia.
B) Any new headway on the Brexit negotiations.
C) Any new arrests of the DNC members in America, such as Loretta Lynch who is being investigated for stunting a previous investigation into Hillary Clinton.

There are a few positive things though. These are really about playing around the edges though and not so much to do with anything central but still potentially big moves:

i) James O Keefe releasing CNN tapes that makes a complete mockery of the organisation
ii) This article here: Express: Fury as students ‘openly boast of voting TWICE’ for Corbyn’s Labour - rules review called

Two groups of people who feel, and whose feelings likely will in some way be protected.

Firstly, the students did something provably illegal, they should be put into jail. If a man can be put into jail for facebook posts from 2015 [link], they can be put into jail for this.

CNN have been moaning about everyone hating them... Which is ironic since they are being caught out on genuinely bad behaviour, and have been carrying out hate campaigns against other people, which they admit!:

... there has been more about the EU bureaucrats being 'so angry at Britain'.

In Stefan Molyneux's short book 'A guide to human farming'. He says about the politician that he is fictionally addressing that congradulations, you have the same function as a hood ornament on a car, and not much more use! David Icke has similar ideas.

Perhaps the net result of putting these people in sheltered positions, University students, EU Bureaucrats, Radical Muslims (and a lot of normal muslims that don't mind radicalisation) and CNN reporters is that they do not emotionally grow above the level of a mentally immature sixteen year old! They have no ability to self reflect! (Also, jailing the university students is probably a vote loser!)

... and why are their feelings so sheltered? When they are doing acts that harm others in provable ways, such as the Iraq war? Because they are protected by negative beings whose consciousness is at a similar stage of development.

This will end at some point, and no matter how hard the alliance tries to use "kid gloves" with such people it will have to happen, because they are wrong!


Another point is, this video, that I have re- watched and find their to be a lot of truth in it I did not hear first time. Lauren's information is not easy to take in on the first time around ,she's smart:

There are so many stupid people about it is unreal. I had been looking at some alternative media youtubers posts. Very often I have come across a situation with large amounts of stupid people.

The absolute moronicness of the videos that people are watching and the things they believe from watching those videos is an incredible level of moronicness, and this is the most popular on youtube!!!

Even when an intelligent video gets made like this one, the comment with the highest vote was:

The second and third etc. highest rated comments were not a lot better.


Note: Just as I upload this I see a tweet by someone regarding idiots and animal cruelty and am reminded how incredibly common that is!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Globalist politicians and the stagnation of society.

What a globalist Theresa May is...

Here is the judge that she has put in charge of the Grenfell investigation/ inquiry:

Daily Mail: Row as judge once accused of helping 'social cleansing of the poor' is picked to run Grenfell Tower public inquiry into tragedy that killed at least 80

And here is another fact that Richie talks about here and has put conveniently in the title:

Youtube: Richie Allen: "The UK Gives £14 Billion In Foreign Aid Each year, Not To Feed The Poor, But To Vaccinate Them!

So that was what all the fuss was about foreign aid? Let's continue vaccinating the poor to kill them off?

Events stagnated:

Repeating a point I have previously made, it seems there are a few things that are about to happen that will materially change everything. For instance, the Gaia TV Nazca potential extra terrestrial, the arrests or dealing with of the Democrats in America or the UK's EU negotiations.

John Redwood: The EU is not ready to negotiate yet!

I want to ask a question about this piece... If the Eurocrats are so immature and traumatised they can't accept that Britain has the winning hand... Why are their emotions so coddled? Why does not Britain remind them with force, we could just remove the EU nationals offer if the EU wants to use it to claim legal jurisdiction over Britain... Send them home... Call the EU's bluff! Why are their emotions so looked after while everyone elses are unrepetantly stamped on!?

I am just repeating that I think people do not want to do any of these things that will cause a real change because they don't want things to really change. They are hoping someone else will do it! 

People stagnating:

This period of darkness has not met people I know well. I know one person that is doing OK I think, but might not be I cannot be one hundred percent sure however:

My mother is OK at work, but is frustrated with stupid bosses. Her workplace has put morons in at the top.
My best friend keeps going into debt and has to pay things late.
Another friend is a nice social person, but a bit of a trapped alcoholic.
My Aunt is exhausted and working very hard.
My cousin is suicidal.

Like I have said before, mostly people have got worse rather than better in this period!

Anyway, there will be something good eventually!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Extra Terrestrial disclosure/ Cyberattacks and Astrology.

The best thing about not working is being able to go back to bed if you have to get up for anything, and sometimes, to just not get up!

Four and a half hours sleep and after my blood test I plan to be going back for a nap!

Several things have happened recently:

A) David Wilcocks new video, that he put on his website so no problems with people stealing his work, has stated that this new Nazca extra terrestrials 3 fingers would allow it to have had advanced technology. Because, doing a computer via three numbered code, (so 0,1,2) instead of two, is what creates computer systems that are far more advanced and those that are advanced enough to think for themselves.

Youtube: Coast To Coast AM - June 23, 2017 Nazca, Peru Gaia Mummy & Secret ET's with David Wilcock

B) It seems that in the new age community, the latest information is that there are positive ET's that are soon going to introduce themselves... Exciting stuff!: 

C) There is also this, which from my perspective is probably the negative trying to retain power, since they are clearly losing:

In David Wilcocks youtube video he states that the war between the cabal and the Alliance is growing so furious that it will inevitably spill over into real life at some point. This seems to be an example of this. It would be easy to miss though for a non political person.

Astrology and stuff:

When dealing with people many of the problems that seem to come up are simply those that you get for dealing with "normal" people.

Not a problem really but I have noticed on an astrology forum I go on that after I made a small mention of a psychological difference between attractive women and not so attractive women there are women saying in that thread ... Oh no, that is not fair to make generalisations etc. However, just a few clicks away in the same sub forum is a thread entitled... 'What signs would you definitely not date' and many women saying they definitely would not date such and such a sign and being very sure of that.

It's great there are right wing populist women able to walk straight into the middle of these 'controlling through moral highground' types, and say things like they are! Perhaps there are hot women out there who will say... No that is crap!

Regardless, I have made additional insights into astrology.

Some of what I have previously explained has been quite simplistic, but I want to re-iterate something I previously said. Planets can either be positively or negatively polarised and we are now battling to make them all positively polarised.

So an example is Pluto that when it was first discovered correlated with dictators and psychotherapy. I believe Pluto's energy is one of looking below the surface and having insights and when this is rejected, it becomes increased tyranny to cover that up. For instance, Hillary Clinton wanted to shut down "fake news" sites, i.e. those looking into her emails.

When things go positive all the planets will offer positive things. At the moment they are a complete mix:

A) Pluto: 
Positive - Seeing below the surface, 
Negative - Dictatorship to stop that. Felt currently as 'austerity'.

B) Neptune:
Positive: Positive spiritual gifts like astrology and ET communication
Negative: Nothing, what feels like nothing in this area and is in fact darker magically linked people and practices to stop positive spiritual gifts

C) Uranus:
Positive: Science and Truth for the highest good, free market, meritocracy.
Negative: A reaction against truth and meritocracy such as communism.

D) Saturn:
Positive: Discipline and punishment of wrongdoers, i.e. paedophiles.
Negative: Tyranny and punishment of truth tellers.

... and so on.

This shows an exasperating thing in life that you can have Pluto without Saturn (and perhaps the inner planets). You can have psychic insight/ perception into wrongdoing and be able to see through people but no power to enforce what you conclude from that, meaning other people behave more totalitarian in order to deny what you have seen!

It also shows something very interesting in the whole story. In David Wilcocks book he showed that when the galaxy gets to the same degree in a different sign that events repeat themselves. 'Cyclical time'.

I wonder if a way to understand astrology is that there are events and things hidden at the actual degree of the solar system that a planet passes over. So Pluto passing over Capricorn relates to certain people/ bankers at that degree, the Pluto then was only providing the catalyst to make them have to behave in a certain way whereas Pluto itself was not doing that! 

So Pluto is not the devastating force that goes round and negatively impacts things for the reason of causing 'rebirth'. Or perhaps it is and that is the mechanism, once you have seen something you can't "unsee" it... What this does not explain though is why Pluto retrograde is so much darker than Pluto direct. Perhaps this is because Pluto retrograde sees the negative more.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Ready to change but they don't really want to.

There are a couple of things on the stove regarding something that will actually change something. EU negotiations, The mainstream media collapse and possible arrest of the Democrats in America, and this Nazca Extra Terrestrial from Gaia.

Of course, it seems to me in these matters that there is a lot of excited talking and apparent movement, then when it comes time for something to change in a way that actually effects anything, then someone in the background making the decisions stops it. It just doesn't happen.

EU negotiations are not really going that well:

Breitbart London: Rees-Mogg Slams ‘Colonial’ EU Plan to Keep Court Power in UK After Brexit

Daily Express: 'An outrageous betrayal' Free movement continues for TWO YEARS after Brexit under PM plan

That second one, the one that effectively screws the British working class at the chance of a future, is not being mentioned by anyone. It is not on anyone on twitter, Nigel Farage has not mentioned it. There is no outcry at all! Just it seems a bored resignation to Mays insanity!

We are waiting for investigations and arrests in America but the advice here is to 'not hold your breath'. 

From Gaia there is no additional news on this extra terrestrial. They've gone quiet... A week today since last episode! Because it actually involves offering something that will change something!

Astrology and reasons to be positive:

This moon cycle is going to peak at a very interesting full moon:

At the moment and Mercury are oppose Pluto and square Jupiter in Libra... The EU is Pluto, the dark Goldman Sachs type of thing. Jupiter in Libra is this justice type of thing.

The sun is trailing behind so this general the country (Cancer) opposing the Pluto will continue and we'll likely bring our A game to the fight soon shown by when the Sun starts opposing Pluto.

This full moon is when the sun really opposes Pluto. It is also a full moon so there will be a lot of high emotion. Also, the Sun is conjunct Mars.

Elsa writes that potential violence on a personal level is something to watch out for:

If you are out and about under this full moon, most definitely be careful (Capricorn) and act (Mars) on your instincts (Pluto) to protect life (Sun).
However, with any luck something on the GLOBAL level may possibly change with the deep state. We can hope anyway!

Here is what Steve Piezcenik has to say. In the perspective of Steve and Benjamin Fulford a lot of stuff is happening it is simply not at all in the mainstream. I.e. Alliance preventing wars starting:

Monday, 26 June 2017

Cabal ending/ Lack of gender balance.


The wide weird world huh?

I have been doubting my summary of the recent new moon, after this article:

Zerohedge: Italian Taxpayers To Foot €17 Billion Bill As Rome Bails Out Another Two Insolvent Banks

Because, as I summarised yesterday, if the situation had been a bail in it would have been a lot worse for the establishment as we know it (and probably a lot better for humanity as a whole!). Because investors have the power to pull their money from banks and collapse the whole system. However, a bail OUT is no big deal, because the downtrodden poor mostly mainstream consuming masses will not do a single thing when tax money is stolen from them for yet another failing bank.

However, there are yet more signs that the EU is circling the drain, consider this, from Benjamin Fulfords blog (the free excerpt that you can actually see without paying):

Geopolitics blog: Historic changes in central Europe Asia and elsewhere as old order implodes
Sometimes historic changes are announced in obscure headlines such as this one: “Defense Ministers from Six Countries Focus on Cooperation in Prague.”
A more accurate headline would read “Austro-Hungarian Empire revived after 100 year hiatus.” The story says Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria Slovenia and Croatia are going to carry out a joint exercise to protect their borders. Their joint borders are almost the same borders as those of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and within these borders civilian, police and military authorities are going to work together. Usually, a shared external border, in this case operating independently from the EU, is a definition of a country.
... Even in ways we cannot see the EU, and the larger cabbalic and banking substructure it relates to is going down the pan!

Female dominance:

So, after summarising how Saturn is a big part of this all astrologically, now I think it is relevant to mention that Saturn is keeping things as they are which is somewhat gynocentric in my view, and that there is this strange sort of etheric tendency of women towards a kind of dominance recently. It has probably always been there, but now we can see it very clearly.

For instance, here is an article:

Daily Mail: Charity worker and her friend tortured a frail OAP, 78, stabbed him in the neck and tried to suffocate him after breaking into his home following an all-day drink and crack cocaine binge
This is a very strange ladette headline that is far from what I think of as the passive aggressive crimes of women. I also recently saw an article that a 23 year old wife cut off her 35 year old husbands penis when he refused to have sex with her in India!


What I think has happened, is that men are taxed to the hilt and have their jobs taken away and wages reduced by immigration and hence are not at all dominant, happy or masculine. A rich man is what those two women could more productively obsess over!

Which leads to where a certain feminist style neuroticism is holding things back. This happens on this astrology forum by supporting women but the masculine view (often represented by women) of being pro Trump and pro truth essentially (not allowing weird people to make up lies about someone because they emotionally want to).

This leads to a kind of strange background noise because the sexual impulse between the sexes will always 'find a way'. It has taken me years to understand this. But:

A) If a man suppresses his sex drive and has few available women in his vicinity, he will fantasize about progressively strange sexual things in order to satisfy the urge, it is like his subconscious overrides him... (However, I would note that aside from some fairly infrequent wanderings I am doing OK.)

B) Women do desire sex, they desire to take their clothes off and show themselves to the same extent men desire to view images of women. It's not as overtly predatory but it is still very much there and an unconscious motivation!

This is perhaps why so much incest happens in Muslim countries where the only women these men see without a burqa on is their cousins. The sexual drive overcame the biological imperative away from incest!

Clearly if we take these two together women will grow more ladette and strange... Although I believe there will always be women who are dominant and those who are more submissive, I believe it will become skewed depending on what is happening with global politics!

There are a few things that have made me think of this, one was a strange message I received from a young girl that was so inappropriate I wondered whether there was a sexual element to it. Another is things like this:

... but there are just general things I pick up from everyday life, and of course life experiences of very dominant women who were very determined to play the role of being chased so kind of aggressively try and pull that energy out of the guy they want! It has seemed to me at such times that such women simply cannot accept their own real role of being dominant and the instigator? No doubt in some cases it is there are lots of people in the world that believe the world should give them things without them contributing anything to it. But perhaps if the global political situation changed and there were more predatory men (not broken men) then that is actually a better solution than for the women to become predatory.

We'll see. I think sex is less important in the long run than this society thinks it is. Things will develop though and no doubt we will get some more insight into these matters.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Closing moon, End of EU negotations? Leftism everywhere.

What I think is confusing about the left wing... Is how can they seem to be so ubiquitous, they seem to be EVERYWHERE! Yet they lose elections!?

I have been posting a bit on message boards recently, so because I have added depth, detail and references to such posts, I may link to those a little rather than repeating the points.

Elsa blog forums: EU/ banks really suffering under the last closing moon

The closing moon of Friday to lead to a new moon on the Saturday, seems to have been a real changing point from what I am observing:

A) The EU negotiations seem to have gone a bit sour. Theresa May offered a deal that she said, and everyone agreed, was a very generous offer to guarantee the rights of EU nationals living in Britain and allow them full access to public services (paid for by the English tax payer, how generous governments are with other peoples money). The EU flatly rejected this and made even more outrageous claims.

Public opinion will shift against them now. In England, the person who is more reasonable wins the argument. I don't know about other countries.

Will this be the end of the EU negotiations? Today, on ITV, David Davis stated that the UK may leave the EU without a deal!

B) Also in relation to the EU, Italian banks are really suffering. Screwing over shareholders and bond holders is likely to mean people will be very quick to pull investments out of banks in the future. There is no way to get out of this in a way that someone doesn't have to pay!

C) In America, there was recently a by- election in which the Democrats lost and now the Democrats are angry with the liberal Clinton entryists who are obsessed with subjects that no one else cares about, like Russia.

If Pelosi and Obama stay it might be the end of the Democrats as a serious political force. If they leave then that is the end of a Democrat era. Either way something ends.

On to leftists!:

A friend of mine has over a long period of time become quite liberal. When young he was very right wing and also had a very good grip of arguments he now avoids, such as the idea that being run by EU bureaucrats and assuming benevolence on their behalf if not a sane strategy.

Conversations with this person have gotten to the point that I will bring up a point and expect to be able to laugh about it like we might have once, or even that he would have once and I would not have agree with:

... Quite unnaturally and unexpectedly I'll get a response like: "It's good that there is a hippy revival." One of these responses of the sort you get when leftists are looking for a response to something said and you've got them. (Although I had not been intending to "get" anyone!)

This is only an example. I will be fine with this friend because we are long term friends and have enough connection to talk outside direct politics. The thing that turned this friend (and others) is without any doubt: Women. 

The social consensus is largely kept up by women. Women knit everything together. Women emote and fuss over other peoples behaviour whereas men very rarely care what another persons personal habits are unless it is serious. Here, I think the leftist preference of women is being used to influence some men. Which is why there are a group of leftist women and then men who will not say anything to oppose them. (This is a huge generality, I was opposed on one forum recently... Sky scripts, for non left wing commentary. Sky scripts is run by a man, and not opposed on another more female forum recently... Also 52% of white women voted for Donald Trump!)

Also, is the fact I live in a very liberal area of England. So if I was to go up to Grimsby perhaps, I would talk to a few more right wing people. This area is liberal because it is rich. It is interesting that there is something in human nature that many people will not address issues if they do not effect them personally (like immigration).

Breaking Saturn:

So... Many women prefer the welfare state so that they can sleep with the bad guy and tax the good guy to pay for their children, when they are inevitably alone and living on welfare... With bruises on their face. 

Also, another more general and overlapping emotion that backs up leftist thought is the postage stamp consensus which is the general emotional preference that things do not change. I definitely feel sometimes a psychic pressure when I put up some information that says that things will change, that the postage- stamp- consensus will break. 

Which brings me to this... Which I am going to mention a second time:

This is more powerful than I think I first realised. Again, I have put a post of this on a blog comment, that I will now excerpt because the energy just doesn't seem to be available to write it anew:
The Gaia being does seem like an extra terrestrial. It is very weird beyond any likelihood of it having once being born from our specific brand of human. While I won’t spoil the series the third episode mentions a lot of the details. 
... the main point is going to become that this is a being from another planet that has been recorded in ancient writings and proven to live here. What are the mainstream going to do about this? Ignore it? They have ignored very blatant things before but it seems to stretch credibility to me that they will be able to ignore real proof of an extra terrestrial being. 
There is a sense of wonder from watching the documentaries! 
The mainstream often tries to debunk things, with all the finesse of a twelve year old who hasn’t had his ADHD medication. If they try and come down on that what are they going to say? It’s “fake news”… THAT didn’t work! Are they going to try and draw attention to the fact it was dated wrong and probably was discovered a long while ago? I would guess that will not help their cause. 
So it seems to me that unless Gaia pulls an absolute deep state move of suppressing the whole thing or making up an incorrect story about skull binding or something, this Nazca extra terrestrial body is out in the open. 
There is nothing that I can think of, that is at all likely, that would squelch the story
So the game is on then! This will break the postage stamp consensus but because it is all quite tightly controlled (I am guessing) it will simply shift Saturn into a new configuration, it will not actually bring about a break from the control and truth which is unpredictable! So in a way it will shift but not break the postage stamp consensus.

Regardless, in general this is exciting times... I'll leave here a message from Jordan Salter who encapsulates the current mood:

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Just relaxed.

Wow, I'm not sure I have anything to say today. I've completely crashed. Probably a non publish.

Not having to go to work next week and I am very relaxed!

This was a headline I was not happy to read:

Daily Express: BREXIT WARNING: Majority of Tory MPs now back REMAIN after Scottish surge

... and it is the new moon, a new moon in cancer and my life has turned out exactly like you would think a new moon in cancer would do. Boring third house and home stuff.

At least the old moon is gone now. I think a sleepy weekend is in order. With Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock and Corey Goode in the next week things will pick up and it really feels like there might be some movement soon, also perhaps some socialising...

But I wouldn't want to overextend myself.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Friends Transit.of Natal Jupiter.

This is probably going to be quite a brief post referencing a little on peoples differing approaches to transits.

I was born just a few months off a very close friend of mine. many people very close to me have Libra ascending, but I have Aries ascending.

This means that for the Jupiter that was in late Aries at this time, I have it in the first house and he has it in the seventh.

Jupiter in first: The first house starts with the ascendant and is to do with our decision making process, the rest of the house sort of becomes our face towards the world. The emotional impact we make on others. If others perceive depth in us they perceive the Sun, but what a stranger might get from us in a phone conversation say, would be the first house. That is a very basic explanation.

So Jupiter in the first house means I have energy to present myself enthusiastically. In events such as competitive games Jupiter might seem to be the one that wins.

Jupiter in seventh: This friend has Jupiter in the seventh house. In the seventh Jupiter can become fairly insightful and "fun". Although this comes with the caveat of evaluating the worth of everything and sometimes deciding that someone or something is not worth much. Although, Jupiter in the seventh does usually try.

Anything in the seventh house what you reflect onto the world also reflect back on to you. So for instance I'm very explanatory about what's going on with me, so people can see into my motivations because I have explained them on this blog! It means I can also see into others in relation to this kind of thing but might miss more basic understanding of others sometimes!

Now Jupiter is being transited by Uranus. For me this transit has happened by my very positive attachment to Uranus (That also trines natal Uranus, as would his Uranus clearly!) Uranus is Trump, Brexit, Wikileaks and so on. So for some people avoiding transiting Uranus when I come along with that energy and win an argument with them they also get the Jupiter and probably, sometimes, only see the Jupiter from my natal chart and miss the Uranus transit... I.e. projection!

For this friend, he has done the opposite to me. He felt there was too much conflict surrounding people talking politics and almost refuses to talk about it! So with this Uranus conjuncting his Jupiter he has basically, but not completely, refused the transit! Which would include probably, from my perspective... A) going with the truthful economic thoughts i.e. the free market or B) refusing them in favour of hard communism... The crushing of truth (He does have Natal Sun opposing Uranus perhaps this would explain a potential friction with Uranus!).

Now, with the transit of Uranus becoming pretty forceful as of late, with the election, he has taken some viewpoints on this. But enough on him specifically:

The choices people have when they want to reject a transit of an outer planet are that they have to come down in favour of Saturn, although it might be tempting to say that they are coming down in favour of the negative polarity, this is not strictly truthful. The negative uses government tyranny of Saturn to crush the realities of Uranus, Neptune and positive Pluto out of existence in the minds of most people. (Normies perceive the world up until Saturn!)

Holistically then, someone who is moving against a collective planet must come down in favour of Saturn, so they are in the mode of keeping the postage stamp consensus up with deliberate effort. This means voting left and making themselves do so even if they do not believe it. It also would be coming down in favour of psychiatric evaluation for unfavourable collective planet views.

So this is interesting this competition between those who calculate Uranus will succeed and those who calculate it will not. As Uranus hacks away at Pluto, Saturn is weakened, but not by much.

This adds majorly to my understanding of everything in this area. Saturn could remain strong for some? Or not. But without Pluto involvement in my understanding of some normies things are a little more clear.

Globalist Corbyn?/ Astrology, coming eclipse/ Stupid People.

Wow, so much to say! I don't know where to start!

Firstly, in my opinion, this video by David Icke is fantastic! ... David is not a left wing cultist but is not really right wing either, but in this video he mentions the globalist assault on small business and that nationalism is something that opposes globalism and that's why there has been so much immigration... To dilute nationalism:

He mentions a good area to research, Agenda 21 and the gentrification of rich areas to create a 'Hunger games' society... (Where the poor have to live in "settlement zones").


This is another uncomfortable area I have been looking at, here is some information on Mr Corbyn:

From Benjamin Fulford:

The black nobility, for its part, is fighting desperately to keep their EU fascist government intact. They staged a killing (real or fake is not clear) of pro-EU politician Jo Cox to try to manipulate public opinion towards staying or at least create a plausible cover story for a planned vote stealing of the Brexit referendum due on June 23rd. WDS and Illuminati sources have both previously corresponded with Jo Cox when she was identifying herself as a Rothschild agent. If the British people vote to regain their independence, it will be a huge blow to the black nobility.
And this is something we know about Jo Cox... She is on this list:

The Independent: So, who are the 'moronic MPs' who nominated Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership contest?

She is also one of those people that ignored serious child grooming by Muslim gangs while promoting multi culturalism and her favourite charity was 'The White Helmets'.

Next, we have this:

From 13:00:
Theresa May excerpt: The coroner of the Lakanel house, did, as I understand it, not say there should be sprinklers in every one of these types of properties. 
Richie: The coroner in the 10 week Lakanel house inquest, was a guy called... in fact was a woman called; George Francis Kirkem. George Francis Kirkem oversaw the Lakanow house fire inquest... and what did George Francis Kirkem write to the community secretary Eric Pickles at the time in 2013? What did George Francis Kirkem write? 
She wrote to him, and she copied in the Southark and London Fire Brigade, and she made a series of recommendations, and one of the recommendations was clearly, that landlords retrofit those buildings, buildings like Lakanel house, tower blocks, with sprinklers.   
Liar, Theresa May damned by lies. … and Pickles ignored it Eric Pickles, because Pickles, and May and everyone else that sits in Westminster Hall the whore masters, and whore mistresses, are owned lock, stock and barrel by the billionaires that want to take over those building. What did Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott and Tom Watson and their ilk do across the floor? They sat on their hands while Theresa May told a whopper of a lie.
This was cut down because of the strange necessity of reducing the amount quoted because of a sort of copyright! ... probably Richie wouldn't've minded. He calls Theresa May a liar about ten times that I cut out.

He goes on to say how all the different news sites would have known about this intimately.

This makes me wonder, on top of the Jo Cox information, if Jeremy is in fact a globalist! I think it quite likely, after all we don't know what he will do if he actually got anywhere near power. He is supportive of the Unions and hard left overthrowing the government like the Democrats seem to want in America, and he has said nothing about the London Bridge terror attacks! His statements line up quite neatly with the globalist agenda. (Lauren Southern was right!)


Johnny Depp a globalist, and probably a slime ball as well... Ouch! I have loved some of his films and repeatedly watched them... Ouch!

Astrology again:

So there is this big eclipse over America and some in the alternative community are hoping it heralds the end of the Illuminati.

It hits my chart thusly (irrelevant details like semi sextiles, and non relevant asteroids, [most of them in this case], are missed out):

So this eclipse will effect:

A) My sixth house
B) Sextile Chiron in third house
C) Sextile Jupiter in First house (that is being transited by Uranus) 
D) Opposing Juno
E) Lightly aspecting Neptune, MC and Uranus - Moon conjunction in ninth house.
F) Saturn goes direct four days later.

All of these aspects relate to the non personal part of my life, to the more collective, and to the wounds that I have been carrying from being thrown off my path.

Although, many times these transits exist, in my opinion, not as an actuality but as an opportunity that is squelched by the negative forces. Although the energy of enthusiasm for change remains.

It may give me some insight into six house issues as well.

People getting tired:

This is an interesting video considering a perspective that I had not:

It gives you a sense of the Illuminati perspective, which is something like people are so stupid they deserve to be ruled.

The answer to this video though is that things will change and they will come from a place far up in the hierarchy and will change the reality of all these more "stupid" people very quickly. So keeping to the truth is not just an effort to awaken people but it is also an effort to prepare from inevitable change.

An example of this potential change is the EU negotiations happening and the many interesting potential for arrests in America. John Podesta testifying, Hillary Clinton back under investigation, loads of paedophile arrests, MSM exposing CIA drug trafficking, Macron coming out against the globalists, and this very important stuff with Yemen; et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

I may check youtube top 20 now Lauren has mentioned it!

On yesterdays post:

Today all that complex analysis I did yesterday seems obvious... They don't care! They're function is to come into work, make sure people work reasonably effectively and go home. It does not matter to them if the people who are working in the business are happy except in mild incidental ways!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Personal astrology of the sixth house (work)/ A golden age!

(Later Edit: I realised this post is factually wrong as shown in this post here [link]. I will leave it up because it has other comments and some surrounding astrology that might be accurate.)


More fantastic new!... If this happened it would be fantastic... World Religions Unite as Prelude to Extraterrestrial Disclosure
Goode is essentially saying that four groups of extraterrestrials are now committed to open contact with humanity, and have started the process to make this a reality. World religious leaders have been contacted to act as intermediaries to introduce humanity to the extraterrestrials, and in particular the Nordic race.
According to Goode, the Nordic extraterrestrials outreach with religious leaders is likely to lead to the birth of a new global religion: “It is FULLY expected that over 90% of people of Earth will adopt this new ET Religion without question.”
OK, well that's enough of that then. I personally have a great deal of difficulty believing that 90% of earth will suddenly convert to a new religion.

However, the idea stated that there are positive extraterrestrial groups that have stepped away from their set of laws that states they must not interfere with our reality. This can only be good. I don't see how that can be 'depolarised' or 'detuned'.


So this is my personal chart with transits:

What I think is interesting is the Saturn in the top right hand corner.

It is going back over my Moon conjunct Uranus. Moon conjunct Uranus.

What I believe Saturn represents is many of the disciplinarian aspects of the mainstream and the government. This is because it's energy is particularly useful to that polarity. So at the moment I am feeling this trudging feeling of not being able to develop my ideas, and crucially, other people not being able to develop theirs, because the "postage stamp consensus" or the "cult of normality" is just too strong.

That though this would be so perfectly represented... With my theories etc. Uranus in ninth house... Crossing with Saturn. Also, theories like how the world is messed up and keeping the working classes down are basically taking Uranus to transiting Saturn. Like fighting back!


Now I delve into the deeply personal...

Part of me doesn't want to but nevertheless here we go.

My situation at work has just grown increasingly bizarre, as though everything is ticking along normally except for a hidden Neptune transit somewhere! (Might have just got an insight into that Jupiter inconjunct Neptune.

I'm wondering if I have been experiencing a brash and simple Jupiter in the sixth house but now it has gone through a retrograde in the sixth house I am looking at it more closely.

So I suppose the place to start is with my last job in a fast food place when Jupiter entered the sixth house. It was hard work and there were people in the job that moaned too much. However, there was a kind of empathy most of the time and after two months of people there not talking to me at all, I finally started with some basic conversation... Not much, I don't talk much when I work, but a bit of conversation, and a bit of a bus ride home.

My new job is not like that, it seems that the job is simply more efficient at getting us to work.

Work stuff:

So this is how I see work:

Work is basically a trade. I work for a place I get a certain amount of money. I also get a few other things. For instance, to give and receive a basic sense of politeness and perhaps familiarity with co workers. To have some personal needs basically met if they are reasonable and relevant.

In general there are things we give that are somewhat one way, for instance, we have to obey authority even if it is not really logical and sometimes if it is not strictly ethical. I tend to follow the rules to an unnerving extent in return for not being able to be fired. We have to have a general work ethic.

In return there are some things we might get, and whatever the company chooses to give formally or informally, beyond what they strictly have to, then that is what they offer in terms of trade. This obviously depends a great deal on the individual company.

So this is the situation I have with my work at the moment:

A) The company is in a room where people do not talk too much because everything can be overheard.

- So with this does the company have to provide an atmosphere of some sort where people get on with each other? No, of course not, but if they do not then they are not providing a basic need that people have, and so they are operating at a certain debt of good will?
- If people work hard for a company, are they expected to be rewarded more or simply punished further for any minor mistake they might make as a result of tiredness? (Although I would like to mention people do get bonuses for working to targets. Pretty fantastic!)

And these are the things that I experience working in the company that I think are reasonable, in terms of trade:

- Since I have worked there, in four months, I have not had a single conversation with anyone, nothing like what I have had in all my other jobs. I know very little about anyone that works there and I feel quite uncomfortable around them for this reason

Is it reasonable that if they had wanted to engage socially they should have done so earlier? Earlier than 4 months? (if they do not is lower)

- I have been invited out to one event where I turned up and no one was there, is it reasonable to then assume that there is malicious intent on the part of the people that invited me and knew I was to attend? Also, is it fair enough for me to avoid attempting to socialise with people whom have shown negative intent before any positive intent?

- I have worked hours that have made me tired there before with constant calls coming in, and I have a good call list. After making one very small mistake I am then condescended to and talked down to angrily. It seems to me that even if the mistake is legitimate, as it was put to me later (although I am not 100% sure of) that even if I have made a mistake, I shouldn't be told off if I am doing a bunch of other things very well and working very hard!

Is it reasonable that if they DO NOT want to engage socially then there should not have been any informal bad temper, the whole things should be cold and professional? Like a workplace?

It is time for me to apply for new jobs. I just feel this sense from this workplace that I can't put my finger on that there is some sort of attitude there that it is me that is being off or unusual in some way. In fact an almost unanimous other mind seems to think that.

The situation is just maddening that nothing is ever declared to be wrong! I do feel better for having written this blog and actually capturing what is so maddening about this place.

It is going to be a long hard slog to start applying for jobs again.

The Astrology:

Nevertheless. I'm just going to look at my future chart:

June 26th: North Node leaves sixth house. Retrograding as it always does
July 24th - October 9th: Mercury moves into my sixth house (retrogrades in sixth house August 13th - September 5th)..
August 1st: Jupiter moves in to my seventh house, and out of my sixth. It stays out this time no retrogrades
August 19th - October 10th: Sun enters sixth house
September 1st - November 18th: Mars moves into my sixth house
September 17th - October 28th: Venus moves into sixth house.

So I have to jump in here and add something AFTER I have written a bunch of stuff on this. June 26th leaving the sixth house is probably the reason for this ENTIRE POST. Although I am right wing and believe in the free market there are now cracks in my "right wing" view of the world. The value of work is being seen slightly less as the future...

Two examples lean to this:

A) Glenfell: I don't honestly care if the people are immigrants, Muslims or Illegals. The fire was so horrific I think they should be looked after a bit by the state. Although I think being bribed by the Conservatives will be less satisfying for their souls than the truth of the incident.

B) Finding out that a lot of people that are in substance support meetings were survivors of paedophilia makes the whole 'golden age via work' less appealing. Ironically I'm now going in to Stefan Molyneux's source material of how he got to his beliefs. Definitely a Pluto Retrograde Stefan!

(Ouch, I just went on one of the old forums because I was wondering about an audience for this article, or expanding it, and they are so much happier without me! None of the moderators stopped or even spoke against the personal attack and the forum is humming along although it had completely stopped when I was on it. They really cannot function with one non left wing person in their midst!)

Perhaps that is a metaphor here as well! 

(Previous bit here removed, mistakenly calculated from July 10th when Mars in 26 degrees Cancer)

July 24th: Mercury, talking and thinking about work and health?... Good stuff.

August 1st... Jupiter leaves the sixth house. Perhaps the biggest change, I suspect this is the reason for my emotional and somewhat simplistic (uncompromising) view of work, it will soon become an emotional and somewhat simplistic view of personal relationships.

This means after this point I will only have Mercury in the sixth house briefly... Union stuff? Talking about work a lot?

August 19th: Sun; full and good perspective on work... Is this when I get a new job? Applying over the birthday holiday?

August 21st: Solar Eclipse in the sixth house. Although I've never found eclipses all that interesting it is considered to be the big kahuna in astrology circles.

September 1st: Mars! So this is when things might be a bit of a fight in this area... Possibly working a lot of hours in a new job?

September 17th: Venus? My, my, my what are you doing in there lovey? Currently in my second house. Not doing much. Women turn up when stress does?

Then, after November 18th when the last planet leaves I'm screwed! Saturn will be ramping up to jump into Capricorn and the world will be experiencing all manner of changes by then.


So ultimately, what I am left with, is a likely sudden ish change in my relation to work and then having to put my nose to the grind a bit. Then having to have my ducks in a row for when I lose astrological help with the working world!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Aliens/ The unproductive privileged minority.

Well, today is muggy, but not hot... Waiting for the rain... I love the miserable rainy English weather... Spot of heat will do that!

This will be my last shift before a one week holiday, in which I am able to apply for many jobs! I forgot how many little things need to be handled to successfully jobsearch!

Now though, THIS is big news:

There are two ten minute episodes following this introduction, I have seen both and the whole thing does feel like a genuine discovery... The skin is not human but reptilian! The videos used for the skeletal analysis were dated 19th June, so Gaia really is exploring the situation as it happens. Which is very good for truth seeking. If it turned out to be something terrestrial then they would have to explain that as well, and if they wanted to suppress any truth they suddenly found, it would be very obvious.

Gaia really is one of the modern truth tellers! They really have been trying to produce the information that will free the world. We'll look back on them as heroes.

The crushing of the naysayers on this will be very satisfying:

Stefan Molyneux book:

I started reading this short book by Stefan Molyneux. It is utterly, utterly fantastic:

Stefan Molyneux: The Handbook of HumanOwnership: A Manual for New Tax Farmers 

Just one excerpt:
Naturally, the true goal was the exact opposite. Rather than focusing on practical, economic and entrepreneurial knowledge, government schools quickly shifted the educational focus towards patriotic history, rote memorization and recitation, Latin and Greek, and an endless plethora of other useless and boring trivia. This was the sports equivalent of forcing your competition to take naps instead of training, resulting in a truly delightful absence of competition for medals. Government schools created dull, resentful drones only fit for taking orders, so the threat to the managerial class was averted. (All this started in Prussia, which was medieval, mystical and militaristic, which should have been something of a clue for everyone, but again, thought hurts, apparently)
The whole thing is how the negative views the world. Where I have already read the positively polarised/ Biblical view of the 'harvest' and the 'harvesters'. This is the negative view of using people as cattle for taxation and the protection of the unproductive privileged minority.

The book talks about firstly cannibalism, then keeping people within certain family traditions for work and then, the industrial revolution, taxation of goods, and the protection of the corporatists by making a company a legal entity.

I notice even now there is a quite a class barrier, when looking at jobs some require a bachelors degree. That would be one of those things that includes accepting the brainwashing of state school university (I had teachers that hated my non acceptance of leftist dogma and marked me down accordingly); and, currently leaving school with about £40,000 debt... Conservatively.

Anyway, here's hoping something will change soon. I see some politicians are still trying to stop Brexit.

Heat/ Politics/ Psychic sensing.

My blog today might be a bit 'weird' because I am, like anyone from England reading this blog I would assume, I am melting under this sun.

My hours at work have been reduced recently like I have already said. In the morning I usually feel like I 'should be working' and I am applying for other jobs. However, even wanting to get on with normal things is difficult under this heat... This is mostly I think because I am unused to it.

I stood in a bath with some cold water today and that felt very good!

The thing I have noticed is that after a few years of jobsearching every week (when I was previously unemployed), I am very comfortable with job searching. I never used to like it and I still don't but it has become so habitual I don't mind going it. However, it is societies values that if I am jobsearching that is the only thing of value I need to do towards life. In real terms I feel I am not giving much to society by being comfortable jobsearching.

More Tories:

So, yet again Theresa is deliberate sabotaging her own side in order to throw the Brexit negotiations:

Breitbart: ‘Chaos’ as No Deal With DUP Reached Ahead of Queen’s Speech
Channel 4 News also reports the DUP sources as being frustrated at having to deal with young aides who “probably couldn’t find Northern Ireland on the map”, recalling that former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown seemed more decisive when he weighed up a pact with the party in 2010.
Younger aids? So the Tory's are treating the DUP with contempt!

The Tories are apparently considering doing a deal with the Liberal Democrats. If THAT happened then we would start to see the Tories as ghouls willing to do anything to maintain power.

Nevertheless, the Queens speech is a little good so far!

Sensing things:

With pictures of women on the internet, (Perhaps down the "femail" side of the Daily Mail or in the Daily Express) there is no psychic component, so it is easy to fit them into imaginings of sex.

In the real world however, I don't know about anyone else, but I have an extremely active impression of what is going on in another persons mind. A good example of this is I remember a girl at KFC, she was 17, not someone I would consider for any even superficial relationship but still someone, for whom it might be nice to experience some positive physicality towards.

However, I remembered how immovable and strong her mind seemed to be. She was a Capricorn and there just seemed to be no flexibility in her auric field. So with her around the response was to respond to that mental field!

The same is true just walking along the beach. There is the experience of looking at a girl and not being able to feel sexual because I am imagining how I would talk to her and feeling a mental presence, there is also on the more earthy area the fact that women are not as perfect in real life and you may be experiencing a bad mood or the smell of sweat which we would have to get over in order to experience intimacy.

Sensing other things:

Another experience I sometimes get is when I deliberately stop myself looking at a subject because I feel a negative impression or intention there possibly linked to an entity less than positive. This is almost always when there has been strong evidence that this is the case previously. I experience this when looking at someones astrology chart today, and it will be very interesting when the covfefe comes.

There are many people who make choices I would not expect them to make that I would estimate to be less than positive. It is also interesting how an emotion of a certain intensity that I think of as problematic will not change and will grow in intensity following the same themes later but always growing closer to manifesting in a real physical way. The more it manifests in a physical way the greater it can be opposed.


It feels to me that something is going to change soon and it also feels that so many sacrifices have been made to keep up the "postage stamp consensus". These are exciting times.

I have heard from David Wilcock that the sun has increased in radiation and that people who are on planes the whole year round are now having to resign because they are getting things like cancer! When going out I feel a tingle on my arms that is not quite comfortable, perhaps I'm being a hypochondriac!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Facebook examples of life.

Yesterdays post was certainly a break from the norm.

It is so hot at the moment in England. Hottest June yet I believe the other day.

Loads of women. People are just happy. LOADS of people out!

But this blog isn't really about happy things like that, it looks into the darkness of events so that we can gain some headway into perceiving the negative forces because, it is the negative forces that need to be got rid of for a great improvement of humanity to happen!

This brings us to that great evil squid... Feminism!

Just recently I saw a post by a woman that I have added on facebook. One of those people that has come from these endless jobseeker courses that are utterly useless. We all tried a little to keep a connection going, the people that I went out for drinks with occasionally there and I, but there was no commonality and these people are probably a result of a process that is very inauthentic and not at all as part of the matrix of service to others behaviours!

Nevertheless, here's what happened! Her conversation came up on my facebook (because she was having a deeply personal conversation on facebook) about the fact her father was 'never there' etc. Another girl who actually had him as a father was defending him. She was not saying anything negative about anyone else but was defending her father. During the conversation on facebook the first girl said 'well I guess I'll be finding the answers to these questions on the 23rd'. So perhaps she was due to meet her father then for the first time.

Shortly after, the first girl, my "facebook friend" considered this hate speech and was crowing, very proud of herself apparently, that she had broken off all contact with her sister and father. It seems she thinks he should have defended himself ON FACEBOOK to her! To which I'm sure she would not have accepted anything other than pride free grovelling.

This surprised me, it is an emotive thing, so I expressed my surprise that she had done that because of a facebook comment. I added a story of my personal experience with not knowing my father when I was young, and later getting to know him, and said a little on how the situation had turned out to not be as simple as it seemed. The background is basically that even though it could be represented that the father was a "horrible person" xyz, in fact the woman was not angelic in this and there was hard proof of this.

Someone challenged me on this saying 'he was never there for her' and I said, truly, that I had been told the same thing exactly. "He was never there for you, he only pays x amount of child support yada, yada, yada."

So, of course that I won the argument and when the leftist loses the argument it becomes about 'unfriending' and/ or 'blocking'. (Technically I did the unfriending after she said she was going to, and it felt good).

My point is that this is the heart of feminism. These women are like a pack that recycle hatred for each other to maintain a world view so that, most likely in my estimation, serves the purpose of hiding their part of the story and so they do not have to accept responsibility for it!

This brings me back to a beautiful statement by Stefan Molyneux, briefly mentioned here but stated from 55:00 here:

Monday, 19 June 2017

The golden smile.

So I am split at the moment. I have just experienced a burst of positive feeling. A kind of 'love'. I realise that some of the girls that occasionally interest my mind recently were in fact moreso sexual attraction, this new interest started with a smile.

Previously for me the situation with girls has gone so catastrophically bad, the prospect of the whole thing repeating is not a pleasant one.

You know how when you feel a positive feeling and are not anywhere near the person of interest it is a very unpleasant sensation? Added to this I have a somewhat narrow window in which to secure any sort of contact. What was a huge positive thing... Reduced work because I wanted to get a new job and then time off work. Is now suddenly not a positive thing.

At the moment it is the beginning of the Brexit talks, there has also been a false flag recently that may effect me and people I hold as very positive in the alternative media community. I don't care about either of these things. I do not know how relaxed and happy I am able to be before my 'problems' from previous tussles will bother me.

So I suppose I will just stay here, in this room. Not watching TV, not so interested in the internet, just not really caring about anything in particular. As though I were being punished.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Biology of the left/ Our movement forward.

So, there is an attack today on some Muslims being driven through by some anti Islam types... Took long enough. I wonder if any of the Muslims who were killed ever went on an anti terror march or spoke against similar attacks happening against Westerners in any way.

Statistically, every last one of them should have believed that homosexuality is illegal.

False flag? Likely, the timing is too suspicious. There are of course attacks that happen that are not false flags though. I'm not even sure, as previously stated, that Glenfell is a false flag.

Nevertheless, today we start to negotiate our removal from the EU. Very, very exciting times! If of course we do in fact do that.

I'll be very interested in hearing any update on immigration.

Biology of the left:

I have been thinking recently how female biology works so in tandem with leftist thought. This has been forming for a long time, but one of the things that made me notice the idea was when I was on a blog of a girl that was meant to be, and seemed to be according to her twitter, very right wing with a respect for the free market. Talking about education in very left wing terms about proper funding of it etc. and no mention of privatisation or moving it out of the public/ brainwashing sector. (When I mentioned this she said she was 'left wing on this particular issue'. I.e. so taxation still happens for the issue you prefer?)

Other very entrenched speakers on the so called "right wing" such as Cassandra McKelwain also have the same idea when it come to Trump. Although Trump is apparently right wing free market one of the things he was talking about that attracted her was in Iraq they would build schools and these schools would keep getting destroyed, and, for the money that was going to destroying these schools and keeping the country at war America could build additional schools.

Well, yet again, public sector. Real believers in the free market do not want to keep schooling in the public sector because that would scream: "taxation". However, biologically women prioritise children, so when it comes to schooling these supposedly "right wing" girls turn against those principles.

The ideology of "virtue signalling" and "taking offence at every minor slight" is part of the same pattern as well. I do not know why girls, especially young girls virtue signal. I have met very, very few young girls I would consider particularly moral, and I have met quite a few I would consider amoral, or: "moral when it is convenient to them"! But nevertheless they do, they hold up "compassion" as a value and explain why they are so "compassionate" or "loving" in relation to xyz issue.

As regards to demographics, younger people are far more likely to be left and pro globalist. Women are more likely to be left and pro globalist than men. Black people are the most likely to be left wing.

So young women are very, very likely to be left wing. The way they defend themselves from guys they do not want attention from, is to take offence at things and not deal with the person any further. This is the mindset that has grown to the free speech targeting university students and mainstream media reporters.

Which means that it will never really go away this ideology. Also, what about these men who are left wing or even worse, that truly despicable sort of person... the "male feminist".

Young men in our leftist driven schools trying to virtue signal when women, by their nature, are not on your side really as a young man, are one of the areas where this disgusting, and destructive, feminist ideology can really destroy the psyche.

When karma comes, and it will come, it will come collectively not individually, and scores of women and "male feminists" will have their "feelings hurt" by seeing the real life conspiracy we are living under. It will be glorious.

It has struck me that the forums and other forums that have had a female ascendancy that have thrown out Trump commenters etc. I cannot think of a way that any karma will move against them as the world currently is. has many, many courses, and free services and computer generated readings. They have gained a position of power where you can go on their site, receive free articles and charts, and the site asks nothing back from you. Therefore you cannot withdraw you money or insist on any specific change in service in relation to being a customer.

Possibly there will be some karma here, for instance, if new developments in spiritual and metaphysical thought mean that certain beliefs of these people will be gone, such as rulerships and progressions. Or that astrology itself might change to a more advanced system like the human design chart! Thus robbing these women of their self perceived spiritual- moral high ground.

That would not be satisfying though, for the crime of censoring people and banning them from a forum for pro Trump speech, I would like to see every part of the company "ended". But then that probably will not happen. If I ever get money though I could start up an opposing astrological forum and properly moderate it.

However, very little is happening as of yet, so we're just watching the inching forward of a more positive agenda!

Glenfell. It looks dodgy. Very dodgy.

So, still talking about Glenfell, wondering if there is some conspiracy related to all this... Here's the chart:

That incredible feeling of unfairness that is related to this subject is shown by Nessus (which means precisely that) on the ascendant.

The sesquisquares and inconjuncts perhaps mean that this was so tragic that it might mean that there will be no understanding of it for quite a while. Perhaps even another life.

The moon that has now moved into the first house is related to the emotional feelings around this, all first house stuff and appearance.

Mercury moving over the sun now is showing what's happening today. With some more sense being added to the whole situation.

The chart is a dark, creepy chart and the fact that the ascendant is in Pisces perhaps shows what I have said about it being 'of the devil' almost.

Saturn soon to conjunct the events Pholus could lead to a chain of events related strongly to the European Union (how Saturn is manifesting at the moment) in relation to this incident. This may include the European Union suppressing the information to do with this somehow.

There are more questions on Glenfell:

While I think I would want to disappear if I could from an angry public demanding justice the part about him packing things up beforehand is interesting. He was also quoted as saying that when the fire started he packed his bags for five minutes before phoning the fire brigade.

Where are the victims? I haven't met one I've been here for two days, I live here, I haven't met one victim. I've met volunteers and I've met people that want to help, but I haven't met anybody, no victims. (Cries) None of the people I grew up with I can't find anyone. Where are they!

Of course the May campaign, the 'Alliance' don't understand people needing the truth (cue psychology of someone who thinks they can fob the people off with 'partial disclosure') so the media will likely not release a list of victims if it is not deemed to be important to the higher ups.

This also makes no sense because how can there be no 'survivors'? (I tend to believe this woman). People were jumping out the windows! So there are at least seven floors where people can jump out and only get comparatively light injuries compared to being burnt alive. How many residents were there on the first seven floors? Probably more than the so far stated death toll. At a push that would probably extend further up the tower for more resilient body types. It makes no logical sense.

In fairness, there is one person here who says he has met a survivor:

There are too many questions here and not enough answers. 

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Good habits and deeper energies/ Glenfell, as the smoke clears

Firstly, a bit about a subject that I sorta don't want to talk about but do because I think it is important; masturbation.

Previously there have been instances where I have stopped 'releasing my lower energies' and I have taken a certain route that always seems to be more rife with material relevance, and there is a bit of a power struggle. Usually one that can't so easily be defined, but something is happening.

One time previously where I was at a job and they hated me. I could feel a kind of psychic pressure and that I was in competition with these people, there were facts that indicated a heavy etheric/ metaphysical element to this.

As I released I felt that I had lost a battle and soon after I was fired from that place based on a sack of lies.

A similar but not the same thing is happening now.... Or is it? (current workplace is so indirect it makes a Cancer look like Tommy Robinson) I have no idea. But when these power struggles have happened a few times I have released and this time it does not look like I will be. Therefore I can observe the change in events and come to theories of what is actually happening on the metaphysical level.

Things on the larger level are changing, I can feel it!

Glenfell, as the smoke clears:

Yesterday, I was utterly exhausted, partly I later realised because of the ongoing emotional frustration and despair of the people at the other end of the phone at work, we take calls from all over the country and there are some very desperate people.

However, one of my main thoughts was the horror of this Glenfell incident, and how it seems to me that when something is that cruel for no reason I anthroporphise it as being related to a negative entity or Satan.

Although the dust is starting to clear now and I am gaining a bit of a head back. The idea that Jeremy Corbyn is not cabal although Theresa May seems to have an agenda has been a bit of a shock for my 'ideology'. I have stopped listening to Stefan Molyneux as well that means that upkeep for proper thinking is now moreso on my shoulders!

However, in relation to my meanderings on leftism, I heard recently that the reason there is so much problem with drug and alcohol addiction is that these are survivors of child trafficking! That makes sense. My first instinct was perhaps some left wing thought is justified here then. However, the work can be done by private charities and healers, private individuals I have more faith in than government. This is all of course dependent on removal of taxation and enrichment of the general population.

Another few things on this Glenfell incident, from the right that were very on it on twitter:

I have heard quite a lot about how Sadiq had enough money for proper fire safety but did not spend it on that. I have not confirmed this yet though. Also, it is worth noting this is all in a Labour area with a Labour council; and that EU environmental policies are those that encouraged that kind of cladding.

Also, this thing about taking homes away to give to displaced residents:

A) These are all migrants, they have homes in other places. Giving any more free stuff to migrants is not something I support. They are also the reason that we need to build such horrendous tower blocks in the first place, and why there is a housing bubble.

B) Why is all the social housing going to migrants? I have seen so many homeless on the street... All British.

I will be interested what Katie Hopkins has to say on this all.

... and I am looking forward to the beginning of EU negotiations in two days.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Glenfell/ Political intrigue

... Well of course she does!

Glenfell Tower Incident:

This is pretty dark stuff! Some residents were jumping out the windows. Some people were banging against the windows unable to break them For a long period people were told to stay within the building because that's how the fire safety mechanism works... Of course then they all got burned alive.

Richie Allen did an interview with someone about this [link]. What this person said is that it felt very strongly for the residents that the private developers coming in to build "luxury houses" wanted them out. That because of this many of the people in these and neighbouring blocks think the tower fires were deliberate because of this reason. There is not much suspicious information yet, but apparently there was a fire safety test on the 10th June, and a fire safety test was not a regular thing.

If it was cabal related then it would have had something to do with this DUP - Conservative thing that announcements of which has been put off now. Perhaps there was an agreement that some people did not want seeing the light of day, such as the end of the licence fee or Nigel Farage being involved in the Brexit negotiations, that the Remainers feel they will be able to sabotage if they have more time. (So now what has happened is that the Conservatives have the DUP's backing but there is no talk of what the DUP asked for in return).

Of course such a thing would only be a short term plan because at the moment, that's how the deep state thinks. They cannot do anything large or grand enough to stop things coming out against them, so, like a common criminal or a child having a tantrum, they hit out.

I liked Jeremy Corbyn's response to this:

Daily Mail: The homes of rich people in Kensington should be SEIZED for Grenfell Tower residents made homeless by fire, says Corbyn
How is it acceptable that in London you have luxury buildings and luxury flats kept empty as land banking for that future while homeless people look for somewhere to live?
Of course the sad reactionary right are screaming about this COMMUNISM... HE'S TALKING ABOUT COMMUNISM... WAAAHHH!

However, it is dressed up in leftist language, but what it really is is confiscating the wealth of many foreigners, like the Saudi's, who are creating a housing bubble in England so people cannot buy housing. This is such a good idea.

More news on the election:

Brilliant. On the day of the election there was an inconjunct between the Sun and Pluto, so no Conspiracy could be discussed. Now though that is nearly gone! So we are learning more about this and Richie Allen further takes it down to Wolfgang Schauble who is responsible.

One other piece of news about this thing in America with a Senator getting shot:

Only three minutes long!

Anyway, I'm off to work, and today I have to ask the question of what email and phone number  I put on my CV! Yes it has gotten there, moving from one just a bit higher than minimum wage job to some other probably equally problematic minimum wage job... Perhaps the EU negotiations on Monday will provide some more insight into our future situation on immigration.

... But I won't be holding my breath!