Thursday, 8 June 2017

No leadership election gives you a leader like Theresa May.

Hmmm... Nobody saw that coming huh?

I am a bit wordless, which is convenient because digesting this information has meant I am a bit behind in my morning schedule.

I have heard the idea from people like Richie Allen that the Conservatives were deliberately trying to lose the election. I don't agree, I think they put all sorts of nasty things through because they thought they couldn't lose... These sorts of things are a losing manifesto:

A) Membership of the European Court of Human Rights.
B) Fox Hunting
C) Giving EU money from leaving to liberal think tanks
D) Controlling the entire internet.

My local MP that I can't stand now has a thirty percent majority. It DOES seems as though the British people have voted against Brexit, I can't see how that is ever going to happen now.

Corbyn is an unpredictable figure, and now that he has much increased power, people hang on his every word, the world has become that much more unpredictable.

If the Tories had had a leadership election (where the members voted) they would not have returned a disasterous figure like May. I remember how much secretive power the May campaign has seemed to have had. That they were able to censor the Telegraph. That she was able to get the media to put so much pressure on Andrea Leadsom and most importantly, that the Conservative membership never got a vote on their leader.

With these disasterous behaviours the Conservatives deserve to lose their majority. I wonder what is happening at Tory HQ in the minds of those that really pull the strings (so would have been knowledgeable about throwing the election if that is indeed what they planned). As I said I don't think they did plan to throw it, so what are they going to do now that their pet globalist projects are doomed?

They thought they had it in the bag, and I don't think they want to lose May as the Tory leader.

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