Sunday, 11 June 2017

Astrology, and relaxing, taking note.

Uugh! Less than 24 hours until I go back to work again. For reasons summarised in the previous post I am starting not to like the place so much.

I was also asked to go to a birthday party on 10th June i.e. Yesterday and no one was there. Since I hardly know anyone there and this is my first social contact with them I think I'll avoid that particular "pleasure" in the future as far as I can (have to get out of a work meeting "in a bar"). Jupiter direct in sixth house Libra seems to have meant that I am directing myself a bit more in relation to work.

While looking at David Icke's chart I got an insight into Jupiter. I have been trying to discover for years why a friend with Jupiter in the seventh house is so insightful into other people and he does not have a Pluto link to the seventh. It is probably because, like David Icke's Jupiter in the seventh; Jupiter is actually very good at looking into things however, it has the weakness (from my Pluto in the seventh house perspective) of seeing everything in relation to "worth". Like a spiritual sort of worth. At least that's how I see their perspective. (A thought I just had is that Jupiter is heading into the seventh house by transit in my chart soon).

Sunday: Relaxing and taking note:

We have lost! I don't want to be like the sad liberals that cannot accept losing so make up endless excuses for it. Peter Hitchens in my view is right [Link], the right wing perspective has taken a dive and Corbyn is on the rise. Without a strong right wing figure that is inspiring and believes in the cause (unlike Mrs May) any new election will see Jeremy Corbyn further empowered.

I looked at my local constituency and have calculated, based on very static generalisations, that about 5,000 votes went from Conservative/ UKIP to Labour. 3,000 from the Greens and 6,000 new voters. This was for a rabid remainer. I do think that although it is not a mandate against Brexit (we'd need another referendum for that), more people voted "against Brexit" than for it. Regardless of what the manifesto said no one could expect Abbott, Thornberry and Mc Donnell to come out of the EU. People who voted Labour voted against Brexit.

The news is all over the place but notably, the news of the Conservative- DUP pact was withdrawn, so like I have said previously, DUP are very unpredictable (probably in our favour though). Theresa May could have a leadership challenge as well and several sources, Dan Hodges, the Express and Jeremy Corbyn are considering as true or pushing for another election in October.

I will find out more from Benjamin Fulford tomorrow but for the moment, it looks bad!

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