Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Facebook examples of life.

Yesterdays post was certainly a break from the norm.

It is so hot at the moment in England. Hottest June yet I believe the other day.

Loads of women. People are just happy. LOADS of people out!

But this blog isn't really about happy things like that, it looks into the darkness of events so that we can gain some headway into perceiving the negative forces because, it is the negative forces that need to be got rid of for a great improvement of humanity to happen!

This brings us to that great evil squid... Feminism!

Just recently I saw a post by a woman that I have added on facebook. One of those people that has come from these endless jobseeker courses that are utterly useless. We all tried a little to keep a connection going, the people that I went out for drinks with occasionally there and I, but there was no commonality and these people are probably a result of a process that is very inauthentic and not at all as part of the matrix of service to others behaviours!

Nevertheless, here's what happened! Her conversation came up on my facebook (because she was having a deeply personal conversation on facebook) about the fact her father was 'never there' etc. Another girl who actually had him as a father was defending him. She was not saying anything negative about anyone else but was defending her father. During the conversation on facebook the first girl said 'well I guess I'll be finding the answers to these questions on the 23rd'. So perhaps she was due to meet her father then for the first time.

Shortly after, the first girl, my "facebook friend" considered this hate speech and was crowing, very proud of herself apparently, that she had broken off all contact with her sister and father. It seems she thinks he should have defended himself ON FACEBOOK to her! To which I'm sure she would not have accepted anything other than pride free grovelling.

This surprised me, it is an emotive thing, so I expressed my surprise that she had done that because of a facebook comment. I added a story of my personal experience with not knowing my father when I was young, and later getting to know him, and said a little on how the situation had turned out to not be as simple as it seemed. The background is basically that even though it could be represented that the father was a "horrible person" xyz, in fact the woman was not angelic in this and there was hard proof of this.

Someone challenged me on this saying 'he was never there for her' and I said, truly, that I had been told the same thing exactly. "He was never there for you, he only pays x amount of child support yada, yada, yada."

So, of course that I won the argument and when the leftist loses the argument it becomes about 'unfriending' and/ or 'blocking'. (Technically I did the unfriending after she said she was going to, and it felt good).

My point is that this is the heart of feminism. These women are like a pack that recycle hatred for each other to maintain a world view so that, most likely in my estimation, serves the purpose of hiding their part of the story and so they do not have to accept responsibility for it!

This brings me back to a beautiful statement by Stefan Molyneux, briefly mentioned here but stated from 55:00 here:

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